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  1. m1k3_

    Why do WW2 games do not have swastikas?

    never mind. the pic i was going to post is form a site that dosn't allow hotlinking. http://www.mac-archive.com/cgi-bin/wolfimage.cgi?mac_screen2.jpg
  2. m1k3_

    War music

    "adagio for Strings" - Samual Barber, Platoon. differently my favorite war movie song.
  3. m1k3_

    Military Humor

    Australia bombs New Zealand. LOL Bastard Aussie
  4. bug: the sleaves are rolled up in the 3rd person but in first person there not. no biggy just pointing it out. these are great i love the sas!
  5. awsome! downloading now. the sas look fucking great. i like the way there got there sleave rolled up. it suits a jungle envoriment perfectly. i hope there is a sas model with a bergen(rucksack). i can see one sas soilder whering one. i hope its part of the model and not in the AT weapon slot. also why a winter version? it will go great on FDF easten border, but i think a desert version would have been far more suited to modern times. especially since the annocement of 50 more sas personal moving into afganistan yesterday. anyway im dam looking foward to playing with these guys!
  6. yeah i love both ideas. the talking to the AI is would be a great addition to the game. maybe giving each AI member a random personality. there could be the guy who begs for that smoke, the smart ass, grumpy or the funny guy. it might make your care for soilder a bit more instead of them just being number with a face. but if it going to be at random in user mission, it should be higher the skill level the less they talk. because i dont want to see specail forces soilder behind enemy line, asking for a smoke.
  7. m1k3_

    Any good sandbag bunkers?

    got a link there mate?
  8. Ive been making a mission for the last few hours. a classic west vs east cold war capture the town setting. in 3 hours i didn't get much of a mission made because i had spent so dam long trying to make a perfect squared machine gun pit out of those two sound bag at a right angle to each other (labeled "fence" in the editor).  i just seen the bunkers in  SILESIAN topic and they look really nice. but they arn't realistic in a town capture 3 days before the mission is set. there are two in the the game all ready, but only on can be used well with the AI and there a little boring now. there also some nice one's that have been realised with mods (tonal, I44), but i wouldn't expect some one to download them just for the bunkers. so are there any good sandbag bunker packs out there?
  9. m1k3_

    Addon everyone wants

    -New safe walk -Some bas standard british/kiwi S.A.S -SEALS -marines UH-1
  10. m1k3_

    Bas littlebirds

    I remember some one saying they had seen a picture of the LB carrying the KLR(sp?) bikes, in RL. was that pic found? i think that (if done in RL) would be a great adition to the pack. the thing really wanna see, is new animations for the cargo space on the sides.
  11. m1k3_

    Unscripted war: vietnam pack

    wow! that really does look amazing. i cant wait for this.
  12. m1k3_

    Pearl harbor

    hmm i didn't think the Japanese used the Kamacazi tactic until the later stages of the war (1944/45).
  13. m1k3_

    New bas thread

    that looks awsome! how big is novago?
  14. m1k3_

    Bas me-47h scripts

    any chance you can post it?
  15. m1k3_

    Pirates of the caribbean

    lol i bit of dumb question. but can you go into bars? how big are the town on the island? i think im going to buy an xbox.