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    powerful graphic cards issue

    Sorry it took so long as id lost the manual but my power supply unit is a Hiper super silent [fan cuts in intermittently type] hpu-4s350 350w,it may sound really low rated compared to others but has a lot of rails and connectors and was real expensive at the time and arma hasnt given a problem since i cooled my GC effectively. Im sure you all realize you get what you pay for in a psu its a bit like just buying any 2.0 litre engine for your car and if it comes from China versus say Germany when you come to use it you may come across some very big differences.
  2. Hi everyone with a graphics problem and glitch,heres how i cured mine. After upgrading from a 7600gt nvidia  to a powercolour ati 4850 on my asrock 4 core dual vsta i got some major graphics popping and flaring really ugly,this wasnt the only issue as arma would randomly crash. This crashing was really random and couldnt just be pinned to one graphic setting trust me i tried em all like most of you. After finding my card was a bit of a warm running beast i converted it to a dual slot cooler type called a Akasa AK-VC03-BLUV Vortexx NEO VGA Cooler. This stopped my crashing were arma would just slow all of a sudden to 2fps and pooph crash to desktop. I recommend this mod for any hot running graphics card that you use for arma. I still had awful graphics corruption and was really peed off with this, i visited the ocworkbench.com forum and found my motherboard has an issue with highbandwidth graphics card from ati namely the 4850 and 4870 as the mobo is an early pcie design [other fast cards from nvidia maybe who knows?] Theres an unofficial beta bios for this board and others with the VIA PT880 Pro/Ultra chipset which can sometimes fix the issue so i pondered using it.Before using it i took the advice and disabled the PCIE Downstream Pipeline setting in the BIOS,to my amazement my graphics flaring and popping disappeared. This advice is for people with certain chipsets and cards obviously but hey before you crash again check your mobo chipset and card compatibility [just google mobo and gc name with crashes problem],keep things cool graphically as the card makers don't give a monkeys,check your bios settings for your pcie settings with a reputable forum.
  3. mrlogik


    dual core pentium 2140 1.6ghz [oclocked to 2.2] really cheap dual core that clock well, 2 gigs 800mhz ram cant rem wich,7600gt nvidia and i get 2574 with all on normal, intersting thing is i have an ati radeon 4850 arriving tommorow will update when i get time tommorow night.
  4. mrlogik

    OFP freezes randomly

    I have the same problem but ive cured it for now, symptoms were ramdom lockups that sometimes [rarely] would recover and keep playing smooth, but more often than not need a complete reboot. I tried all the usual agp apperture size efforts but to no cure, i switched to dx9b or c and new nvidia driver, just before this problem reared its head but im sure its not that im almost definite its the nvidia driver being incompatible in some way with dxdll. I never had probs before using the latest driver and if i turn off dxdll i get no probs at all. I may try reverting to the older nvidia driver this evening and will let you know what gives. card is a gf4 ti 4200.
  5. mrlogik

    Can't play multiplayer

    Im sure win2k can do this but the setup is little sketchy, your after port forwarding and NATfor win2k/xp, did a search on google and there are some very good sites that i think may fix your problem try here
  6. mrlogik

    Losing connection during games......

