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  1. martinovic

    Iron Lore shuts down

    The low sales of cod4 and crysis can be explained in simple: common people using pc dont have the hardware required to play them unlike console users. You sound like there isnt piracy in consoles. That is far from the truth. Go check a torrent site and you will find everything that has been published to consoles as pirated versions also. No, CoD4 runs on my computer perfectly fine at low and medium settings. I only have 512 MB of RAM, CoD4 runs on a turd of a computer. That isn't an excuse. I torrented it because i'm not a fan of the series and i was right, i deleted it anyway. But still i know lots of people who dled it and love it and play it. They would've probably bought it. Games are overpriced, since most people who play them are around 13 years old and have to ask mom and dad to buy them anything. 60 dollars is a fortune for a 13 year old... CoD4s quality is not the excuse, since the game runs perfectly fine and is high quality with lots of polish. It's also not a lack of interest, since the game got dled and is being played by millions on the PC, but only a few hundred thousand bought it. Explain that! Dling games for a console requires hardware modifications to the console, welding stuff onto it is not something most people do. You get banned off of Xbox Live if you do such mods anyway. The game sold millions on consoles and only a fraction on the PC, because people got the game for free. I don't mind, this isn't about some moral high ground here, but lets just fess up to it. Buying PC games is a rare thing. I don't even know anyone who does that.
  2. martinovic

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    Yea, CoD, RS, Ghost Recon. These are all called realistic... But they aren't, not by a long shot. I even heard Need for Speed Most Wanted called realistic... So them using that word hasn't eased my fears one bit... If OFP2 is to OFP as Colin McRae DiRT is to Colin McRae Rally then the game will be BF2...
  3. martinovic

    Iron Lore shuts down

    COD4 sold like ass on the PC, maybe a few hundred thousand copies, meanwhile millions of copies got downloaded. The game sold millions on consoles. How can you guys still argue about piracy not effecting anything? It's often the publishers fault if we're talking about EA games and such, but most of the time the people who dl don't want to pay, it's that simple. Anyways, you can argue against it all you want, the fact is most devs are going to consoles and canning their PC versions.
  4. martinovic

    Prince Harry IS in Afganistan

    Yea how about you do that? "Research" isn't watching the TV like a zombie. It's called the lie box for a reason. Its a pity for you then that my research was more than just watching TV. This week, I just happen to have talked to a number of people who have been to Afghanistan in the past 6 months, including one who was an intelligence officer, and multiple combat officers. I talked at legnth to them, and they said, no matter where they went, the Afghans were not hostile to them at all. It was all from elsewhere. I'd smile at an invader too, afterwards i'd plant some bombs. When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite.†-Churchill Sure afghanis are going to smile at a bunch of armed dudes giving them some supplies. Go up to Pushtun Country along the paki border without guns and food, then ask them again. The "northern alliance" supporting afghanis are the minority non-pushtun tribes that are really happy that you guys allowed to to get rid of the pushtuns...
  5. martinovic

    Prince Harry IS in Afganistan

    You can love it all you want, it doesnt change the fact that it is true. Before you start claiming stuff, do research on it. All you need to do is watch the fucking TV and it'll tell you all you need to know to see that you are horribly wrong. And whats with this whole force change onto them? 90% of Afghans hate the Taliban. All the Taliban do to do with them is use their land to fight, and use the afghans to belnd in and support themselves. Most Taliban come accross the border from Pakistan. Get real, do some research before you post or form your opinions. Just because you cant see something, it doesnt mean its not there. And considering what you said to your "friend", I dont even want to debate with you anymore. I'm sorry to go further off topic here, but i just have to wade in here... That's a load of bullshit you just posted there, quite frankly. The Taliban are Pushtun, they are the organized extension of the Pushtun tribe, the Pushtun tribe is the majority of Aghanistan. They support the talibs. They want the talibs. They want them to rule. The pushtun also live in Pakistan, yes. But to say the taliban are not afghanis is horseshit. Not everyone thinks like you, not everyone wants to live like you. Until you understand that you will just keep getting stuck around the globe trying to spread Coca Cola and abortion rights. Now i would just like to refer you to your own words: Yea how about you do that? "Research" isn't watching the TV like a zombie. It's called the lie box for a reason.
  6. martinovic

    Anonymous vs Scientology

    Last time i checked the Catholic church doesn't tell you to give money, it asks. But you can decline to give and noone is going to think less of you. The Bible, Quran and Hindu teachings and most others are given away for free, dianetics (scientologist book) is sold for thousands of dollars after thousands of dollars worth of investment. Neither does any other church to my knowledge drive people into financial ruin and/or suicide. Neither were other religions made as a money making schemes, but as genuine efforts to give answers, provide support or somesort of moral fabric. Comparing scientology to any genuine religion is not mocking the religion itself as you would have it, but rather shows your own lack of understanding or flexibility.
  7. martinovic

    Anonymous vs Scientology

    Those blasted romans are infringing on scientologist copyright!
  8. martinovic

    Z Day is comming!

    I thought Left 4 Dead was going to be released.
  9. martinovic

    Political Change

    This thread is filled to the brim with Flame Warriors! http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/warriorshtm/ideologue.htm
  10. martinovic

    War against terror

    Now i sincerely doubt that this will lead to WW3, since in a war there are two sides and here you see the firepower wielding western armies bomb the crap out of terrorists, terrorists who were going to school in a suspicious manner or were celebrating their wedding a bit loudly or a terrorist who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm sorry, i think i meant civilians... Anyways, that is not war.
  11. martinovic


    Its definitly not Godzilla repackaged. I will admit it was inspired by Godzilla but it is definitly something totally different. Your loss though if you don't see it. I think its one of the best movies to come out in a long time and I tend to see everything or atleast hear about everything since I work at a theater. I dunno it's probably a nice movie, i just don't seem to enjoy any recent movies at all, i can look at older ones i used to like and still like those. But most movies past 2003, i hate their guts... Must be the overuse of post processing filters or something. Everything looks so fake and clean in these highly stylized movies. Cloverfield is the same, a bunch of effects, i already saw star wars ep 2 and 3, effects don't even phase me. Now for some ridicule: What's with the Sinspawn coming from Cloverzilla anyway? Did the monster make a trip to Spira or something? And that Hud guy must've been through some things already in his life to steadily keep filming vicious monsters that are about to kill him.
  12. martinovic


    Blair Witch meets cheap monster flick? I'll pass on that one... I outgrew my sarcastic phase where i watched bad movies for a laugh. ... and how is this innovation? It's Godzilla repackaged.
  13. martinovic

    Get Ready to dump your LCD screen

    Whoa that freaks me out, no plugging into the matrix for me you crazies! O_o
  14. martinovic

    Nothing in Arma2 Seems much Different

    No it wasn't, i set it to the lowest and it would still give me LOD problems after half an hour. It was still an improvement over getting LOD problems after 10 minutes mind you. >_>
  15. martinovic

    Nothing in Arma2 Seems much Different

    Haha! Even the original was prettymuch unusable on anything but the highest end of hardware and you're telling me that this game will be even worse?