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    Signed !!! Mig pointed a gun to me head
  2. meio_maluco

    William Porter's Blog

    Tips: it looks like southern part of sahrani, the northern part of sahrani fits in a island next to it. Now use ur "sat spy kit" and make a visit to the "Local Islands", im shure u will find, some gas tanks, planes etc etc....
  3. meio_maluco

    William Porter's Blog

    Isto porque somos assassinos ninjas bem treinados I know some of the local mobs, they shure would notice any strange activity around. Guess i have to pull some strings and realy know whats happening. O pessoal aqui da zona é bem pior que ninjas bem treinados
  4. meio_maluco

    William Porter's Blog

    Yea thats where i live.... :P By the way if u like the island, check in the next months for it. Right now im doing the 3d model, based on topografical maps (wich takes a lot of time), that means it will be at least 95% based on reality. Some landscape features: a old vulcano Crater on the middle of the island (the higest part 1200meters) with 12km of perimeter and 250 m deep, also the Capelinhos Vulcano, theres none looking like that in the whole world :P Who said anything of looking like sahrani... The US AIR FORCE BASE its not located there, seek for "Local Islands" If i give u more information, the "superiors" might kill me ... By the way i think i know where William is, he may be at some "touradas" having fun running away from the "animals".
  5. meio_maluco

    William Porter's Blog

    from wilian porter blog from wilian porter blogGuess wilian is visting the rest of the islands ... :P from wilian porter blogPlacebo u can tell William that i got some old airforce maps, of the "Local Islands", he can PM later on. They might come an handy ... :P
  6. meio_maluco

    William Porter's Blog

    By the way i live in Faial island in Azores, 2 islands away from Terceira Island, where LAJES BASE is located. Here thers many languages being spoken, turists, sailors from the whole world stop in Peters Café Sport in my island. Thers some history about ww2 naval in the Harbor, also the PAN America planes used to stop to refuel. Matra by the way that foto u posted its not on Terceira its on Faial, in the city (Horta City). I live in the red marker area :P
  7. meio_maluco

    Is BIS using Ageia

    Why phisics cards, just go to development at nvidia and learn more about General Porpose Programing on GPU, basicly it means that GPUs are way better than GPU´s, in terms of speed, databandwith, lowcost, etc etc, though their harder to be programed. What im saying u dont need a phisics card, u need better programed phisics. The future of computer processing is on GPU´s not on CPU, cpu will eventualy disapear. So i think paying for a phisics card on future wont be option, the evolution of game programming is the option.
  8. meio_maluco

    ECP 1.085 Released!

    i guess u wont find any bugs, since it was tested for a long time :P then released
  9. meio_maluco

    Tropic war mod - Paradise islands

    it looks good, though it think it still belong to A&M:D
  10. meio_maluco

    Tropic war mod - Paradise islands

    it looks good, though it think it still belong to A&M:D
  11. meio_maluco

    WGL Everon

    wow its awsome, looking realy good
  12. meio_maluco


    maybe if u guys pray for the wacos out there that are planing to get in. Though since the base was discovered i guess all the important "material" may have been moved to nearby mountains and locked down again lol.
  13. meio_maluco

    3D real time satallite map

    u can post the link of what ur seeing, theres a button in top corner, near the send a email
  14. meio_maluco

    3D real time satallite map

    also near area 51 theres some strange stuff like a circle crossair, a X airport, a face, and other creepy stuff. been looking at area 51 webpages, wicked stuff, lol and the "cammo Boys" are very nice. Its defenitly nÅŸ1 place for plane spoters, at the nearby peaks. And u might get a chance to watch some creepy lights at night hover u.
  15. meio_maluco

    Next Generation PC Game

    lol, this means forum is updating isnt it :P Anways its too soon for us to know about ofp2 publisher, i guess.