    The problem with this "possible" cheat is people suffer from there connection dropping in game all the time with ofp/res anyways. When opf starts eating up cpu cycles it leaves very little for background services such as your isdn/cable/adsl/lan to operate.There is a cure with win2k/xp, right click my comp/properties/advanced/performance options and click background services take priority. I realise this doesnt help much for your cheat theory but im sure people suffering connection drops will be glad to find the thread, happy new years opf'ers
  7. Talk about coincidence, my fan stops working in my 435w last night, major overheat ofp locked solid a couple of times before i realised what it was. So guess who's had to slip in a 250w psu for the time being,il let you know how it goes with a 1700xp/512/gf2gts/dvd/cdr/ etc etc
  8. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    Since i reinstalled the asuscom driver in the windows directory on drive C: i have not had 1 single drop, yellow triangles yeah but no connection lost.Previous is was on D:[multi partition system, handy when you reinstall windows],it seems win2k looks after apps and drivers in that location preferentially to keep itself more stable i would think.
  9. Im not looking for an argument placebo, but how many peeps here run resistance on real old hardware? 300w is a bare minimum nowadays with p4 and win xp chips, besides if he's running a new radeon on an old pooter, the power consumption from the radeon alone would be enough to overuse all voltage supplied for agp port.Actuall lets keep it realistic, who does have the oldest hardware running res? My second sys is a duron 750/128 ram/vd3 2000,anyone got a lower spec?
  10. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    Solution never? I hear you all ask, i just checked 1 last thing, the location of my driver for my pci asuscom card, i put it a little nearer the kernel rather than on drive D:. I put in in my windows directory and have just played non stop for like 2hrs, could we all plz put our drivers on drive C: in the windows folder,i know it means reinstalling your modem drivers but hell it worked all night for me and yeah i had yellow boxes countless times per coop[busy map] round but it never dropped once, try that in your pipes and get a lungfull.By the way if this works for you as well a thank you wouldnt go a miss, including BIS.
  11. Stylez id definitely go buy a bigger psu a 250w effort is no were even near upto powering a power hungry duron and a modern Radeon, remeber things like all your ide devices need more power the faster they get as well. I had the ofp just reboots pooter mid game affliction with a 300w psu, it hasnt done it since i bought my 435w over a year ago. Can some put a sticky in troubleshooting faq's on minimum psu for modern systems, say around 400w?
  12. mrlogik

    2 bis: may i make a suggestion

    Bloody good i dea, bit annoying trying to snipe a 300m target who hits you with 5th round of semi auto assault rifle?
  13. mrlogik

    Ofp crashes and reboots computer

    Lo dadster i had exact same probs with my upgrade, went from duron 750/vd3/128 and slipped it all in the same case with 300w psu and had identical probs, pooter would just reboot no erss or mssgs, just phut goodbye. I bought a 435w psu and it never happened again.The xp1700 and k7s5a mobo and my gf2gts just needed more juice.
  14. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    Has anyone got a server config that works very well at dishing out bandwidth, i mean it doesnt actually require that much bandwidth. I think the prob could be to set up a log file for a server wich sends its text outputs to a file when things get heavy. IE when the framerate drops below 25fps start logging the fps and the net packets sent/received, i read somewere once the servers get near 15fps they kinda start losing the plot, i cant remember the command to monitor server if your admin but it gives you the fps on screen.It'l be interesting to see if the servers are causing the probs when getting to like 101% cpu usage, if this is the case then maybe a linux server running guru could get some logfile we could all have a look at. Im not sure about OFP but cs servers cap there rate to stop cable isdn users hogging all bandwidth with a maxrate 6000 command in there config, anyone running a server i would recommend capping your rate pretty low anyway just for playability/ server stability. I'll find that list of commands and set my system 2 as host and monitor some stuff my self, meanwhile all try putting a low cap on rate and monitor those fps.
  15. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    Ive had enough ive been off work for like 2 weeks with back injury and had plenty of time to change just about every setting in h/ware and s/ware of both my pc's my Lan different isp's different servers /drivers every bloody thing, come on bohemia fix this or cant you see that noone will buy your products for pc again? Surely this thread being at front of forum under the section "troubleshooting" may have drawn some attention to maybe 1 team member?
  16. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    Update all, the testing i did the other day with main pc set as router and older machine playing game worked flawless, until i try bigger map with vehicles and aircraft. I first tested deathmatch and then a small ctf 2 v 2 and it was sweet, did some more testing last night on normal servers and you got it "connection lost " appears after like 3 secs of yellow square im gone[even though ping is like 40/50ms while waiting to start]. I have tried every possible config of isp/router and setting in win2k that is possible. BIS must do something about this now,since this error message has plagued the community it has shrunk to all but the last few die hard ofp players,cant somebody get a direct email to them???Im sure they cant be watching this forum or surely theyd see all the complaints in this thread and the huge amount of views of people with problem who probably havent registered for board.
  17. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    quote mrlogik, if you are using an NT-based OS (2000 or XP), make sure you optimize the system performance for background processes instead of applications. Otherwise, OFP will get a slight performance boost from the process scheduler, which may starve the ISDN modem driver of the CPU attention it needs. quote You were right Mister Frag it did play a lot better last night with no connection lost and only lagged once, ithink this will cure 99% of the peeps problems in this whole thread. If not theyll have to setup or buy a cheap router as when i had my systems setup with router it ran smooth as silk : )
  18. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    The thing is no matter what your connection if the card/hub router is using your cpu's power and ofp is doing a large drain on it you will get connection lost message. Some people have 56k modems wich never get the message[though a mighty high ping] as they have quality totally hardware modem. For me to get a quality isdn card wich is totally passive[non cpu using] i would need to spend like Å200 for a eicon diva pro card or a quality router. I know i can get a good router for isdn from ebay very cheaply but i havent a clue wich is best. It all boils down to wich chipset is in your card or adaptor for isdn/adsl/cable, you can normally tell from the manafacturers spec or manual, ie connexant/rockwell /motorola texas, if it turns out its doing a lot of its work in software the intense games like ofp will ruin your pings and maybe give you the dreaded connection lost. It would probably help for anyone getting the connection lost message to find out wich chipset they have and do a google search with its name and model number and get as much inf on it as they can,if its no good flog it and get a fully hardware solution.Oh and by the way usb with isdn adaptors normally = higher pings as usb also likes a slice of cpu : ( Hope this helps others who had my prob, now for some lag free ofp : )
  19. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    Problem solved people, hoo frikin ray, i was right about the cpu and memory usage and my poor asus com pci card for isdn getting a little left out by the game engine. Ive been testing for last 2 hrs with my main pooter with the isdn card in just set up as router for my other machine[a real old duron 750/vd3] and it played faultless all night. You will find that most routers/cards for your net connection rely on your systems cpu for some of there power[hence some routers or cards and usb modems in particular], are a lot cheaper than others. When an intense game like ofp runs it can effect there performance in a big way as your router/hub/card is doing its work in software more so than an expensive hardware solution. This is probably why it affects certain people and others not at all.
  20. mrlogik

