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  1. Brilliant mod, my favourite game by far (wanted this for so long) Can't wait for other armies to be added (hint hint :D ) Another transport bug for you. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5141423/2013-11-20_00010.jpg (655 kB) In the above pic my chopper got shot at before it landed, it used flares and decided to hang around in the air. Later in the game I ordered a boat taxi, got in and got the message in the picture when I tried to give it a destination. Below is the save file, it will take a while to upload as it's 10MB https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5141423/ArmA.zip Hope this helps.
  2. My two cents. Stop the "Cheating" - You take an island and instantly there are a load of weapon hard points, how were these magically built? When the enemy carrier turns up at your island he doesn't need to take the island like you do but just takes it after a while as long as you don't turn up. Build up defence on the islands over time - When you first take an island it should have no defences, it should then start building defences just as slowly as you could for your carrier, if you have owned an island for ages it would have all the defences and a full compliment of vehicles to defend against attacks. Defence island could have a second AI (for storyline purposes) which would double the number of vehicles the island can control. Marine droids - Have your carrier build droids and store up to, say, 100 droids on board, they are pretty easy to kill so I don't think this number is too high, though it could be changed, you can then use them to attack the enemy island (using a similar method to sending the Spy UAV) or have them defend your carrier by deploying on the deck and shooting the enemy. When a droid is destroyed your carrier would build another one every 30 seconds or so (time can be changed, just as the amount of droifs) until you are back at your full compliment. Direct control would be nice but I don't think it is necessary. Ammunition - The carrier should make ammunition for all your weapons with a max amount for each type, a long battle to take an island could mean you run out of some types of ammunition and have to revert to older weapons, for example running out of missiles for your aircraft you would have to use rockets instead. this is more about making the game feel real. Smaller ships - Some small boats which would guard your carrier, maybe with just 1 gun on the front, they would keep a formation around your carrier to better protect it, they would not need to be directly controllable but maybe the gun could be selectable in the same manner as the guns on the carrier are (with the mouse scroll wheel). These could be made only on the island with a ship yard (Vulcan I think and 1 other). Change production method to min/max instead - Change the production so that you only produce equipment until there is a certain amount in the store, if you use it (for example refuel your carrier) your island will start building more until you are back at your chosen level. For example you have a min/max of 100 for carrier fuel, you island are not producing anything because you have 100 fuel in your store, you then refuel your carrier (using say 18 fuel) and your islands will start to produce fuel until your stores are back at 100 fuel. Faster helicopter barque - Have a helicopter which flies to your carrier and back but only holds a smaller amount of cargo, it can land on the helipad at the back of the carrier, this would compliment rather replace the sub barque. This could be an upgrade, maybe through the upgrade method other people have mentioned? More upgrades to the carrier - How about adding shields to your carrier's weapons, giving the carrier more weapon choices, missiles instead of flak guns? Allow Target spotting if FPS Mode - Allow you to control a droid and target enemy vehicles for your Walrus and carrier indirect fire weapons (Grenade Howitzer etc). You could change to laser point then "fire", at this point your vehicles and carrier would all shoot 1 shot, you could then "fire" again at the next spot to blow up enemy defences or large groups of vehicles. If the droid dies you will need to use another one from your carrier (as mentioned above) Bad Weather - Have the weather in the game become so bad that you cannot undock your vehicles and your carrier is reeling about in big waves, this could be a random event to add some colour to the game which would need to be waited out before you could attack the island. Quieter "Predator" noise - when you fly across some trees you hear the clicking of Predator (or maybe a wood pecker), this seems way to loud for you to be able to hear from an aircraft flying over. For me the most important thing though it to stop the cheating in the game, I hate it how the AI doesn't need to work through the same issues as me to take an island. I would love some of these ideas (and other peoples) to be added to the game, I really hope you make some addons for this game in the future. :D
  3. Also getting this, the attached file is at the end of the strategy game just after I had defeated the enemy carrier, the explosion animation was about to start and the game crashed. Crashes lots in Campaign mode as well.
  4. marc0523

    Utter crap Infantry changes in Beta

    Set deadzone to 0 and turned smoothing off. I can kill things again. :o Apologies for rant. Thank you Bohemia for adding custom to the screen ratio btw
  5. What the hell are they doing to infantry combat? My soldier moves his gun around like it's on ice, then it hits the edge of his supposed area of aiming without moving his legs and suddenly the gun is moving through treacle! :mad: I understand that this is meant to be a more realistic way of moving the gun and I get why it's been attempted but the implementation is shit. Try it at home with a pretend gun, move it to the left, you will find that moving more to the left is not 10 times as hard, it is actually only slightly harder. Also if you aim to your left or right you can move you legs so that they point forward again while still aiming at your target. Don't even get me started on that stupid auto aiming crap, where is the option to turn it off? This is not Carrier Command and I don't want the cross hair to jump about the screen second guessing my targets all the time. Please please please Bohemia bring back the infantry controls from the Alpha, that was the first game since the original Operation Flashpoint where I really enjoyed infantry combat.
