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  1. Yes I like the idea of the rafale on the CSAT side! The F22 for me would be the best solution for Nato side... ...or why not the EFA!
  2. No I've not, the rksl mention in my previous post was just to highlight how high is the quality of their works and wasn't for sure my intention to get in a discussion involving SWS or license agreement.
  3. Yes you'r right, its obvious that the reason for this discussion is the lack of content on the vanilla game that force some player to add some extracontent by themselves, this of course will precloude the possibility to acces some servers that run vanilla game, but in the end what you expect I tell you after your statement? Simple, DO WHAT U WANT, u can keep on asking on this forum for new models, you can just play the game the way it is with limited content, or you can add extra content to your game to play on your own private serverwith your temamate or at least try to find some server that support the extra content you have installed. Don't complain with me about this things of the compatibility of addon on some server because I know exactly what the problem is. What I was talking about is, and I repeat just for you... ...I hope too to see new planes coming in the future if not I will keep on downloading addons, and... ...You don't like modding, then just stick to vanilla ArmA and continue to ask on the forum for new content, nobody force you to mod. What I wanted to mention since my first post is that Modding simply give the player another solution, you can like it or not.
  4. mac81


    Stunning work dude! Keep it up! :jump_clap:
  5. Guys I'm not supporting modding or modders against BI, maybe I've explained myself not properly, I simply said that since 2001 OFP at every game release there always had been big HOLES to fill and now close to the release of A3 2013 we are still concerned about the same holes over and over again. And I totally agree with you about the limit left to modders but besides posting here your concern hoping to see improvement WHAT CAN U DO??? You only have to wait and see, but a lot of players in this community are tired to wait at every game release to see improvements so they decide to patch the things up by themselves and then share their works among the community (thank God because I wouldn't be able to do so). You don't like modding, then just stick to vanilla ArmA nobody force you to mod. Not so sure about it. Its since long time things are running like this and some player could have lost their patience but despite that what I see is a community growing and growing so at the end the feeling is that a lot of people had accepted this and some of them consider it necessary to have a good game experience. e.g. There is a thread about bipods, people wants bipods, beta is without bipod maybe full release will have it, maybe not, if not people will wait to see it in the future, if not people will go for the ACE. This just to point out agian that you can only wait and hope, but there will always be another solution. So to return to the main topic of this thread, what I simply said is: I hope to see new planes coming in the future if not I will keep on downloading addons.
  6. Well if you hang around a little bit on armaholic you will probably notice how many sp or mp mission need additional content to be downloaded to be able to play plus the fact that the reason why modding tools like play with six or armalaunchers are common use among the community is the fact that a lot of ArmA players use addons in their missions. Totally agree with you about 3rd party software also I would like to have a huge number of extra content to avoid modding, but if we got used to use these tools since OFP era because never BI decided to work out this problem at the end WHAT CAN U DO ABOUT IT??? You can try to spread your idea on the forums every time a new title is announced hoping to have your though taken in consideration and if not you have to adapt with these tools. Tools like playwith6 or armalauncher have not been created to BOTHER the community or to threaten BI work but they exist to cover the gap left by them!!! Like it or not this game always had been mod addicted and unless BI will solve out all this omissions in the future it will always be like this!
  7. I'm not concerned about the few fixed wing a/c in the coming release. Maybe there will be more in the future who knows? And even if BI will not add new model it will be just a matter of time to have great plane made by great addon makers. Also because I have always considered BI models of good quality but some addon makers can really come out with stunning work "just to mention rksl models"
  8. Well I personally think that movement inside the buildings in ArmA2 was terrific and frustrating, yes at the end I got used to it, there was nothing else I could do about it. You say arcady movement? I don't think so, for me arcade movements are the one you see in BF3 where all soldiers are simply athletes running, sprinting, jumping above everything in the map all the time with no sign of tiredness affecting them. At least now the slow walk while aiming with rifle don't produce that ugly swinging that made house sweeping very difficult like it was in ArmA2.
  9. Nothing had been dumb down because the helo flight model had always been like it is in A3 since Armed assault. The fact is that this is mainly an infantry simulator, and I think that all the effort of the developpers and the wishes of the community are focused on improving it under this aspect. But anyway I undertand your POV and in part I agree with you that's why should be a good thing to have the possibility to chose between a realistic flight model and rockie one.
  10. Not so worried about the release of A3 in a month because even in the unlikely event that the dev team will not keep on working on some important issues named by the community there will anyway be a huge number of modder who will work on it like it was in the past for the ArmA series.
  11. Indeed a lot of progress have been made with A3 as most of you have already mentioned in this thread, but the frustrating aspect especially for veteran players of this sim and maybe not for users comencing now with ArmA is that we are close to the release of the third title of this series and again problems mentioned by the community since ArmA2 haven't been fixed yet, and some of that problems will still be present at the release of the A3 within a month although they've been underlined by the community since the first release of the A3 alpha example (the blurry mid range texture or grass rendering at distance), no need to mention some ACE features like wind deflection, bypods ecc... Don't agree, I think to learn to fly a helo with TOH flight model to get to a good level of confidence that allow you to fly a helo on the A3 batllefield you nedd more than 10 minutes... ...many more!!! So IMO I think the initial idea of BI to have the possibility to decide how to fly the helo TOH style or the usual ArmA style is the best solution to satisfy each player wish about flying.
  12. You mean fog has been developed in the game for the purpose i was talking above?
  13. I hope to have the possibility to set clouds altitude in the future to have them close to the ground so they can affect helicopter flying at low level and also shooting condition for gunner like it is in real life, because as they are right now they are indeed beautifull to look at but useless... ...and maybe also performance consuming!!!