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    X-Cam prototype map

    I can't wait this map :bounce3: Oh how big is this map? Silola have you think overclock that CPU? 4.5ghz should be easy with low voltage and low temps.
  2. I get new ram 2133mhz timing 9-11-10-28 old was 7-8-7-24 1600mhz and i can see little better performance but only little. As i set 137 AI in the bornholm map fps drops 22. Now i get 24-25 fps so not very good performance increase. Seems to me that 2600k @ 4.8ghz is holding back my setup. GTX 780ti EVGA should be good, ram and ssd should be good. Also Bornholm is huge fps killer too. I try different NVIDIA drivers but only 1fps more or less. Oh, those fps is the lowest what i get...
  3. Big thanks sir, I test that later today :)
  4. I put script in mission folder, add this to group init: "Paras = group this;{_x assignasCargo UH80;_x moveinCargo UH80} forEach units group this;" Choppet name: UH80 and init: this flyInHeight 120; and this to trigger: "_drop =[uH80,100] execVM "eject.sqf";" When MP this don't open other people's parachute, just my and AI parachute's. Please little help.
  5. markku

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    I overclock my ram 1600mhz to 1866mhz and lower timing 7-8-7-24 to 8-9-8-24 and i can get back in the air. Hope this helps you people to get flying over Bornholm!
  6. markku

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    First: I really love your map! Why? Because its reminds me summer and Finland. I haven't play much in those big city's yet but i really like small villages its like country side in here <3. Best part is forest man, cant be more happy playing in there. Lots of trees and bushes I am like kid again. When adding mod RHS:Escalation and RK62 = finnish rifle, whit Finnish forces its like Arma 2 again whit Finnish Defence Forces and thats best for me. I try make campaign to this island, where Russian forces attack and Nato (whit Finnish) try to take it back. At first i was making it in Everon but I am happy to make it in Bornholm, it is far better island, I mean it. Sadly everything haven't work out as I plan it. When I copy paste my second mission (plane's vs plane's) to Bornholm it make's my fps drops under 30 and sometimes even 19. Seems to me that my 2600K@ 4.5ghz and GTX 780ti is not much. Its good if we play on the ground (fps 35-60). But flying is no go. Turning fast whit plane drops fps even without AI. Choppers i can use but not in middle of map where is that huge forest. If anybody have good idea to get my computer work whit plane's and flying I would be happy. But it is not that important, I can live without those. Far important would be to have new missions to Bornholm, i know people can make better missions than i am! If we forget fps problem, cant figure out any other bad thing. Bornholm is working like it should and even better. I like terrain change so quick, you can't ever know if the enemy is few meters away lying on the ground waiting to get you. It really change the game. And thick forest change the game too, flanking is easy. Shooting running soldier is hard and I like it that way. What i can say more whit my bad English skills: You have to love Bornholm! oh and BIG THANKS for sharing it! or like in here Finland: KIITOS!!!!!
  7. i am using this line in init.sqf it work nice for players but if i want to one player to be selected place and rest team random how to fix this? _StartLoc = round ((random 4) + 0.5); // if (_StartLoc == 1) then { player setpos getmarkerpos "s1"; player setdir 180; }; if (_StartLoc == 2) then { player setpos getmarkerpos "s2"; player setdir 180; }; if (_StartLoc == 3) then { player setpos getmarkerpos "s3"; player setdir 180; }; if (_StartLoc == 4) then { player setpos getmarkerpos "s4"; player setdir 180; };
  8. I was hoping FDF mod, no info about it so i ask one man if he could give me model of RK62 rifle, and fine sir give it, i try make gun to arma 3. I am new whit O2 and other software's so could't make it. Could someone make it work. Would be nice! Oh and i promise its just for players, not for sale. If thats ok.
  9. i have hope to get real mine's to the game... what i mean real mine's is they could blow up car's, hummer's and bike's... and other mines too for infantry. In real life mines should blow when 120kg-150kg is on it.. so example big human could blow heavy tank mines up not maybe in game but it should blow bike's and cars. Second what i would like is claymore or other infantry mine's. If these could get in game maybe it would be nice to have some way to disable those mines? If these all could get in game i hope BIS dont just but it somewhere they like, it would be better but it in editor so people could but mines in mission to place where they should be? Dont know where to put this post, or who to contact but hope you help me to get this to BIS..So maybe this could be in next patch maybe... Sorry my bad english, hope you get the point!