    Ofp crashes and reboots computer

    Your problem is almost certainly a to small a power supply, i had this prob also, bought a new psu and it went away.
  21. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    I find it hard to believe that alt tabbin out and accessing something else should keep the connection alive? Especially considering you guys are using BBand, maybe on dial up yeah if the isp wasnt monitoring that port for activity and they used some sort of 10 minute inactive cut off. But hey if it does work then someone write a script to ping an ip like clarity.jolt.co.uk every 2 mins and the problem is solved? BTW surely this is the makers problem if clients are being dropped due to being inactive, come on BIS sort it out!
  22. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    Well my firewall is not a problem it always notices exe's being renamed and prompts me to verify wichever game is updated.Upon the connection being lost it totally drops my net connection even when leaving game i cannot access a web page or ping an ip, the terminal is still showing on toolbar to say your connected but alas all i can do is reconnect by disconnecting and reconnecting, most infuriating!
  23. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    I will check my fwall as i cant remember checking the exe being renamed from versions previous of ofp,if this is the case then thanks all we have the solution, il get back when tested !
  24. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    First i thought it was my isp, some sort of packet overload or something causing a flood,then i thought maybe some sort of driver error or screensaver cutting in, or even isp idle on the port ofp uses? Its so weird how it can play so well with a low ping and then just phut"no message recieved for 10 seconds", even typing the words makes me cringe. Im glad i erradictated the isp from the equation as there service for other games and web browsing is excellent. Trouble is were do we go from here I guess more people reading this with connection dropping may shed some light, the more we post the more popular/interesting the thread will look
  25. mrlogik

    Connection lost...

    Hi m8, i get exactly the same prob, perfect gameplay and a low ping till all of a sudden red light and connection lost mssg, i know how you feel its real pisser.I have low pings in all other games with asuscom isdn card and freesereve as my isp[same?]. Hoping we can sort this?