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    Abandoned Armies 1.4

    I would imagine playing since v1.23beta I have seen everything.......but in different attempts. Which is why I, in my own humble opinion, believe this mission one of the best made. Although, I continue to replay, because I have always learned something new on every attempt
  2. lilwillie_WI

    Abandoned Armies 1.4

    Â Don't worry THobson. There are some of us lurking, who have finished it AWAL from ofpec and your release and I am glad to see it is getting the rave reviews it so justly deserves. I am in the midst of 1.4 and the final product is soooooooo fantastic.
  3. lilwillie_WI

    Armed Assault trailer

    wow... finally on DSL(don't laugh, in the middle of nowhere)so just getting TIME to download those movies without losing connection because the old 56K would crash out after halfway.... wow, I cannot wait for this game, so many months/years ago I mentioned in here just buying a better PC for the upcoming then OFP2. Now having that PC, and DSL, and ArmA coming out this year happydancehappydancehappydance
  4. lilwillie_WI

    Rank the campaigns

    1.85', 2.Resistance 3.Red Hammer. Only because 85' set the tone for the future of games in this genre in my opinion. Story wise Resistance then 85'. Cut Scene wise Resistance then 85' Hammer would be 4th if I knew enough to make my missions into a campaign
  5. lilwillie_WI

    So whats your favorite part of nogova?

    A factory, possibly. With the hangars around it could have been a munitions plant. It does look similar to the buildings in Badger Oridinance which produced ammunition until about 10 years ago. That plant has similar buildings to the one on Nogova. There are two old super computers on the upper level, look beat up. Much of the windows are gone, it looks abandoned. If it was indeed that, that would have been a excellent mission for the Resistance campaign. Blowing up or taking over and stealing the ammo needed. Which in turn would have put a dent in the Russians supplies.
  6. lilwillie_WI

    So whats your favorite part of nogova?

    Personally I got the biggest laugh of the shitter about 600 meters NW from Victors home. Can't remember the coordinates now, at work. But in the first mission if you jog North west and come to the peak of the mountain overlooking the valley Victors house is in theres a Ted Kasinski (Unibomber) cabin with a nasty outhouse 20 meters away. You can even go in and sit down for a bit if you please. Got to try a ambush mission like in "Young Guns" the movie where the old guy is shooting out of the shitter at everyone. Just to funny to find. Otherwise I really like the hangar base about 1500 meters east of the main land ariport. Nice building with multiple levels, 4 or 5 hangars open and a fenced area surrounding it. Wierd building, wonder what its purpose was?
  7. lilwillie_WI

    Final game thoughts *spolier*

    After completeing Reistance lst night I was a little bummed that Victor died. The final cutscene was awesome, had to watch it over. Nice to see they threw in a little about Blake and how he became in charge of the US forces in the area. I thought the whole story line and campaign was excellent. Glad I finished Resistance before making missions, was going to put Victor in them somehow, man that would have ooked stupid:) Could kinda tell something bad was going to happen in the final mission, nothing going right for anyone and you get sent off to the airport with squat. I was all out of sacthels, used RPG's from about 400 meters out and nailed em all on first shots. Hopefully some more expansions are on the way. Wonder how a civil war over control of all 4 islands would go? Maybe get a new army in a different uniform. Something along the line of Malden, Everon, Kolgujev, are jealous of Nogova and have a preemptive strike on them, or the other way around. Be nice to have a 4th Army for mission makeing for us non-modders
  8. lilwillie_WI

    Date problem

    Basically I've been doing the same, just put it a day ahead of what I want the date to be. Just a pain if your making missions that could go for a campaign and you forget the date is messed up.
  9. lilwillie_WI

    Date problem

    Ok I have a date problem, no, not trying to get a piece of tail. I've got one of those, its called a wife. The date in my missions is always a day behind what I put in when I edit my mission. IE/ put in April 4th and it shows April 3rd when I save the mission to single player or multi. Anyone else have or heard of this, or am I tipping the bottle back to much? thanks all <span id='postcolor'>Pessimst says its half empty, optimist says its half full, I say its time for another beer. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">
  10. lilwillie_WI

    Oxygen not for the public

    BIS is doing what they want with a game they own the rights too. So far things must be on the right track, over a million copys sold, they release good stuff for the majority of the people like me. People that don't try and mod the hell out of stuff, enjoy the game for what it is. I've read enough imature comments about this "oxygen" realease that I don't think anyone deserves it unless you jump threw BIS's hoops. If you want something for nothing then work with them, don't act like a 4 year old that lost his lolly pop. Remember, the amount of modders that play this game is small compared to the people who own it and just play it, maybe I'm wrong, maybe the only people that play games are hard core fanatics that want more and more every day. You think OFP may die, I doubt it, just like most games they bring out new stuff at a time when marketing says you are having a drop in sales, get something out to boost things again, regain the interest in the OFP game. I garuntee that everyone bitching will still hang around cause its a cool game. Those that get pissy and leave need to look in the mirror and ask themselves this question. " DO I NEED HELP, am I normal?" Tell ya what, this is way above all our pay grades.... Let BIS build THIER game the way they want to. Don't like it, buy something different.....