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  1. mithrandir

    Resistance demo - soon!

    I tried one of the mission (the one that you're not incharge). And I must say that it is very cool, (that real infantry OFP chaos occurs in this mission). Very cool mission!
  2. mithrandir

    Resistance demo - soon!

    Thanks Trilon
  3. mithrandir

    Resistance demo - soon!

    Has someone extracted the two new missions? So it can be put into the retail version!
  4. mithrandir

    Resistance buglist

    This has probably been mention before... * Vehicles. Using a Tank or BMP in a downhill feel like your are going on ICE and SNOW, it is slippery. Using a Tank or BMP in a uphill sometimes often it goes to slow! Using a Truck in a uphill doesent affect speed of the truck! * New handguns. There are no recoil on the new handguns! But these are minor things, I think OFP R is THE PERFECT GAME! Thanks!
  5. mithrandir

    Ofp r mission #3 -steal tanks

    This was a boring mission. If you do it by the schoolbook (ambush the camp by yourself) then it is very hard to finish. Instead, I called in reinforcements after that I spotted i good shooting place in the woods. When I saw the refinforcement comming behind me I started to shoot at everything in the camp. (got most of the russians). Then the reinforcemnts and I ran together into the camp. (took out 1-2 remianing russians). Ordered the reinforcemnts to crew up the tanks (while I was pumping towards the hill and castle). The whole tank colon (got 4 tanks) took off to the "dropping zone". All survived, afew was wounded!
  6. mithrandir

    Tokarev gun: no recoil

    I think resistance is a VERY GOOD addon! Really like it, not just the new things are good, also the new campaign is awsome. I was very disapointed on the "Codemaster trying to do a campign" thing. But this new one is very good! I noticed that there is no recoil when firing the new handgun (tokarev, i think it is called). Would be more realistic if a recoil is animated, as it is for other weapons! Keep up the good work, BIS! Already, waiting on the independance lost release
  7. mithrandir


    This site has allot of information about longrange sniping, equipment and tactics! http://home.swipnet.se/longrange/
  8. mithrandir

    Min sys req. to use the new grapic

    5--></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (theavonlady @ July 04 2002,125)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"> Now, if you look at OFPR's recommended config at BIS, you'll see that the cpu speed has been upped a notch and recommended RAM has also gone from 128 to 256. (this is also posted on The FAQ.<span id='postcolor'> Thanks for the post! OFPR WEBISTE: Recommended system requirements: Operation Flashpoint, Windows XP/2000/98, Direct X 8.1, 256 MB RAM, 733 MHz CPU, 1 GB HDD According to this I fullfil the HW recomended sys req, (Regarding OS I usning WIN ME). Could upgrading to XP make a differnece on my system. I have a bought copy, that I havnt bothered to Install yet got it last week?
  9. mithrandir

    Min sys req. to use the new grapic

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (FetishFool @ July 04 2002,10:34)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">On a sidenote: Â BIS used to say that OPF never needs more than 256mb of RAM. But upgrading from 256 to 512 really made a difference for me... Â <span id='postcolor'> Ok! Fair to buy more RAM, I can do that! What computer specs do you have? Is it similair to mine?
  10. mithrandir

    Min sys req. to use the new grapic

    Hi I just bought the rest. addon! I'm a little dissapointed...On the box it is mentioned that minumum sys.requirent is equalent to the original OFP game! (damn codemasters) It doesnt say nothing about recomended sys. requiremnts! What system is required to be able to take adavantage of the new grapichal enhancement? I have to set the grahics at: low! Otherwise it crawles. My system: P3 1000 RAM 256 GFORCE 2 MX 400 OFP Benchmark 1658
  11. mithrandir

    America's army: operations

    What do you get of this? (sorry if it been talked about earlier) http://www.gamespy.com/e32002/pc/armyops/ Official Site: http://www.americasarmy.com/ops/news/
  12. I've been away for a while...have no possibility to test it myself  * What is your impression on the new beta netcode? * Will the new lobby improve usability of MP? * Are the ping rates any better? * Will the best game ever, be even better with the new netcode?
  13. mithrandir

    What is your impression of the new mp?

    I've been away for a while...have no possibility to test it myself  * What is your impression on the new beta netcode? * Will the new lobby improve usability of MP? * Are the ping rates any better? * Will the best game ever, be even better with the new netcode?
  14. mithrandir

    Is red hammer really any good?

    I played the BIS campaign. And I loved it!!!!! I played al official Standalone missions from BIS, And I loved em'!! Also played allot of user made mission which was fun. But when it comes to Red Hammer I dont get so excited. *Im on mission 6 but, I simply havnt found any of the missions as good as the BIS campaign! *These russian voices, what a joke. Is it just me that feel this way?
  15. mithrandir

    Best 3rd party mission you played so far...

    Here is my 3party mission I ever played, infact this mission is so cool if you're into black op mission. I consider this even better than any of the official BIS mission. I downloaded this at ED.CENTER (I think) The mission: SF task hard version (Special Forces SAS) Author: Judder_man Here is an extract from the authors read me file: Overview: You are the leader of an 8-man fighting patrol. Your task is simple; patrol through an enemy held island to your first objective and eliminate it (Spetz Natz training camp), then move on to the next objective and eliminate that as well (SCUD's). You must then get off the island and head North for the mainland to finish the mission (objective 3). A chopper will be at a pick-up point at a certain time, if you make it good. If you don't make it, try the escape plan. The mission finishes either when you are dead or when you make it to the mainland. Your only problem is that you have been bumped on route to your first objective (enemy contact). This is where you join the mission. The mission has been created to be as realistic as possible. Hints - as always don't hang around after you have executed an attack or been bumped, the other enemy on the island won't stay in bed while you start world war III. Also patrol carefully since you are in the heart of enemy territory and you don't want to be compromised again, until you are at your objectives. Use snap ambushes every once in a while, just in case you are being followed. Move as quickly as you can to the objectives, the clock is ticking! The mission is best played without the permanent use of NV. Play it at night in a dark room. Turn up your sound & contrast and then increase you monitor brightness until what you see represents what you would see in the dark, once your eyes have adjusted to the night. Use NV occasionally to interrogate local areas. The first time I completed version 2.0, it took me 2hrs 18mins and I knew the mission details, so expect 2hrs 45mins on average. The mission is difficult, but realistically so. Don't rush and use your head. Judder_man Al I can add is that this is really a good written mission. As the author says it is very realistic, and takes alot of time to beat! I played it in veteran mode, wich makes the navigation to the 3 objectives a huge challange! This is a smash hit mission!