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  1. mickuzy

    ArmA 2 Press Coverage

    at least it ads some hearts and minds into the game. i have only been in the reserves for 6 months and i have had it smashed into my head that this is an important factor to winning a war. ads a nice touch of realism
  2. mickuzy

    Australians At War Mod

    nice work!!! just got back from kappoka and i already miss my rifle. with the minimi are you gonna have the rear shoulder strap up or down. i think thats what its called, its the metal u shaped rod on the butt. my corporal would kick my head in for not remembering what its called lol. anyway good work guys
  3. mickuzy

    Arma 3 Idea STALKER concept

    yeah it is becoming a popular idea but i still think some sort of freedom in a "real world" war situation would be nice. Maybe to allow the freedom you would have to have some concept similiar to ofp resistance. Resistance forces are less rigid then organized forces so maybe this concept has possibilities for arma 3 or even possible arma 2.
  4. mickuzy

    Uhao island

    shot gun buying a house there
  5. OMG it the A team back with friends, there is MR t with a beard and the leader guy and some other guys i cant remember their names
  6. mickuzy

    Ww1 minimod

    dont forget about some of us commonwealth forces
  7. mickuzy

    HaPPy B day ARMA

    happy b day arma lets celebrate with a 365 gun salute
  8. mickuzy

    bipods as a beginning

    set up a few m240 over a low wall, i could get used to that
  9. mickuzy

    Australians At War Mod

    looks very nice. Cant wait till i get my hands on em. Looks like im off to kapooka probably in jan or feb... dont think ill make it in for december. Good luck witht he project guys
  10. mickuzy

    Campaign that is quality of OFP's?

    It would be good to see another OFP campaign but i still liked the options of having "volunteer" missions. Maybe have a linear campaign with a few extra bits to muck around with. Oh and it needs a character like James back.
  11. mickuzy

    Do the Bis Team hate Russia?

    Wasn't Kazakstan apart of the USSR, would explain why i saw that guy that looked like Borat in OFP
  12. @ stringbean, i got a suggestion release it lol, im in the process of signing up, i cant wait till kapooka
  13. mickuzy

    ArmA 2

    would there really be a new set of tools for Arma II if its, heaven forbid, released next year
  14. mickuzy


    With jurnos, will there be ones like camera man, reporter, reporter in body armour, stuff like that?
  15. mickuzy

    World War Z mod?

    PLease get the lobo in game, that sounded cutting edge like lol
  16. mickuzy

    GAME2's elements in Armed Assault?

    Word on the street is Arma is a semi done up version of Arma 2. Now best example is seeing a hot girl going for a jog, not particularly nicely dressed but still good to watch. Thats Arma. Now going out to the richest place and town and seeing the same girl but this time all dressed up and more inviting. now thats Arma II
  17. mickuzy

    Games Convention '07

    I would like to see something like stalker but more realistic
  18. mickuzy

    Australia 102x102

    omg omg omg. im gonna setup artie at my place and blow my mates town away lol
  19. mickuzy

    Australians At War Mod

    looks very very very sweet. Cant wait to get my hands on those. are you going with the plain khaki cover or the camo version?
  20. it would be nice to see, i just wonder if how u would do it eg individual bags or groups of bags?
  21. mickuzy

    Advanced Combat Environment

    me to, some of those things sound really impressive for first steps
  22. mickuzy

    Stryker Model 2 Update

    is that My War by Coloby Buzzel. that has some pretty good descriptions of strykers in them. for the free version of his book(well half the book) go to MY WAR goes to his early blog posts, thats where most of his iraq stuff is.
  23. mickuzy

    Advanced Combat Environment

    i had one of these beauties fly low over my work last week, the door gunner had a s*** eating smirk on his face.
  24. mickuzy

    You know when you have played too much ArmA

    when your jogging back from the pun and kneeling down to pull your imaginary M4 to your shoulder and scream "2, engage target, 200 metres" To which the police officer replies 'sir would you please get into the paddy wagon'
  25. mickuzy

    Advanced Combat Environment

    yeah the aussies make another appearance