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    Ofp 2 slogan

    OFP2: Arlésienne
  2. laulau


    i think a autumn one would be nicer than a summer one. Maldevic being the only autumn map available.
  3. laulau

    OFrP New Releases!!!

    because it allows to play against east units and west units, so having more different stories than if they were under west, i guess!!
  4. laulau

    Help me understand.

    at that moment i do agree with all the reasons given to dislike Bush administration. I do not hate american people, like i do not hate North korean people or whatever other people. I do really hate the way a lot of americans (from what i read, saw and heard) are not allowing people to criticize the policy of their country. And the worst thing is when americans are criticizing their country and are treated like they have betrailed it.:( I do not hate american people.What they can accept from their administration just scares me, how can they give some of their individual rights thinking it will make their country safer? @Sgt.Stryker i don't think USA were so hated when Clinton was president. USA made me laugh a lot with the Monica lewinsky story. From my experience, i as a french had also to face some bad behaviour from american guys just because i was french and i found it stupid. In every places you'll find stupid people, but thinking all europeans will treat americans like crap because of their nationality is an other stupid short-cut. To go on topic, i really don't like the way Bush explains the world as two alternatives: the good end the evil. You're on american side, you're fighting for the good. You don't support USA you're with evil. That's exactly the way the governments or regimes bush is fighting explain the world to their citizens or supporters. The question of this topic is "why people hate america?" I guess it's also because Bush's administration thought that the world would be stupid enough to think that Irak could attack USA in 45 minutes, that they have WMD, that USA was going there to bring freedom and to spread democracy all-over the middle-east. I really hope that Bush won't win next elections cause If he wins it i think the misunderstanding between USA and their best allie, Europe, will grow bigger and bigger. I like what MilitiaSniper started with this topic: he stops saying "Oh My God!! the whole world hates my country!! But why that???there's no reason!!!" and he tries to understand what happened and the way the others see his country and his administration. I hope such discussion will help to show that american people is not hated but that his "friends" are scared and anxious about what Bush is doing in their name. PS: i hope nobody gets offended by what i xrote cause it's not what i wanted. greetings Laulau, french guy who likes USA but not its policy.
  5. laulau

    Where Are You From

    i'm a 28 years old(today!!!!) french guy, living in Bordeaux. Studying art at university, doing my last PhD year (i hope so ).
  6. laulau

    Running Out Of Ideas

    @Major Fubar that's a good idea but i guess that like you said it requires some model editing. But there's an other solution about it, use Backpack and script them to load a second weapon in it. It is more simple and easier to do than editing models. i wonder why there is so few missions using backpacks...... @Sniper_Kyle About scripts ideas....well....hum.....i have none. Â Maybe a script allowing CoC_diver to board a boat while swimming. I tried a longtime ago and i almost succeed at it but i had to use the radio command (0-0-...) which is not realistic, i didn't succeed to add this possibility via the action menu. And it was not working each time. So maybe it could be your new challenge for this month. (but there too, it might need some config changes.... so a new addon.... so forget this stupid idea.... Â )
  7. laulau

    Unscripted War dynamic grass

    thx, it's what i thought but found it strange, even if it's not supposed to be used like that.
  8. laulau

    Unscripted War dynamic grass

    really great stuff you've done here!!!!! i've noticed strange things that nobody reported yet. I guess i must be the only one to have it. I guess it comes from an addon conflict, even if i have all my addons in mod folder. It's not boring because i can use your addon. here is the strange things: first one in the editor, i have no name displayed for the different grasses: second thing is when i put the last grass from the list in the editor i get this on the map:
  9. @lupus[WD] i have a 9800 pro and i can alt-tab without any problems. What are the version of your drivers??? Mine is i have also the same res and refresh rate than my desktop. Could it be a memory problem??? dxdll could ask too much memory. Have you tried to reduce your ingame settings?? have no other ideas to help you. Bonne chance.
  10. laulau

    OFrP New Releases!!!

    @ cegorach I use OFrP addons with and without FDF and i have no troubles. All my addons are in mod folders and i never put addons in OFP/Addons or Res/addons. This way i prevent addons conflicts. Maybe you downloaded a corrupted file, so try download it again. Have you all the packs installed? You need all of them cause there is some dependencies between them. Then i don't know, maybe there's a problem between ECP and OFrP, i don't use ECP. have you checked that when you extracted the files, a OFrP folder was created?? if so you have to move the pbo out of it at the right place. A friend of mine did it and he couldn't load the models cause their were not loaded by the game. that's all i can think of. Goodluck.
  11. laulau

    stop kicking me!!!

    first you're kicked because of sound size or face size, perhaps. second, go on servers which allow such things and you won't be kicked anymore. that's my advices...
  12. laulau

    OFrP New Releases!!!

    did you put the OFrP addons in a mod folder or in the Res/addons folder?? If they are in the Res/Addons folder, try using a mod folder .
  13. laulau

    MEC Beta testers needed

    i'm ready to test the coop version if you still need people.
  14. it's not that it's " a bit over top example", it's just that it's not a good one. Let me explain. A car is not an intellectual property but an object. When you bought it you didn't buy the right to use it but the right to have it. The right to use it depending on the right to have it. You also have the right to modify it the way you want. So if someone steals your car, he steals you the object and the right to use it the way you want to. When you buy a game, a cd or a book, you buy an object and the right to use it but not to modify it and that's the intelectual property. What is funny is that a lot of addon makers think that what they created is their property but if they used O2 to create their addon it's not only their property but BIS intellectual property too. That's why they're not allowed to make money with it. So now let's go back to Pathy. Does he steal the HYK units and nobody else but him can use them? No. Even if uses them to make new units, everybody here could use the original HYK units. Does he steal the intellectual property of the HYK units? No, he won't become the one who has the intellectual property on this creation. He's just "quoting" the HYK units. everybody has the right to quote a book, to use part of a music. Most of contemporary artist are using objects, pictures, sounds which are not their property to create new piece of art. If i wrote all this "bullshit" is just to say that saying "he's stealing" or "he doesn't have the right to do it cause it's HYK units" is a too simple way of thinking. If the community wants to do things legally, i guess that it's far more complicated than the discussions we have here. Something else which annoying me is that nobody cares if someone modifies a mission or a script made by someone else. There's also an intellectual property on those things too. Did someone contacted the author of a script or a mission to be allowed to modify it? Let me doubt about it and i'm very happy that it happens this way. Of course, be polite and ask is nice but if you have no answer back from the author i don't think you should wait for the rest of your life before doing what you want to do. I have to say that i'm really disappointed to see such discussions. More time goes and less the OFP community is a real community. Being a community is sharing things to get the best we can get from everyone of us. If it's not like it i'd rather be out of the OFP community. Pathy do what you want to do. You said you tried to contact the author of HYK units, he didn't answer, so make your colombian units. PS: I hope my english is enough understandable.
  15. laulau

    Conflict zone mindanao

    once i have lightened your pictures, i can say that's pretty nice. looking foward to it!!!