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    Steping over 10cm wall

    f**k. no way out house in Arcadia http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/949/nowayoutoa3.jpg
  2. mother_sahrani

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    NO COPY PROTECTION I am German and I ordered ArmA Standard Version (32 Euro) Today I read that SecuROM causes problems with framerates in NWN2 and there are users who have problems to play NWN2 stable or it NWN2 does not start. I want to buy a nice 505 Special Edition and give Morphicon Standard Edition as present to my brother or a friend who plays ArmA with me. http://armed-assault.de/news/securom.html (there are english,french links and comments too)
  3. mother_sahrani

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    only usefull things a tactical map - to give every tree on Sahrani a name Bohemia Interactive shirt - but notice guys, you will never top the cool shirts of Be Inc small ArmA thermos flask with mug - for campers on Sahrani certificate - to get a street name on next island from Bohemia Interactive (There must be a game after ArmA) ArmA flamethrower - the kids love this one ... ok,ok a Zippo will be enough