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  1. Actually...That doesn't do what I want it to do. I don't want it to depend on height...Just speed. What would I have to change in the "turbo" script below to make it SLOW the chopper, instead of speeding it up?... And to make it loop until the chopper slowed to a certain speed? _vel = velocity _vehicle; _dir = direction _vehicle; _speed = 10; comment "Added speed"; _vehicle setVelocity [ (_vel select 0) + (sin _dir * _speed), (_vel select 1) + (cos _dir * _speed), (_vel select 2) ];
  2. Hi...Searched, but couldn't quite find anything that exactly fit my need. As everyone knows, when a helicopter is flying at normal speed, and it comes to a waypoint that sets the speed to "limited", the chopper flares way up in the air when it slams on the brakes. I want to avoid the flaring, by slowing it down gradually, with triggers BEFORE the waypoint, using a setvelocity loop of some sort. Problem is...I am a remedial scripter. I seem to remember a similar script in the old OFP days, but I can not find it. Basically...I want to gradually slow the chopper down with setvelocity loop, between the first two waypoints...The second waypoint will be set to "limited" speed, but I want the chopper to already be going slow enough that it will not flare when it gets to this waypoint. It will then continue at "limited" speed, to a third waypoint, where it will fastrope some troops and then fly off. It needs to return to normal AI controlled speed, after it drops the troops. (I am good with the fastrope part...I just need help with the slowing script) Thanks in advance.
  3. madmedic

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    Found the problem with the jablon texture!! There is a conflict with another addon called "OPXplants", which goes with another island, and contains it's own version of the jablon. I removed the opxplants addon, and Panthera loaded with no missing texture messages. (There is also a "opxbuildings" addon...so I would be willing to bet the problem with "hut_old02" lies within it.) Now, I just have to figure out which island opxplants goes with...and figure out a work around.
  4. madmedic

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    I am using the "ibr_plants" that came with the latest Panthera update... I also get an error when loading the island that says: "cannot load texture "ca\plants\data\jablon_3_non.paa"
  5. madmedic

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    Update to my previous post... The building that is identified as "hut-old2" in the map has a terrible problem with its shadows. The shadows are not "connected" to the building, and they are visible through other buildings, and land masses. Is it a BIS building, or an ibr building?
  6. madmedic

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    Awesome island...but, I am getting really messed up shadows from some of the buildings.
  7. Hi, all... I edited the BIS sample head to look like an alien (removed the nose, and ears...and I am working on custom textures). I'm trying to get the head to work on my alien body by using the proxy method, but I can't figure out how to make it work. (The body is just a BIS body, and I have not changed any of the weights, or selections on the head). The head ends up between the characters knees, and it is not animated at all. (the eyes don't open, no expressions, or movements). I think it must be something in my modelcfg. If someone could please post a sample modelcfg for the head, I would be in your debt. Thank you. (EDIT)...If I put the head directly on the model, (without using a proxy), it is in the right position in game, but the face is still not animated.
  8. Was just about to post that I re-installed CBA, and added "-mod=@CBA" to the shortcut, and it works now. (I was previously just loading it by selecting it in the "expansions" screen). Thanks.
  9. Here is the error message I get in the RPT, if I try to start the game with @CBA enabled: ErrorMessage: Include file extended_eventhandlers\script_macros_common.hpp not found. The same error appears in a pop up warning when the game fails to load.
  10. This may sound dumb, but... What is my rpt?
  11. Since updating to 1.62, I can not start the game with CBA enabled. If I disable it, the game will start, but any addons that require CBA obviously won't work.
  12. For the purpose of this post, "EYE PIECE" will mean the rear of the scope, where you look into...."LENSE" will mean the front of the scope (Toward the target) If you look through the BIS Aimpoint M4 that is on the SCAR rifles, you have a pretty decent field of view through the scope. (The eye piece, and lense are pretty much the same size). When I try to add a similar sized red dot sight to a model, and look through it in game, the perspective seems to be exaggerated. (The lense is considerably smaller than the eye piece). The tube of the scope narrows...like you are looking into a funnel. In O2, my lense in larger than my eye piece. Why is this happening with my sight, and not with the BIS sight? Is there something in the config that controls the perspective while aiming through the sight?
  13. madmedic

    US Army (OCP)

    Oh. I admit...ACE confuses me :confused: Back on topic, though... These units look really good.
  14. madmedic

    US Army (OCP)

    Where do I find Ace2?... All I have found is Ace 1.2