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  1. mak90_2000

    Dead Unit Explode script

    never mind i got it. was messing with it for over an hour earlier, and after i posted the thread, i got it to work always happens that way
  2. i am looking for a script to use i want it to be able to be used on single units once they die, or ones in a group. once the unit dies i want a delay and then the body to delete and a handgrenade explosion where the body was or i guess the explosion then have the body delete anyone ever hear of such a script?
  3. mak90_2000

    Arma Vs Ofp

    always that one guy
  4. mak90_2000

    Arma Vs Ofp

    in a good way it was nice to read all these posts. they seem to have brought back alot of old OFP memories. i actualy found myself grinning from ear to ear. I just got arma, have it patched up to i think 1.8 or something. its taking some time to get used to but i dont think it has the feel of ofp. i am still willing to give it a try, I started playing ofp back in the late 90s on a small COOP server called VetServer. Reading all your posts here made me think of all the good times playing coop and using team speak. what a blast. so thanks to all who posted here, you helped cheer and old man up
  5. mak90_2000

    1st time script attempt

    no i had put the ? (Alive _unit):Exit in to check if the unit was still alive ProfTournesol helped me with this and i now have the effect i want. i was just trying to understand how he made his work and mine failed. thanks tho
  6. mak90_2000

    1st time script attempt

    i'm trying to understand what is different from the script you have here, to the one i made. yours works! i want to be able to do scripts but i cant understand where i went wrong anyhow, great effect tho. need to spread them out a bit more, adjust the time to fire, and i think it will work good thank you my good man, for the help
  7. mak90_2000

    mission help

    its fairly easy to do check the forum search first if you dont find the answer there, send a message i will walk you through it on how i would this way you dont offend anyone
  8. most of the sounds and music from the missions and the game, can be found in "effects" tab on any trigger. just add a trigger to your mission, and make the side your on as present, click the effects tab at the bottom and then choose your sound or music. or make a description file and add your own custom sound or music
  9. mak90_2000

    delete unit

    are you just looking to delete the plane, or make it reappear? if all you want is to delete the plane name the plane Plane1 in the activation field of your trigger type deletevehicle plane1
  10. mak90_2000

    1st time script attempt

    yeah I like the mod, except for the  NO ENTRY '.MODELSPECIAL'. error I get on the start of the missions. I give up on this script,  all they want to do is lay in the trench, I even ungrouped the men and made each one launch the script, I even raised their inelegance level.  now i get an error on the _unit= this select 0  line _unit = _this Select 0 #start {dostop _x;_x allowfleeing 0;_x disableai "target"} foreach units group _unit _unit SetUnitPos "up" _unit setCombatMode "red" _unit Fire,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_mau mag,P GM_maumag,PGM_maumag] ~20.0 _unit SetUnitPos "down" ~15 ? (Alive _unit):Exit goto "start" I think they are just lazy or they are cowards! muahahaha  j/k I will keep searching the forums see if anyone made a "pop up" script I can use i am just not cut out to make scripts, every several years i need to at least try
  11. greetings all i am trying to do my first solo script, and its not going to well. i have been using this forum and the command reference to help but i still cant get my AI units to do what i want i want solo AI units to stand up in a trench for a given time fire then lay back down. they will fire when standing in the trench, but not to the effect i want here is my script so far _unit = _this Select 0 #start dostop _unit _unit SetUnitPos "up" _unit setCombatMode "blue" _unit switchmove "CombatToLying" ~20.0 _unit switchmove "LyingToCombat" _unit SetUnitPos "up" _unit Fire [PGM_k98aB,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag,PG M_maumag,PGM_maumag,PGM_maumag] ~20.0 ? (Alive _unit):Exit goto "start" they just lay in the trench now, i want the "whack a mole" effect as your team is running toward the trench any help would be great Mak
  12. mak90_2000

    WW1 Mod Expansion Pack

    hi guys just got the mod, is there a read me file with the class names and ammo names? any help would be great, i dont want to have to copy and paste the code line into every unit to get them
  13. mak90_2000

    Weapon/ammo names (inc. resistance)

    Greetings again looking for the weapon and mag class names for the WWI mod thanks
  14. mak90_2000


    i think it is either CombatRunF or combatsprintf try them in an AI waypoint with the switchmove see which one it is hope this helps
  15. mak90_2000

    Making a soldier sit down

    this is taken from an old command reference manual Command : SwitchMove Description : Tells a unit to instantly move to a new character animation. Syntax : unitName switchmove "animation" unitName is the name of the unit to modify animation is the character animation to change to. See the Character Animations List for a list of possible animations. Example : aP switchmove "EffectStandSitDown" Appendix E : Character Animations Here are different character animations you can use with the playmove or switchmove commands. 5TCoDriverV1 5TCoDriverDead 5TCoDriverDying 5TDriver 5TDriverV1 5TDriverDead 5TDriverDying A10Pilot A10PilotV1 A10PilotDead A10PilotDying AH1Gunner AH1GunnerV1 AH1GunnerDead AH1GunnerDying AH1Pilot AH1PilotV1 AH1PilotDead AH1PilotDying BinocCrouchToCrouch BinocLyingToLying BinocStandToStand BinocToCombat BMPCommander BMPCommanderV1 BMPCommanderOut BMPCommanderOutV1 BMPCommanderOutDead BMPCommanderOutDying BMPDriver BMPDriverV1 BMPDriverOut BMPDriverOutV1 MPDriverOutDead MPDriverOutDying BMPGunner BMPGunnerV1 BMPGunnerOut BMPGunnerOutV1 BMPGunnerOutDying BMPGunnerOutDead Cargo CargoDead CargoDying CargoVer1 CargoVer2 CargoVer3 CargoVer4 CargoVer5 CesnaCargo CesnaCargoV1 CesnaCargoDead CesnaCargoDying CesnaPilot CesnaPilotV1 CesnaPilotDead CesnaPilotDying CivilDead CivilDeadVer2 CivilDying CivilDyingVer2 CivilLying CivilLyingCrawlF CivilLyingCrawlL CivilLyingDying CivilLyingNoAim Unofficial Operation Flashpoint Command Reference Manual http://www.concept-5.com/ofp/tutorials/CMREFv103.htm (85 of 99) [09/09/2001 09:50:59] hope this helps