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    I'm still about. I didn't edit any sounds into that video either, and I searched through countless Apache vids for the best M230 sample that I could find. You're welcome to use the samples I have if you want, though I don't want to step on any toes. Anyway, awesome work all round so far and kudos for finding a new method of implimenting FLIR! The only real issue I can see, as others have pointed out, is that the M230 needs a bit of work. The ROF is definitely too high. I've read that a few Apache's use modifed M230's with slightly higher rates of fire but the majority stick with 625. Also, the tracers should look like large paintballs and (assuming that you are using HEDP ammo) the explosion effects should be larger and more dramatic. 30mm HEDP fragments as well, around 4-5 meters (IIRC) so there should be some splash damage as well.
  2. mikefictiti0us

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Wait, you're working on an AH-64D? That M230 looks great!
  3. mikefictiti0us

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    I'm modifying (with permission) Mapfact's AH-64A. I'm trying to get FLIR, the TADS display and the 30mm Chaingun looking as close to the real thing as I can. Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYUIrUMxgRk I'd prefer to work with an AH-64D, but I know nothing about modeling...
  4. Managed to find the command that increases text size (SizeEx) Thanks for the help, I've managed to get it to shaking. I just have to work out how to get it to shake per round fired.
  5. Heh, not yet. I might post two or three sample, FLIR-enabled models with a version of Mapfact's FLIR script that has WHOT/BHOT modes in a week or so. Depends on how long it takes me to clean up some of the problems it has. It'll probably still have problems when I post it, but eh... There's some interesting possibilities as well -- it's possible to edit and script a vehicle so the engine area turns slightly white when the engine is turned on. You could script it so that it uses higher gradient white textures over time, thus simulating a build up of heat. Ed : On a side note, does anyone know of a way to apply one model to every unit in the game (and have them animate in synch) without editing their individual models?
  6. Because I'd have a terrible ping on overseas servers. Oh it's possible, using edited models, setAperature and setObjectTexture : (Yes, I'm still using the same MFD overlay, xnodunitx It's actually starting to annoy me now, don't know why I haven't switched it...)
  7. mikefictiti0us

    SLX MOD public release

    Solus, I've been looking at creating my own dismemberment system but, after checking out your scripts, I figure you'd be able to do a better job of it and in a fraction of the time it'd take me to do it. Rather than having units explode into gibs, have maybe 5 to 10 different models that are missing various limbs, with each having a section of script that defines which dismembered limbs have to be spawned per model. From there, script it so that it randomly chooses between these when a unit is dismembered. Have them look all bloody and burnt and it'll look passable for any unit, regardless of skin color, if they are custom units etc..
  8. Same as my username, though I won't be able to play with you if you're not in Australia. You have to create a low-poly "skin" around the model, make it a hiddenselection, and have it enable\disable when FLIR is turned on and off. Obviously not MP compatible, as well as the fact that the low-poly skins only look good from a distance. It has issue's as well and I haven't figured out how to get around them. That, and the file size for FLIR alone (default BIS units only) would be something like 100mb, so it's really not worth it. Having a set of units with white textures specifically for use with FLIR mode is the most practical way to fake thermals on AI units at the moment. There's a guy I've been talking to on YouTube who is experimenting with another way to achieve fake thermals without having to edit models and textures. It looks great but, because of some kind of limitation to the game/scripting engine, it only works with a few units at a time.
  9. Thanks for that Q, I checked the scripts and found the command. Now I just need to figure out how to enlarge the text and get it to appear solely when the gunners optics are enabled. I'm terrible at scripting, and it takes me a painful amount of time to figure out stuff that experienced scripters could pull off in minutes. Hah, I have a love/hate relationship with BF2. It's probably the only game I play that, at times, has the ability to frustrate me to the point of wanting to smash my keyboard.... but I still keep going back for more. Anyway, thanks for keeping an eye out for quality sounds, it's much appreciated. That video would have been perfect if not for the music. I tried to filter it out with Cool Edit Pro, but it's simply too loud. Removing the music makes the M230 sample sound far worse than those that I'm currently using. Also, I posted a thread in the scripting help subforum, but I probably should have just posted my question here. My question was is it possible to get the optics view to shake when the 30mm is being fired?
  10. I've been trying to find a way to get the the view of the gunners optics on an AH-64 to shake when the 30mm Chaingun is fired, for this modification to Mapfact's AH-64A. No luck as of yet. Does anyone know how I could do this? I've tried messing with recoil settings, but to no effect. Also, does anyone know how to change the font size for text in the ingame GUI? I'd like to enlarge the text for the currently selected weapon. This controls the location of the text, but not the actual size : class Weapon : RscIGText { x = 0.65; y = 0.81; w = 0.17; size = 0.71 <-- Don't know what this does, but it doesn't seem to be related to text size.
  11. Ah, you're right xnodunitx. Silly of me not to check before putting the MFD overlay on the AH-64A. I'll have to fix that. Miles, the sound is indeed from the actual gun cam recordings. I've looked everywhere for videos that have clear M230 sounds recorded from an external source but no luck as of yet. I did take your advice and increased the bass in CEP, and it does sound better. Lepardi, nope, I haven't uploaded it anywhere yet. I need to find out how to move the current weapon/ammo count to the right of the radar before I post it. I know how to move Alt. and Speed indicators, just not weapons.
  12. visit youtube though it's not released anyway. _http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=rc7XXGFWh_M That's mine. All it is is a combination of a setAperature setting (which, as far as I know, was first implemented in Mapfact Air) and units with white textures, to fake the thermal look. It's great for SP use, but that's about all. I'm hoping someone might be able to work out how to implement FLIR It's shader based, so it can be used in MP. True, but the pilot and co-pilot can select the TADS screen on their MFD's.
  13. Excellent addon, my only beefs being with the HUD on the TADS MFD and the M230 Chaingun, which uses the underpowered default 30mm HE ammo. Dispersion wasn't high enough as well. Anyway, I've been messing around with it, trying to fix those issues. Here's a video of how it looks at the moment. I changed the 30mm explosion effects as well, they look quite realistic now. If you guys want to use the HUD for the next version of this addon, let me know and it's yours. I just need to fix it up a little. What I'd like to know though is how to a) move and enlarge the text for the currently used weapon and ammo count to the right of the radar and b) how to add, to the left of the radar, a variable that tells you the current distance from the location where your crosshairs are pointing.
  14. mikefictiti0us

    Youtube based sound mod (ybsm) v1.0

    Here's a few samples I recorded a few months ago from YouTube, LiveLeak and a History Channel documentary. I cleaned up and enhanced each shot with CEP. Have a listen and see if you want to include any in your pack. M249 SAW AK74 PKM MP5 Is it possible to use multiple sound files for each gun? Gunshots would sound far more realistic if you could have several samples per weapon, each at a slightly different pitch.
  15. mikefictiti0us

    Cold War Rearmed v0.36 released

    Excellent work, this is one hell of a good early Christmas present!