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  1. memnoch

    Patch 1.02 Satisfaction Survey

    I only played four missions before the patch was released and this thread makes for slightly depressing reading. How do campaign breaking bugs slip through an early German release and two(?) patches?
  2. memnoch

    Anyone else using TrackIR in Arma

    Fiasco, Yes, I played around with that and although it was better when on foot I wanted it to be a little more "twitchy" when flying. Can't have it both ways I suppose.
  3. memnoch

    minor hot fix for 1.08

    I can't see why not. It's only fixing a minor aspect of functionality.
  4. memnoch

    Anyone else using TrackIR in Arma

    I user TrackIR Pro 4 a lot but tend to find when on foot that my natural tendency to look about makes me miss more shots than I would with it off so I just toggle it off when not in a vehicle.
  5. memnoch

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    Then go and buy VBS 2 for 1802 $ apart from demanding the same features from an expansion for 30 Euros. Â I did although not for the price you quote! I own both but find myself using VBS2 more often, especially since most addons and missions for ArmA are usable as well.
  6. memnoch

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    Rather than PB, I would prefer or more active an co-operative Admin community with shared ban lists. Adopting a banned from one, banned from all approach would be a nice thing to have. Perhaps needing three admins or so to confirm a universal ban.
  7. memnoch

    Aircraft Rudders

    Not sure if it is speed related by I have always seen the same thing. Hold left or fight, the nose will slowly point in that direction but you won't start move round and will return to the original heading once released. Just keep an eye on the compass strip at the top to confirm.
  8. If the server(s) in question are restricting clients to 1 per IP, no matter how you jig it, putting one PC in the DMZ etc, to the outside world they are all going to be seen to come from the same IP so it almost certainly won't make any difference.
  9. memnoch

    Ugly Bugs

    I've seen "The Thing" bug a while ago and posted a thread on it but unfortunately didn't take any screenshots. I killed an OPFOR officer and when he fell to the ground he looked like that guy with the wierd hands but much worse. More like the thing frozen in the ice in the movie. "But I've known Lt. Jennings all my life. He's my friend!" "That wasn't Jennings. That was one of those things out there,trying to imitate him"
  10. memnoch

    Can i put my download game on disc

    It's situations like this that makes me wonder why anyone bothers with these releases at all. If they limit how many times you can install the program, how is it these people stay in business? Look at Valve and Steam to see how it's done properly.
  11. memnoch

    AI action

    You can call him what you want, as long as you use that name in the command mentioned above.
  12. memnoch

    Why a harrier?

    Thinking about it logically for a second, unless the game assumes you are always being shot into the very bottom of the fuel tanks, shouldn't the fuel leak to a certain point i.e. where the hole(s) is and then stop leaking?
  13. memnoch

    A.i. skill.

    I seem to remember someone here writing a script that would place a flag where the AI believed your position to be. I guess that you could use that to test your theory on satchel charges. Could whoever wrote this please take a bow and take credit where credit is due?
  14. memnoch

    release over steam

    You would have to run Steam and then select the game you wish to play. But you do not need to be online to do this. There is an option in Steam to allow you to play offline, as long as you don't want online play obviously. I find it amazing the amount of FUD being passed around, even after years of the product being out there, with people stating that you have to be online to play Steam games and it just isn't true.
  15. memnoch

    Vista 64Bit

    I'm going out on a limb here suggesting he meant "isn't" and not "ist", which isn't even a word or at least an English one. In that case he's quite right.