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    Demo today....WOOT

    Strange,I was testing it just now and NEVER got that problem,I did find something odd about the shadows though..in normal I believe,I was inside of a building with a few stairways to the rooftop and an elevator beside it,the farther you look down,the grayer/whiter the screen became,personally I think its neat but I know many who would disagree..oh and driving is indeed not difficult,player does,as stated before,NOT move around like they are drunk. And piloting a helicopter isn't really that hard..I used a mouse and I found that if I barely moved it then I wouldn't have any trouble,when I rolled the Mi-17 (UH-60 can't do it so I figure they accidently skipped something) I noticed that I came down way too fast to do anything about it,natural. I then pulled the OFP hover idea of pulling the mosue back quickly,that is possibly the worse mistake you can make,its best to be gentle and barely move the mouse if you use it for piloting. It seems helicopters can also do forward loops,did it with the blackhawk but I wouldn't really recommend it to beginners. And heres the image,first I chalked it up to being a video card issue but I saw a video that had a similar effect,only the infantry were in an APC,the view goes normal when the view is normal but the farther I look down,the more the gray/white spreads. http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/8470/imggh6.jpg
  2. meyamoti

    Demo today....WOOT

    So can people but even worse... And Greyound,remember,graphics take more space then gameplay,the more graphics you have,the more gameplay you have,I doubt AA will become something like Halo3 or Crysis by default,and in all honesty,thats alright. Still waitin for the download..got to 51 minutes and my internet conked out,now I'm just 2 hours away..yaaay..
  3. meyamoti

    East Wepons vs West Weapons

    Woo! Preach on preach on! You wouldn't believe how weak people are...I'v brought my kevlar helmet up to my school one day and decided to be nice and let those that asked,wear it. Well many complained it was too heavy,I put it on and it just feel like I'm wearing a normal hat,then again I'v seen people cry when they punch styrofoam...sad. But anyway..thats off topicish and I forgot waht I was going to say that would be on topic...crap. well...if it counts,I'v seen people say the M16A2 is heavy,I have no idea why they say this,balanced if you hold it right,it doesn't weigh a thing once you get the feel of it,thats a west weapon so I suppose thats on topic.
  4. meyamoti

    Demo today....WOOT

    Can't believe I missed this post but yeap,pretty much if it is a cargo helicopter,it cannot roll,and why would it need to roll anyway? Though size isn't necessarily teh main judgement,its moreso the rotor system and how well its built,AH-64's are one of the largest AH's out there and it can still perform loops and barrel rolls. Of course once more,fully articulated rotor vs not so fully articulated,as well as probably areodynamics and how wind current flows over the body of the helicopter..the apache made a great barrel loop and seemed to remain on an "axis",reality,atleast from what I'v seen. Still..I bet those loops give some pretty good stress on the rotors.
  5. meyamoti

    Demo today....WOOT

    HDR 0 didnt work for me How do i recorde a video, whilst playing... dont know sorry Try fraps,it should work.
  6. meyamoti

    Demo today....WOOT

    I sure hope english is not your primary language... And you could be a bit more considerate..still trolling about the soldiers,I don't see whats wrong with their walking,they seem to walk like everyone else. As for the Mi-8-17,yeah I agree,and so far I haven't seen any videos of performing any rolls whatsoever and I pretty much have every possible video of AA there is.
  7. meyamoti

    Demo today....WOOT

    Your griping more then needed,juding by a few of your phrases, "soldiers act like fags". You sound more like a troll then specificly saying what is wrong,besides,we'v heard this song plenty of times so please bird,stop your screeching. And thats probably the arm having moved up before the gun did or the soldier lifed their weapon but locked their view in place,the view is not fully attached to the gun like in..oh I duno..all other games.
  8. meyamoti

    First ARMA impressions

    You seem to be forgetting that Armed Assault is supposed to be a mix of things,not one certain thing.
  9. meyamoti

    ArmA Photography

    Wow,the game look good even on lowest settings
  10. meyamoti

    Helicopters in AA

    Hmm..almost creepy how it is watching that video how it reminds me of using franze apache..still I would kind of thought that for a flight sim,the helicopter would be more accurate. Oh well,nothing wrong with it as long as you didn't pay for it. The apache I mean,the flight sim goes without saying. Unfortunatly we don't really have any videos demnstrating maneuvers and whatnot of this in armed assault,only one of dedicated helicopter flying would be the Mi-17 with the bad pilot.
  11. meyamoti

    NV Goggles...

    Common sense is a thing lacking much these days,don't be too hard on em.
  12. meyamoti

    NV Goggles...

    Well they could always take away the east special forces NVGs if that would make you happy
  13. meyamoti

    Armed Assault videos

    Yeap,the wallpaper is great but why did you add a hind into it?
  14. meyamoti

    Armed Assault videos

    WOW! That looks amazing! MfG Lee Jesus! Wowy,you sure thats the game? Hmm..I remember seeing part of this animation in a earlier video of armed assault,I suppose this would also make hand signal better for the community and other things as well The movement looks so fluid and real..
  15. meyamoti

    First ARMA impressions

    Lets consider a bit of timeline here. Armed Assault is announced and months later images showing its new build and appearence are featured,after a few months of this the communtiy gets veeeeery impatient. Some of the community gets the game,in no time it seems as if they went looking for bugs instead of playing the game,and endless bitching followed. You people are no reporitng bugs,your whining about them to a highl amount that is not needed. Yes the bug was reported,yes they understand,thank you and move on,don't sit there twiddling your thumbs,crying about the same bug over and over,were going to need some pacifiers soon. It seems you guys went out of your way to do what you could to find out what was wrong with the game,which is fine and all good,but as I said earlier,you'v griped about it more than necessary. And don't give me that dribble of upgrading your computer,they are not forcing you to do it,if you want high end graphics then yes,otherwise you cna play with them on low,but if your wanting to upgrade your computer to get that then for crying out loud,don't gripe. You act as if the game has the highest specs needed,take a look at crysis and 2142,they need HIGHER specs,Crysis no doubt needs a super computer to run. But still the point remains,only YOU decided what and how much to upgrade your computer,what avenues you take to reduce cost and how to use connections.