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    Long thread, hope this message gets read though... Animations are IMO something that makes a difference between good game and great. I wrote like a year ago to these forums and wished for a little bit more realistic and at the same time more practical animations. Peeking around corners got mentioned a lot already but also peeking above objects (rocks, etc..) is a must. Animation speed is a pain in the butt in some animations. Say, your going prone when somebody starts to shoot you: there might be an "emergency dive" with eg. 1 sec penalty when you can't move, for landing too hard. In short I'd like to see animations that are useful in action.
  2. multimedia

    Best video card for under $100

    OK AdvanS13, you have already made up your mind but for future reference for anybody else interested. I have played Resistance with AMD 700 MHz TB 386 Mb RAM and GF MX 440 and you can do it with that... I just recently updated my mobo(Epox VIA333), processor (AMD XP 2000+) and RAM (512Mb PC2100) but NOT my video card... Ghost Recon with its add on disks is the most processor/video card intensive game I have and with GR my FPS rose from 20 (with all details set low and 800x600 res) to 85 (all details set high except shadows and 1024x768 res). Games nowadays require quite a lot of processor power, especially games like GR and OFP so you can do with low end video card if your rig otherwise is up to date. I do have to mention that you will lose some graphic details, like me, if your video card doesn't support DX9 (or even DX8 as in my case)
  3. multimedia

    Ban lists

    Now I found the server that keeps kicking me out: it's called "The Clan of Dukes". I here now make an open statement: wtf did I do to deserve this ? It would've been good server to play on: nice ping, coop maps (as I like..) This is why I don't support ban-lists !
  4. multimedia

    Computer specs

    I've started to wonder what kind of difference does "better" or "worse" comp specs make in multiplayer. I started to play OFP multi again after launch of Resistance and now I have started to wonder do I really "suck" or is it my computer. I got ADSL and I usually play on servers with a ping below 200 so I'm not consern about lag, though it's a major pain in the but sometimes.. What actually triggered this was some of my worst experiences playing CTF. Lot of times I've been killed 2 to 4 times even before I've seen an enemy. I've adjusted my gameplay accordingly (sneaking, camping; bad I know but mans gotta do what mans gotta do) and gotten a little bit better stats... I got an old rig (700 TB, GF4 MX440, 384Mb) but I can run OFP in 1024 x 768. Any of you who have updated your computer and have any comments ??!!??
  5. multimedia

    Ban lists

    I had filtered out servers with passwords. Only thing I can say for sure is that it was v 1.85 server. Probably located in UK...
  6. multimedia

    Ban lists

    Just yesterday I got kicked off from one server before I was even logged in. Didn't think too much about that but now that you've mentioned it: Is it possible that my ID is banned in that server ? I ask this because I have no idea why it would be so...
  7. multimedia

    Sniper sim

    yeah, your right about the map size Otherwise I think GR would suit just fine...
  8. multimedia

    Sniper sim

    I've been thinking about that too... My idea was that if some one could make a Ghost Recon total conversion mod I think it might have some potential. You'd have to add every little piece of detail there is about sniping, tracking, choosing your targets etc... Choose your: -rifle -caliber -bullet type -amount of powder -camouflage -misc. gear Plan your approach, pick a camp place, pick right target, plan various escape routes... ...and then run like hell !!!!!! Sounds fun don't you think
  9. multimedia

    Space based games

    The only sim there is are I-War series. I've played I-War 2: good story line, looting is tremedeaously addictive... You might still like X-Wing Alliance if your into Star Wars: exellent story line and some best dog fights in genre. (I remember in campanign there was one dog fight that lasted some 20-25 mins and in the end stats showed some +50 kills.. awsome ! I've also played Freespace and got to say it's probably still the prettiest one around and its weapons have some balls !!
  10. multimedia

    Geforce4 mx or geforce3 ti

    Thanks Gorgi and others.... Quote: "So, one to rush out and buy? Well, if you're putting together the ultimate games machine, then yes. Otherwise, be patient. Even a year after the release of the GeForce3 there are very few titles that really demand that level of performance, while Pixel and Vertex Shaders still have to make any serious impact on games. All this good stuff is coming, but at the moment you'll be paying around Å350 to watch some spectacular demos run. For now, waiting seems the sensible option." So I bought GF4 MX and reading quote above it makes now sense. (Thanks again..) So within a year or two I'll be forced to update my GF4 MX to GF4 Ti (GF3 Ti500) and in the mean time I won't be missing a thing ! And when the time comes GF4 Ti series will sell for 200 -400 Euros. Well how did my new card performed ? I tried GR as I don't have 3DMark. Putting every feature on high detail except shadows on resolution of 1150 x 840 x 32 and the game ran smoooothhhh....... (You must remember that previously I had GF 256 DDR)
  11. multimedia

    Geforce4 mx or geforce3 ti

    ..so nobody actually knows what's the difference between GF4MX and GF3/GF4 Ti if we're not talking about frame rates ??????????????????????????????????????????????? - is it better graphics ??? If it is what's better - are there graphical features that you'll miss with GF4 MX ?? Does anybody know a web page which would have screen shots that would clarify the situation ? ..and YES I would buy "GeForce 4 Ti 46220000 12800Mb VIVO Golden Sample ExtraOrdinaire AGP+ DDR SDRAM" if I had the money but I DON'T !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. multimedia

    Geforce4 mx or geforce3 ti

    I could get MSI GF4 MX 440 for 170 Euros if I make a postal order and my local reseller offered it for 180 Euros. I could already get any of the TI series but the prize is from 400 to 600 Euros which is too much for me. I've been waiting for GF3 prizes to come down but due to that difference between GF4 MX and GF3 it hasn't and I won't even expect it to come down.
  13. multimedia

    Geforce4 mx or geforce3 ti

    I have read several tests on the subject and everywhere they state that although giving raw power GF4 MX is just a boosted GF2. It doesn't have nFinite engine and it doesn't fully support DirectX8. "If you're content with DirectX7 gaming, the GeForce4 MX will certainly get the job done, but a GeForce3 Ti board will end up having longer legs." That's one comment on the matter... No I'm puzzled what actually will I miss if I play "DirectX8 game" with GF4 compared to GF3 Ti 200 (which gives app. the same frame rates) ???????????????????????????????? Anyone ???????
  14. multimedia

    Your favourite war movie

    Anyone seen "Tuskagee Air Men" ????? I think it's just a TV-movie but a good one.. Saw it last time I was in US.
  15. multimedia


    Longinus, knowing so many movies by heart, Your The Man !! I got up there quotes from 11 different Willis movies. Much easier than "second draws" ones but I was aiming for that.. You missed only one of the ones you answered: Jackal in "The CIA didn't know the Berlin Wall..