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    SJB Submachinegun Pack

    This is a picture of an UMP45 It looks almost the same doesn't it? BTW, Nice guns Jackal..... too bad the skeleton design for the character models is not easily modified for usage with shorter barrel weapons (P90).
  2. madisonnl

    Installation Error

    Can you please post a screenshot of your errormessage?
  3. madisonnl


    I have found this thread which looks like your problem? http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=583975 Perhaps you can try the suggestions here? It could always be that 1.14 was/is not your problem.... Hope this helps
  4. madisonnl

    powerful graphic cards issue

    What kind of powersupply do you have? Do you have more info on you rig?
  5. madisonnl


    Always (after deinstall) remove left overs. Your problem could otherwise be: - Faulty DVD. - Write error on HDD (check your drive for errors) and check eventlogs. Which version of the DVD do you have (european/US)?
  6. madisonnl

    ArmA MOD Launcher

    Very nice! Always better than having to merge addon folders when you reach the limit of the shortcut commandline.
  7. madisonnl

    WGL Sound Replacement

    First off all I want to say great job. Can it be that i am missing explosion sounds on vehicles (tanks blowing up, etc..)? Keep up the good work (make us happy )
  8. Did you try ECS as last in the list of add-ons. Your problem could be incompatibility between addons.
  9. madisonnl

    Re-installed still won't save progress

    I have the exact same problem. Are you btw using any mods?
  10. madisonnl

    Performance Issues

    Try setting the value for Texture_Heap (in the flashpoint.cfg) to 2/3 the amount of video Ram. In my case this helped with the performance.