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  1. lifeguard532

    SJB Weapons Pack

    i understand its hard work, but ive been waiting a long time, almost a year to see something from Jackal.
  2. lifeguard532

    RH M4/M16 pack 1.0

    outstanding pack. This is now the default weapon for my blufor. I love the details when i look down the iron sights. I was picking some iranians off at 300 meters when i glanced over and saw my foward assist. Very slick. Although, I got the 203 grenade addon which gives you more grenades per slot. Turns my 203 into a semi automatic grenade launcher.
  3. *smacks my forehead* Come on, youre killin me here.
  4. lifeguard532

    RH weapons

    Peace is good. Peace is very good. Given the fact that I am a worthless moocher, I would argue that progress is better Any updates?
  5. well i more or less got it to work. It doesnt EXACTLY reproduce what i want, but from the perspective of the person performing the jump, it works. I just gotta clean out a few bugs. I tried it at night and its pretty tight. Nothing like hittin the ground getting a head count on your guys and grabbin a few AT-4's from a weapons container. If there is a way we could get someone to make a small drouge chute for the freefall weapons container, that would be scha-weeet!
  6. lifeguard532

    Advanced Medicine (Medics)

    It all sounds great to me, i would definitely play it for the added realism. though looking from the perspective of a hardcore gamer whos hell bent on winning, he isnt gonna call a medivac. cause that jus takes time, effort and man power (as it does in real life) which means less men on the line. You loose a shooter if he dies, you loose a shooter if u attempt (emphasis on attempt) a casevac. you *might* loose the shooter if u leave him in place. from a cold hearted point of view, you wont call in the 9-line medivac cause it jus deprives you of manpower. But I say hell yea
  7. lifeguard532

    RH weapons

    You guys heard the Man, we need someone to do some config work so I can play with the MK-43
  8. oops, posted too early. Ok, so the container can carry additional needed gear. Heres a pic. http://www.skipperpress.com/halo_night_insertion.htm So i was thinking using a regular barrel free falling through this sky, which i can do. I got a round parachute from the MAP misc pack. Now, how can i have this round chute deploy from the barrel? I first tried a simple moveindriver command, but i guess ya gotta be alive to move into a parachute. This is where the problem comes up. But once the barrel hits the ground, a custom stocked ammo crate spawns underneath it, so when u walk up to the canister, you can start pulling out gear. Any help guys??
  9. Ok so i got a team doing a HALO into enemy territory, but one man can only jump in with so much gear. So, they came out with stabilised equipment containers.
  10. lifeguard532

    RH weapons

    Looking very nice on the MG's I work as an executive officer at IBOLC on Ft Benning, and alot of our SAWs look pretty damn close to the MK-48s still got the solid stocks and the RIS kits, most of the time we mount CCO's or the 145's on them. As far as the scopes for the machine guns are conerned, I wouldnt put anything like an ACOG on a 7.62 machine gun. Ive seen pictures where its been done, but the ACOG is designed for the trajerctory of the 5.56. I guess you could make it work on at machine gun, but it would be iffy at best. We just default on the M145's for our MG's Love the MK-43 by the way, cant wait to see it
  11. lifeguard532

    VeloX Units

    Is there anyone who can make a good navy seal version of the M-60? Or as its better known as the MK-43, or the M-60 E4?? (the same gun, really). http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/23/M60iraq2003.jpg this is the weapon, only the 1 i want isnt pintle mounted The SJB weapons pack had it in OFP, and Jackal is working on converting his pack to ARMA, but hes working on the submachine gun version of his pack, and i jus cant wait for a MK-43 Any taker??
  12. so is this a mod or an addon?? I put it into my addon folder......now what?
  13. *glances at my watch, noticing its friday night* *wonders where addon/script is*
  14. lifeguard532

    CRIONYK's weapon pack and units

    any updates?? something?? anything??