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    Novajev Island released

    First, of all the various versions of Nogova that I have, this is the best. Perfect countryside, with some very nice, but not overdone, urban areas. I especially like how the roads meander a lot more than roads on other OFP islands. Now, a few suggestions for the eastern part of the island: 1. Please make the northeast area of the island more heavily forested than it was in the original Nogova. The northeast's hilly terrain has a very wild feel to it, and it deserves thicker forests to make it more natural feeling. Plus, extra forests give campaign makers somewhere to put lots of resistance camps. 2. Perhaps you could remove Lipany and add a seaport and/or factory complex in its place. 3. Get rid of the town south of Lipany (St. Sedlo, I think), and replace it with a small military base and dock (For coastal patrol and military supply ships). The latest MAP military buildings would probably be the best objects for this small base. Excellent job so far.
  2. m21man

    Air temperatures

    I think it would be interesting to make soldiers' breath visible in really cold environments (Places like mountains, generic wintery areas, my garage, etc). Could make snipers more easy to spot...
  3. m21man

    Improved Resistance AI and textures?

    Yes. Not with default Resistance, but once you have Resistance you can download packs that update the original three islands.
  4. m21man

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    The 1st Amendment prevents the government from regulating free speech, though it seems a lot of people are too ignorant to understand that simple detail.
  5. Yeah, and I'll manufacture a working tank from Coke cans and IT'LL BE BETTER THAN ANYTHING THE US ARMY HAS!!!
  6. m21man

    If someone doesn't take my OPF GOTY

    You're ransoming your own property ?
  7. m21man

    STH like Age of Empires?

    Though it's not set in medieval times, I'll have to suggest Rome: Total War. It's (IMO) a good mix of turn-based strategy and RTS-style battles. And those RTS-style battles can have hundreds, if not thousands, more soldiers than in an AoE battle. To put it simply, each army can have 20 units (A unit usually consists of ~80 soldiers), and you can bring multiple armies into one battle . Edit1: And it has great siege warfare (Pic)
  8. 0730 Hours, May 10: A date and time that will live in mission-making infamy. Also, any mission that takes place at this time (And with medium weather and no fog) is treading on Crap Mishun territory . Merry Xmas
  9. m21man

    New US Army Heat-Ray in Iraq

    At which point someone will have developed a much more effective weapon to counter these weapons (Like frickin' sharks with frickin' laser beams ).
  10. m21man

    Modding tools like Oxygen for OPF2

    What are you talking about? How is having a large basket of quality addons a problem ? "Too much"? So because you're easily confused, all the rest of us should be stuck with less for the same price? Edit - And if BIS released frequent patches with new units, then they'd inevitably start charging for their work. Something of the FDF Mod's quality and size could be quite reasonably sold at a price of $30. Edit2 - I have ~6GB of good user-made mods and addons. At $30 per GB (Seems like a good price for that much data) I have $180 of addons and mods. Because these were free addons, I paid a total of $90 for OFP (OFP: Gold Edition + Resistance). If BIS had made all of the addons that are currently keeping me hooked to OFP, I'd have spent $270 on OFP. I like saving money, but if you want to pay for officially-approved patches then switch to VBS.
  11. m21man

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    I was wondering about that file size . But the models are beautiful, and I don't mind that my OFP folder has ballooned to 7.08 GB .
  12. m21man

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    No, aberration as in the theory of natural selection.
  13. m21man

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Homosexuality is an "aberration", at least when you think in terms of Darwin's Theory Of Evolution by Natural Selection. Think about it: The primary goal of an organism is to reproduce itself. Therefore, if a subset of a species has no interest in reproduction, then that subset is an aberration. It's certainly not a mutation (Or chemical imbalance, shrunken gland, whatever the theory is now) that is going to positively affect the subset's ability to propagate itself. You may as well name the new thread "Revenge Of The Flamer: Hurlothrumbo Strikes Back" .
  14. m21man

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    In a room with an infinite number of monkeys, an infinite number will first press "Shift + t", and after that an infinite amount of the original infinite amount will press "h", and then an infinite amount of the resulting infinite amount of the original infinite amount will press "o", and so on until the complete works of Shakespeare are reproduced (Actually, the complete works of Shakespeare would be reproduced an infinite number of times ). World War I, not World War II. That's why it was originally called Armistice Day . Some parents might also object to their little kid seeing a depiction of a soldier with his intestines pouring out of his gut.
  15. m21man

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    OK, this statement just shows that you've forgotten the basics from your high school science courses. Nothing in science is a "fact". Even if a scientist's idea is supported by a great deal of scientific evidence, his idea still remains a theory. At the current moment, Darwin's Theory Of Evolution simply has not been contradicted, which is the key point. It's not so much proven (Little to nothing in science can be truely proven), as it is the best explanation for the data that we possess. Darwin's theory should be taught as a theory because it is exactly that: A theory. Presumably because a creature with a mutation that allowed it to discern patterns in light would have faired better (Over time) than other, blind creatures.
  16. m21man

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    There is little to no religion-based argument, except against using "Goddamn" or "Jesus" as curses. Many of the rest of the complaints, odd as walker may find it, aren't based on bible-thumping. They're based on a belief that exposing young children to excessive amounts of stuff of the adult world is not good for children. Oh, please. Any time that some nut actually does something violent against abortion, he gets roundly condemned by virtually every religious sect in America. You shouldn't be comparing it to Al Qaida's actions, because they got open celebrations in the streets after 9/11, and all that an abortion-clinic bomber gets is universal condemnation from pretty much every religious person in America. And McVeigh was a violent anarchist who blew up a government-related building, not a religious nut who blew up an abortion clinic. Also, I would think the fact that he was executed would show that his actions weren't approved of...
  17. m21man

    .223 versus .308

    How are you defining "stronger"? Do you mean "less likely to malfunction"?
  18. m21man

    Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1.3

    That's one helluva graveyard . I like the large castle ruins on the west side of the island (The new area ). If only the OFP AI could handle CQB, what a fun area that would be to play in. Right now, I use it as a bombing range .
  19. m21man

    OFP could become a part of Clan Base

    Only one more needed !
  20. m21man

    Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1.3

    You can fight BAS's Desert TSF if you want to (It just takes a little SQM work if you want to have a Finns vs. Resistance mission).
  21. m21man

    Today, Halo 2 has gone

    Yeah, we all love the way that an AI driver handles a vehicle in close quarters . "Left! Left! LEFT AND FAST, DAMMIT! MOVE!!! RPG! RPG! MOVE!!! NOOOOOOO---" *BOOM!*
  22. m21man

    Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1.3

    Excellent work as usual. The elevated roads are a brilliant idea, they definitely add a new twist to combat in towns. I assume you have a working version of FDF 1.3?
  23. m21man

    What other games?

    -OFP -Doom3 (A good flashlight mod is a must )
  24. m21man

    M14 Pack

    Those are some fine-looking M14s
  25. m21man

    Ask a mod

    "Placebo's Personal Plaything" Nothing like a Dragunov...