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  1. I'm trying to play ArmA for the first time (yes I know I'm a bit behind) and am having trouble patching up to the current version. 1.05 worked fine, but when I try and do 1.08 it starts to work and then stops with a Windows error message in a wee pop up box:- BISPatch has stopped working blah blah The problem occurs some time after the "Checking file Addons\Anims.pbo" message appears. The game appears to work at 1.05 although I haven't attempted to go beyond the main menu screen. Have tried patch files from two different mirrors so I don't think it's a corrupt download. Any ideas?
  2. OFPEC is down temporarily. We're not sure why, but we're looking into it and will post news here. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  3. macguba

    CreateIndexBuffer failed (8876017c) Problem

    I am also suffering from this CTD and createindexbuffer failed error. This is the best thread I can find on this issue and Suma has made a helpful suggestion in the first reply. However, I have not the faintest clue how to implement it. I know it varies from motherboard to motherboard, and no doubt graphics card to graphics card, but would somebody be kind enough to point me in the right direction? I daresay I might be able to change my AGP Aperture if knew how to edit my BIOS. Many thanks.
  4. Yes please do post yours scripts at ofpec.
  5. I don't know about MP, but in SP its even easier than that. Create markers and Group them to the group leader. The group will appear randomly either where it is placed or at one of the marker positions.
  6. macguba

    Bullet Cam

    Post on OFPEC, sometimes somebody is able to dig things out from somewhere.
  7. macguba

    Campaigns editing questions

    1. Please explain more. You'll probably need to learn camera scripting 2. setRadioMsg For example, in a trigger: Condition: x and not y On Activation: 1 setRadioMsg "your text"
  8. I think so, yes, although I can't remember if its "AIR". You'll find it buried in the comref somewhere.
  9. macguba

    Rotating Camera Script...

    Victor, the problem is that you do not yet know enough about scripting generally to understand snYpir's excellent tutorial. Â Â OFPEC used to have an wonderful system of tutes, but due to multiple simultaneous hardware failures we lost the lot. Â Much of it has been recovered, and more is recoverable yet, but we're not where we were. Â Some of the tutes exist elsewhere in the community. See if you can find Johan Gustafsson's scripting tute snYpir's friendly intro to code snippets Once you've done that, see if you can find messiah's camera.sqs tute which will save you a LOT of work. My Beginner's Guide to Mission Editing has a good list of suggested tutes with reading order. Recommend also my Tutorial Mission, both are on the Editors Depot resources board at OFPEC. Â Take it to pieces and you'll find working examples of simple scripts which will help you understand. Â Also, read through the whole of the comref very quickly, don't stop to understand everything, just get a feel for what's there and how it all works. Â What you are trying to do is not difficult, but as you have observed you have to get everything in the right order. Â Â snYpir's camera tute is not perfect, but it is pretty good: it's how I learned to camera script.
  10. macguba

    Check if mine is deactivated

    Mines are horrible objects in OFP. They do not obey most normal commands. I strongly recommend you have nothing to do with them. What you describe should be easy, in fact it is hard. This recent thread at OFPEC will shed some light on the matter. http://www.ofpec.com/index.p....28572.0
  11. macguba

    Waypoints Vs Scripted Move

    Similar thread at OFPEC, which might be helpful.
  12. 1. Weaponpool commands, such as addWeaponPool. Â Similarly magazine. Â 2. Â All handled in the campaign description.ext. Â There used to be tutes, try OFPEC (both editors depot and the forum resource board.) Â Â BUT! Â Before you start, think carefully about the campaign paths. Â When you have choices and branching, the number of missions very quickly becomes very large. Â Start by deciding how many missions you want your campaign to have (=the number you want to make) and work back from there. Â Â Start by making one decent mission that will stand alone, so that if you don't get to the rest of the campaign you'll still have something worthwhile. If you want to copy aspects of the Resistance campaign, then the best thing to do is un-pbo it and see what BIS did.
  13. I can't comment on whether ofpec is best or worst. But all the missions there have been reviewed and tested, so you know they work. Since the great crash (simultaneous multiple hardware failures) we've been recovering the better ones first, so we now have the curious situation where most of the 100 or so missions available are above average. You do not need to be logged in to see them, although you do need to be logged in if you want to comment on them or ask questions.
  14. There was a discussion about this on OFPEC, oh, a couple of years back. Spend some time with the search function. These commands do not work well between Intro and Mission and Outro. IIRC some work and some don't, and some work but buggy. I'm not an expert on campaigns but I suspect you don't need these commands right at the start - you can just add the weapons and mags in the normal way in description.ext. The discussion mentioned above did, I think, include something about the maximum number. I believe its big enough not to worry about. Don't quote me on an of this, it was all a long time ago, albeit in this galaxy.
  15. Yes, absolutely yes. You must make it clear what the player is supposed to do, but you can use Intro, Briefing, sideChat, hints, titletext, radio messages, cutscenes, voiceovers, dialogues ... anything you like. There is an example mission which shows you all the basic stuff here.