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  1. lendrom

    Exclusive Armed Assault report

    I didn't make it to ask a question on armedassault.eu so I'd like to ask the ones that saw E3's ArmA demo if there was any signs of prommised in some interview climbing over the obstacles? Or maybe Rastavovich said something about it? In that 160mb movie near the end the player was trying to cross the field in which there was a kind of fence and he had to turn back and go the other way. So either he didn't know he can cross it or he just couldn't
  2. lendrom

    AIs behaviour/improvement

    Well, according to hardrock our hope can be now backed up by Rastavovich's (a BIS employe) statement: One of the most important news from the hardrock's article IMHO.
  3. lendrom

    ArmA Progress Updates

    It would be nice if it was done like in BIA2 (I know that this game can't be compared to OFP). In the game in the skirmish mode you can manually set AI skills in tactics, aiming and surpression (ah I still dream that surpression will be in ArmA). Anyway this video has some nice and some bad features. Did anyone noticed the way player's soldier grabs the barell of his weapon when running and releases it when aiming (in the part when he switches to PK)? And can anyone who specialises in island editing confirm that the size of map cells was reduced? I think it's lower than 50m...
  4. lendrom

    Latest screenshots available

    i think they are debating alpha pics of armed assault and discussing what needs doing before release, i aint seen any demands here in these forums, just people noticing anomilies and generally passing comments and time whilst they wait.no crimes commited here, infact it passes my time on reading. Thanks. That was exactly my intentions.
  5. lendrom

    Latest screenshots available

    Only if this is joke too. It's not about grass casting shadow. Its about not transparent grass that obscures the shadows that are behind it.
  6. lendrom

    Latest screenshots available

    I know how to say it. The grass seems to be a transparent and it's darker when there is a shadow behind it while it should obscure the shadow completely.
  7. lendrom

    Latest screenshots available

    I mean the shadow on the grass. Look at the shadow's direction. Shadow from the boot shouldn't cover the grass that is before the soldier. There's nothing to cast the shadow on to the grass so the grass shouldn't be covered by the shadow. I don't think i can put it down more clearly. I made a picture: The left one is how it looks like the right one is edited.
  8. lendrom

    Latest screenshots available

    Yup, if you look at the left guy you'll notice it too. On this screen you can see some weird shadow on the grass. It's darker in places where objects behind it are in shadow. Do you see it or I am just tired?
  9. lendrom

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Right, we had this statement in some of the interviews but can anyone (especially the guys that were at E3) confirm that there were some kind of climbing introduced? No trailers or screen show that feature so far.
  10. lendrom

    Coincidence, I think not!

    The '-ski' ending is typical for Polish surnames. However in Polish there is no 'v' only 'w'. Anyway many people that left Poland and went to US changed spelling of their names so Americans could prounance them correctly (Polish 'w' is prounanced more like English 'v' than English 'w' ). So James Gastovski could only be American whose family came to the US from Poland some years earlier. The other problem is that 'Gast' doesn't mean anything in Polish and the most of names ended with '-ski' are created like adjective for example 'most' means a bridge and 'Mostowski' is an adjective (like Bridges?). Anyway 'Gast' is a bit like 'Guest' (Polish 'Gosc' - Polish surname 'Goscinny' - name of one of the creators of Asterix comes from that BTW), maybe it's in Czech or Slovak? Ok. The lecture is over. You can go and play now
  11. lendrom

    IDEA Games at E3

    I suggested that in some other topic some time ago. If BIS guys don't want to make the map scale fixed they could still implement two scripting commands (at the level of mission editing not map's config in order to be possible to use them with any map ever created) like PlayerMapZoomMin and PlayerMapZoomMax. When both were set at the same number the scale would be fixed. That's what i was hoping for the most. And if it's not in the game i will be very disappointed. I really think BIS should at first place improve things that can't be improved by modding community. And the AI is one of the most important things (i know that some mods improve it but it's all done by means of scripting which isn't very functional and hits the performance). Taking cover, suppresion and covering fire, carrying wounded, panicking are all things that the community tried to introduce to OFP but without an acces to the engine had no big succeses in it. We can still have a hope that AI module didn't make it before E3 but it's being worked on... But personally I doubt it I hope that there at leas be some improvements allowing the community to work on AI and commanding system (binding keys to executing scripting commands without fwatch, some fixes that will make GeneralBarron's nearestcover.sqs not cause CTD, some commands and maybe animations for carrying wounded even if not used in campaign) edit: more thoughts came to my mind As for animations we (except the two lucky guys that were at E3) saw next to no combat animations so its too early to tell if i like them or not. (Nihil volitium nisi cognitum ) We could only hope that there's a few variations of every of them as in WWIIEC Caen mod. As for the look of the Sarah... I liked the viewdistance (but 2km is not that far) but when compared to screens from some mods for OFP Sarah isn't extraordinary (compare it to Falklands mod, Inv44, or WWIIEC's Caen). At the end ill say that ill most likely buy ArmA in the day that it's out but this doesn't mean i don't see it's week points... For now im waiting for some of mods and addons being created by the community more than for ArmA...
  12. lendrom

    Afghan Mission Stinger

    My computer isnt that bad. It's Athlon2800@3200, 1GB ram, radeon9600. And i'm running OFP with only those addons that are needed for the mission. Anyway i'll try it again when i'm back home.
  13. lendrom

    Afghan Mission Stinger

    Isn't the OFPEC Blood included in the mission zip? (Yes it is ) I tried it a bit and run into missing addon problem (i can see you provided a link for it now - it was ch47 btw is chinook's British codename 'puma' as in your post?). I tried a mission but i must say i get a lot of lag. The script for reducing viewdistance seemed to work but i still had 5 - 10 fps. More reports when i will play it a bit more.
  14. lendrom

    Afghan Mission Stinger

    Sounds good. Despite the big number of required addons i'm going to give it a try when i have some free time later this week...(month? year?)... From what i've seen in Deep Water (which is one of my favorite missions for OFP) you can make a very good use of user created addons. I'm tired with a lot of good addons with no missions for them and some good missions that are not using any addons at all. And one more thing... I think using General Barron's Hand Signals could add a lot to your missions.
  15. lendrom

    Will Vehicles Have Gears?

    I second that. I used to play screemer 4x4 a lot and I imgained how nice could it be if the driving model from the game was ported to OFP. But I think that now we could only wish that it will be in game2 because the movies we've seen from ArmA don't confirm any big improvements in the area of driving model...