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  1. lpdotcom

    Nogova 2004

    I don't mean to drag and I love the Idea of an updated Nogova, but won't it lag a little?
  2. lpdotcom

    Pukf dpm pack 1.0

    Has anyone made a mission using this addon yet?
  3. lpdotcom

    Steyr aug & owen mk i

    George Orwell Big Brother 1984 Went to eton then lived on the streets That Orwell
  4. lpdotcom

    Download agents?

    I'm a poor soul with a 56k'er so which is the best piece of freeware to enable me to download large files?
  5. lpdotcom

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    What do I need to re-download for the latest version?
  6. lpdotcom

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    Great well done! Finally I can use Hawk's Herc (retweaked of course) for airbourne ops!
  7. lpdotcom

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    yes thats an ECP bug i noticed. only happens when u move them into an empty one. It happens with every parachute. Is there any way to stop it?
  8. lpdotcom

    Jean christophe's normandy island

    Fantastic Island, I just got round to downloading it. It is a massive leap beyond that beta. Great job. For those that don't speak french esperer = to hope
  9. lpdotcom

    New mapfact addon: sheds

    Sweet. It now means some military bases in CAT's Afghanistan.
  10. SAS Land Rover Pinkie
  11. lpdotcom

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    I think you do need ECP_INQ_Config_1_071_Installer. Has anyone else noticed that parachutes explode when they hit the ground?
  12. lpdotcom

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    you need to download INQ's SR-25 to correct that error. Have you downloaded the ECP installer because that creates a Dta folder. You should also have an INQ config.bin and a DR config.bin in two folders as well as ofpy2k3.bin
  13. lpdotcom

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    The pbo's need to go in your @ECP\Addons folder instead. I'm sure there will be some bin and dta files as well. Hope it helps
  14. lpdotcom

    Lithuanian borderguard defender

    Great looking. Pics are a bit dark. Will you release a plain land-rover as well?
  15. lpdotcom

    Eurofighter typhoon screens

    I think I'm going to faint. This is one of the best looking addons I have ever seen.