  6. Oh, OK, still a bug I guess. :) Another one, when playing 21:9 (2560x1080) ratio the force field effect doesn't work on Vulcan, the first person guns don't work either but I haven't taken a pic of that yet. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5141423/2013-06-20_00003.jpg (301 kB)
  7. I told a manta to attack a target then immediately took over (I was only using the command as a rudimentary satnav to help me hit the right thing) The Blue arrow stuck on top of the target and slowly hid as the manta moved closer. Never had it before and hard to replicate but a bug non the less. The below image you can just see the blue arrow. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5141423/2013-06-18_00005.jpg (387 kB) This image you can see I have moved to the right as well as forward and the arrow is gone. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5141423/2013-06-18_00006.jpg (501 kB) Weird one! I also get the really dark/light bug and a few others I haven't mentioned. ---------- Post added at 14:28 ---------- Previous post was at 14:25 ---------- How do I bloody get the pics to embed into the post instead of being links?
  8. Thanks for trying. Making the file read only didn't fix the problem but did mean I don't have to change the config file every time. I'll contact Support directly I think, they should be able to work something out.
  9. Attached Picture showing the problem: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5141423/WP_000443.jpg (1173 kB)
  10. Resolution in the config is set to native resolution of the screen, refresh at 60hz. Problem was around before I had two screens. Resolution in game once I am back on full screen mode is native (1680*1050) only at 75hz Once I quit, the ArmA config has changed refresh to 75hz. If I change refresh on config the next time I need to ALT-ENTER to get the game back the refresh goes to 75 again. CTR-ALT-DEL ALT-TAB etc etc don't sort out the original problem which is the game "hides". It is still running but the game is no longer visible and you are back at the desktop. You can hear the sounds and shoot etc but you can see you desktop, if you ALT-TAB you come back to the desk top, if you click on the game or choose "Switch To" in Task Manager then the game sounds come back, the keyboard and mouse control the game, but you still only see your desktop. ALT-ENTER is the only way I know of fixing the problem without quitting. Czech Republic is downloading now, once it is done I will play and take a photo of the screen when it becomes all blurred and broken from the wrong refresh rate.
  11. The blockyness is not from the resolution of the game, this can be changed as well :) The refresh rate for most (maybe all?) LCDs is 60hz A computer spec would have been a good idea wouldn't it :) DXDiag Information Any help is appreciated :D
  12. My LCD monitor is native @ 60 Windows runs at 60. The graphics look blocky, the LCD display can't cope with a refresh rate over 60hz
  13. My game randomly minimises to the desktop but with the game still running. The only way to sort this out is to ALT-ENTER out of the game to make it run in windowed mode, then do the same to bring it back to full screen mode. The problem is that when it is full screen mode the refresh rate has changed from 60hz to 75hz, this wrecks the graphics. Is there any way to remove the option of having a refresh rate over 60hz? Changing the config files doesn't work as it changes them back to the higher rate. Any help is greatly appreciated :pray:
  14. There is a warfare version of this out using a modified Warfare BE but it is very out of date and doesn't work brilliantly. :) Can anyone make a new version using all the Invasion 44 equipment but in a warfare game mode? If not are there any instructions online to help me modify Warfare BE to use Invasion 44 equipment? I have not modified a ArmA map before but I would be willing to give it a try. Thanks for any replies. :D
  15. Maybe for the next DLC, maybe just as a mission that someone more brainy than me could make. You would start as either side, with one village (your own village) under your control, then, with a storyline, you take over more and more areas to finally control the whole island. The story would be built into cut scenes and scripted missions, similar to the OFP addon where you worked for the resistance, though I cant remember its name right now you would not do only scripted missions, just some to move the storyline along. Rather than just using money to buy equipment, you would get weapons and men from each area you controlled. As you took over more villages and cities you would have a bigger "pool" of soldiers to fight with, not just for you but for the AI teams as well. If someone died in your team then they would be replaced from your pool of soldiers, not an infinite number like it is normally in warfare. Basic weapons would come from taking over villages (AKs etc) but for more advanced weapons you would have to buy them from arms dealers, this would make expensive weapons highly prised at the beginning of the game and would make an obvious advancement tree through the game. Everything above is relatively simple to add to the game and just needs someone with more skills than me to complete. One area that might be harder is how to cope with the main player dying. :( How about your team to all be playable though team switching so when you die you can take over one of them instead, you cant reinforce your team unless you are back at your base where you could get more soldiers and weapons from your pool of available resources, I don't know if this is possible with the game engine though. :confused: Any thoughts?