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  1. what is this under on the workshop? hunted mcc on thier but all i could find was missions that use and say its needed lol i tried manually download it and put it in the programs folders (same location as all the other mods) but it wont show up on the launcher.....im a little perplexed
  2. mrgreaper

    looking for sci fi mods

    geez thats a useful post yes i can search my self but to be honest im not having much luck most sites sort the addons by type ie all weapons in one section all vehicles in another and going through page by page has taken me many hours and not brought much results hence why i have asked here in a mod discussion forum, a forum designed to request mods and talk about them (at least according to the description) now as i find mods ill post links in the first post (if im able to edit it i know some forums prevent u from editing) so others get the benifit to but please no more pointless posts, if i could find them myself i wouldnt be asking for help
  3. ok i loved ofp and now im loving arma but i cant seem to get my favorite addons to work what im looking for is any sci fi addons weapons (i loved the bfg that was released for ofp) space craft (there was one i liked in ofp called the pcraider handled like a helicopter) mechs (man i miss some of the ofp mechs) any scifi mods please give me the links here thankyou inadvance what i have found thus far; aliens (look like b movie ufos http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=69846 working stargates (there in pre alpha but work and have some good effects) http://www.stargateassault.net/forum/index.php?topic=1854.0
  4. mrgreaper

    Us colonial marines

    ok thank you for your replys ...... i`ll hide everything sharp before i tell my m8s it not relesed yet we were kindaplanning to adapt the map around the addon a bit .... they gonna kill me it looks really nice, i take it theres no eta? also thanks for replys page 33 cnt believe i missed them ... i do have it tracked but 26 emails to my gmail last i checked !!!! this one hot topic lol
  5. mrgreaper

    Us colonial marines

    i know i asked this before but after a couple of days and no reply i assume that it was not noticed in the tide of comments on this addon i have a lan party on friday for me and my m8s and was hoping to incorperate the drop ship into the map im making but i cant find the download can some one email me it or a link please, i mentioned about this to my m8s and they are salavating over the prospect of this but i can only find a starship troopers dropship
  6. mrgreaper

    Us colonial marines

    where is the download link for that dropship ? it would look so good in a mission i`m making