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  1. leondus

    Huaa island by doa-decay

    What type of AFV is Guarding the power plant.? Map looks great BTW.
  2. leondus

    Lost! OFP Mods/CWA

  3. leondus

    Lost! OFP Mods/CWA

    I've searched and can't find any answers, so here goes.. I'm totally lost :butbut: does OFP mods work with Arma Cold War Assault?
  4. leondus

    T-62 Pack by AALEX

    oops!! sorry mate my bad, totally forgot the golden rule "also do a search" before posting. Everyone can hit me in the arm once *big smile*
  5. leondus

    T-62 Pack by AALEX

    Has anyone found BTR-60 & BMP-BMD packs on a 3rd party site like filefront?
  6. leondus

    max island size?

    oops!! missed your message. if you still like to see it, shot me a PM and I'll send you the map. Here is the updated topography map from the online campaign http://img816.imageshack.us/i/24jabbarmod2.jpg/
  7. leondus


    Download worked BronzeEagle. Bet it will not get lost again :)
  8. leondus


    Great!! I lost my copy after a HD crash years ago. backup copy at http://www.leondus.com/ofp/OFP_ImprovisedExplosiveDevices.zip
  9. leondus

    Tactical Systems - Command

    What if someone is using DAC Zones for random contacts? I'm using CE2 v1.22 and dying to try something new :)
  10. Thanks Zulu, I'll give it a try this weekend :)
  11. leondus

    Drongo's Air Support

    nice work, tried it out and really like it.
  12. me too. I've tried to advance weapons and armor from mission #1 to mission #2 etc with no luck. leondus2000@yahoo.c*m
  13. leondus

    max island size?

    I'm working on a 1024x1024 map with no problems so, but do see problems with the place names and trees/bushes showing up huge. Here is a pic of the map using Topography command http://img683.imageshack.us/my.php?image=24jabbarmod.jpg
  14. leondus

    Vegetation kills fps

    try using "command -dxlevel 8"