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    Multi Gunner on Tanks?

    not really, you could only continously setpos a second gun at the tank's/boats position... but thats a dirty way i'd only recommend for a cutscene, for example. regards!
  2. Thank you both for your replies! @Pimmelorus: First, thanks for your encouraging words! ...and thats the crucial point! I don't understand why the server recognizes the trigger activation in case 2 and NOT in case 3. As you said, in both cases, the client activates the trigger and the only difference is the distance between trigger and clientServer. If it is really ok for you, i would like to enlist your help... I'd comment & format my code a little bit and PM you in a few days(drowning in work @ job atm ). Would that be ok? @bn880 yes, it seems illogical & complicated to me sometimes, but luckily, there is your CoC NS. Â I should try to build further missions on your NS from the beginning... Thank you both again!! regards
  3. hi! it would be great if at least someone could say sth. about the general behaviour of triggers in MP. Thank you all again for reading my post!! regards
  4. hello! First, my question: Does the server REALLY ALWAYS know the status of EVERY trigger ALL THE TIME? The base of my question: I wrote a spawnscript that creates enemies in a certain area (condition: -> units from players side are in a triggers radius). As so often, this works fine in SP or when i play alone in MP, but not always in real MP! The script contains the typical '?!(local server):exit' - query With the help of a friend(and his PC, of course ), i tested a little bit: We were both in one team, my PC was the server(non-dedicated) and i was the group leader: I will call my friend 'client' and myself 'CS' = Client&Server 1)CS & Client are placed ~10 meters in front of the trigger, CS runs in the trigger: -> everything works as expected,         enemies are created 2)CS & Client are placed ~10 meters in front of the trigger, Client runs in the trigger: -> everything works as expected,         enemies are created  3) I placed myself(CS) ~ 5 kilometers away from the trigger and the client again in front of it(client runs in trigger) -> NOTHING happens After that, i rewrote a small part of the spawnscript so that fnSendServer(of the great CoC NS) is used to grab the vars from the trigger and send them to the server. Now when the triggers cond. is true, every client and ClientServer creates one instance of the spawnscript on the server. I recreated the three scenarios: 1) works, but as expected, the enemies are created twice(1x for my friends PC, 1x for myself) 2) same as above 3) curious: the enemies are created TWICE!  I expected that the enemies are created ONCE! ->  my friends PC, client: ->     create one instance of the spawnscript on the server   my PC(client-part): -> do nothing   my PC(server-part): -> create enemies from my friends pc  I would appreciate it VERY MUCH if anyone has an idea/theory or just can/want say sth. to it! Thank you very much for your time and for reading thru this quite large post! Greetings P.S. Someone wrote in his signature: 'do not expect anything to work in MP' - maybe thats the solution? i don't think/hope so...
  5. marcusm

    UEFA Euro 2004

    *wir sind draußen!* i..just..can't..believe..it! btw - congrats to Czechia!
  6. marcusm

    Reflective water?

    holy sh**! what more can i say?! Greetings!
  7. marcusm

    1.96 problems

    @Benaksoy: Â i can confirm this! For me, it only affects the BIS standard-leader(M16), OFP crashes even if he is equipped with magazines! greetings!
  8. Hi all! ATM, i'm working on a large, dynamic MP-mission(sth. like Unscripted War for MP, but, of course, not as complex and fascinating as Unscripted War itself!). Now i have a question with a small enemy spawn script i wrote for the mission. The script itself is called by a trigger(any unit of my squad reaches a certain area) and should only run on the server! And this is where my problem lies: If any unit, except for the host, calls the trigger, my script is terminated because of the '?!local Server...'-query. My question: Is it possible to call the trigger by any client AND to pass the script execution to the server? (client fires the trigger->script runs on the server(only!)) It was my first idea just not to use the'?!local server'-query but i'm working very often with the 'player'-command which describes another player for every client in MP and thats not what i need. :-/ The second problem is that the spawn script depends on many variables that only exist and change on the server... I would be very appreciated for any suggestions! Thank you all very much for your time! Greetings
  9. marcusm

    Bug in 1.94b

    Hi! I can confrim this bug too! Greetings!
  10. marcusm

    Unscripted war: vietnam pack

    hmm, also waiting for it... Greetings!
  11. marcusm

    What i'm doing wrong?

    ...sounds interesting, i'll have a look at ECP. Thank you again for your time! Greetings !
  12. marcusm

    What i'm doing wrong?

    Thank you for your time, RED! I just found the bug, it was my init.sqs! : In the init.sqs i wrote: publicVariable = "variable" instead of publicvariable "variable"... hmm, it was just a stupid/small mistake so i hope that i didn't cause too much excitement just because of this... Greetings!
  13. Hi! inspired of some dynamic-weather topics in the past months, i'm trying to write my own dynamic weather script for MP missions. Here it is: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> changetime=0 #start ~changetime+30 ;servercode ?!(local server) : goto "wait" changetime=1200+(random 1200) weather=random 1 ?(weather >= .52) : goto "foghigh" ?(weather < .52) : goto "foglow" #foghigh fog=.44+(random .41) goto "continue" #foglow fog=.075+(random .25) goto "continue" #continue ;here the problem starts... publicVariable "changetime" publicVariable "weather" publicVariable "fog" #wait ;code executed on all machines... @(changetime != 0) ~1 changetime setOvercast weather changetime setFog fog goto "start" #end exit and now my problem: when the three variables (changetime, weather and fog) shall be declared as public variables, i get the "unknown operator"-message. Does anybody know why? Thank you all very much for your help!
  14. marcusm

    Saving in a multiplayer/online game?

    great! Thank you very, very much! Â Is it o.k. if i (try to) write a save-function for my mission based on the information you provided? Of course, i would credit you and SOW! Greetings!