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    wakeboarding, extreme sports, Bush walking,scuba,mountain biking, Football(rugby League) pc games, keeping fit, motor cycles, motor racing(sbk) and more but wont go on.
  1. loopy

    Your home town/city/farm?!

    I live in gods own country N Qld Australia
  2. loopy

    Military Humor

    We were on D-Day + 2 when we were getting the first of many air-raids from the Argentine Airforce at Port San Carlos, East Falkland Island.  The enemy were doing all they could to take out as much of our Royal Navy and support ships as possible. As landlubbers, we were in relative safety and watched the 'several times daily' fireworks display from our trenches in and around the beachhead at San Carlos.  I was a radio operator with support company 2 Para; and with the other signallers in our company took my turn on stag listening to the radio traffic. I was on stag on this occasion when the radio warned of a 'air raid warning red' this meant that within 5 minutes the Argie Jets would be back to strut their stuff.  It was the job of the radio sentry to blow a whistle and alert as many as possible within earshot to take cover in their trenches.  The biggest anger came from the hundreds of rounds fired from the bootnecks ( Royal Marines) on one hill and 2Para on another hill opposite, shooting at the passing aircraft and hitting the others position, no danger really, from the jets that were only interested in the ships. My mucker was Jerry , and we worked together during the early stages of the war.  Food consisted of the two 24 hour rat packs that we went ashore with.  Most of this had been consumed on day one and thus, the eternal hunger of soldiers began.  Ginge was a Jew at birth, he no longer considered eating pork a problem.  In actual fact, Ginge would sell his mother for a tin of  bacon-burgers. Jerry had kept back his bacon burgers for as long as he could stand it.  Now, he was cooking them in his mess-tin so that they went all nice and crispy on  the outside, much tastier like that you see.  I was starving, and smelling my pals scoff being cooked was driving me crazy.  I had already eaten all my rations and was waiting for the long overdue resupply.  When the air raid warning came I blew my whistle accordingly and watched as the men around me scurried for their trenches and prepared for the incoming attack.  Ginge was preparing his food next me on stag, (I thought just to annoy me) and had to run 30 yards to his trench, as he run he said, 'watch my scoff Taff, back after this to eat it'.  The raids lasted just a few minutes, the Argies only having a little time over the targets for lack of fuel.  In that time I actually scolded my mouth eating his bacon-burgers. When the attack was over Ginge was quickly out of his hole and jogging over to me, looking forward to his scoff.  As it happens, free-range chickens belonging to the house we were using were pecking away just yards from us when Ginge shouted, 'Oye! where's my f...scoff!'  I, (still wiping my mouth) said, 'See those chickens Jerry they had it before I could stop em, they scoffed it all down'.  'Bastards!' screamed Ginge, kicking at the squawking birds, 'I'm going to have a word about this.' jerry got some bread, a couple of eggs and a brew off the farmer, who was scratching his head in wonder, so he never starved or suffered, too much.  To this day, jerry tells people about the asbestos lip chickens of the Falklands
  3. loopy

    Game will not install

    similar problom Can some one help recently bought a new computer have installed opf and red h no worries but half way through resistance i get fle read error d:\flashpointresistance\res\addons\o.pbo Video Card           : NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440   Video Driver          : nv4_disp.dll   Driver Version         :   Sound Card           : SigmaTel C-Major Audio   Sound Driver          : stac97na.sys   Driver Version         :   DirectX            : DirectX 8.1   Operating System         Windows XP  5.1.2600 Computer Name         : SN2325477030 CPU Info   CPU Count           : 1   CPU Type            : 2575 MHz GenuineIntel Pentium IV                   15 2 7   RAM              : 256 MB Total                   124 MB Free   Virtual RAM          : 618 MB Total                   522 MB Free   Operating System        : Windows XP  5.1.2600   Default Browser        : Internet Explorer   Version            : 6.0.2600.0   Temp Directory         : C:\DOCUME~1\stu\LOCALS~1\Temp\   Size              : 41 MB    Description          : NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440   Manufacturer          : NVIDIA   Video Memory          : 64 MB   Main Driver          : nv4_disp.dll   Version            :   Any help please
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    Take it easy good luck stay healthy.
  5. loopy

    Military Humor

    As told to me by an old RSM The Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment work well together in a military role, but socially it is like having two raging bulls in the same field as a herd of cows. It's a foolish commander that lets them lose in the same city for rest and recreation without some sort of strict supervision. Small altercations are inevitable, and expected, otherwise why have aggressive units such as these in the first place. It is on a fairly large scale that you should worry, then there is nothing on earth can stop the resulting riot. This phenomenon happened in the mid eighties and since then the military has been wise enough to ensure it didn't happen again on the same scale. There was more damage done to the military infrastructure in those two long hours than the local terrorists had done in the previous two years. Had it not been for the close proximity of the main military hospital, some military wives and children, then physically and structurally things could have been worse. As usual it all started over some comments passed between each group, a natural occurrence in any military establishment. 'Cherry Berry Wankers' and 'Green Berry Gonads' gradually developed into 'You lot can't fucking decided whether you want to be sea sick or air sick' and 'Look here cockhead, your nose matches that tampon on your head.' Suddenly it erupted when the general banter began to irritate the regimentaly proud soldiers and marines. The soldier's club was the usual sterile military club designed by public servants who had the mentality of Officers. The flat roof, cubical roomed mausoleum had only four redeeming features. It was situated right next to a beautiful blue ocean, it was safe from terrorist attack, you could get beer there and you could see the white female of the species in a bathing costume. This does not mean that is was a beautiful, sexually alluring sight, but for soldiers who hadn't been near a female for months on end, even mundane can be appealing. Other than that it was a place where the plebeian could be kept away from the Officers and their families, ensuring the disease of interpersonal communication wasn't catching. It was also an ideal place for house to house and street fighting, as small groups of dedicated soldiers could hold a room against much bigger odds, the 'deadliest form of close combat.' Erupt is the only way to describe what happened, for in an instant about 200 men exploded into life as if all hit by the same electrical charge. Everyone else, including women and children headed for the beach or the main entrance. Not that the families would have deliberately been attacked, but in any war there are perimeter casualties. And any man who wasn't either para or marine was fair game for both sides. It only took minutes to clear the building of 'non-essential personnel', all of which formed a long line of onlookers at a safe distance, many of which cheered and clapped at this new form of entertainment. The poor armed guard on the roof could only look on and prey that nobody wanted a bit of his hide, he was armed, but he was a Craphat. Soon there were small groups, medium sized groups and one large group giving it rooty-toot for all they were worth. No movie script could have co-ordinated the fight scene, it was just too magnificent to be scripted by any single human brain, and both sides appeared equally matched in all the fighting skills and enthusiasm. It soon spread to all the rooms, the beach and the car park out front. If the enthusiasm with which each side got 'stuck-in' was a reflection of their overall military skills then 'ZULU' the film, watch out! Medical recovery was excellent and several medics (Craphats) risked all to recover those permanently out of the competition. (Awards should have been won by the medical corps on that day except you can't get them for being under fire by your own side.) Soon reinforcement arrived in the form of Land Rovers and 3 Ton trucks brimming over with eager participants, all of whom started their own battle in the parking area, now we had war on two fronts, inside and out. How you can pick up and carry a billiard table without mechanical assistance I don't know, but that day one formed a barricade after being carried to the internal, main swing doors and set on it side. Opposition groups were trapped on both sides and had to fight from the corners and the two lavatories to survive, but survive they did, depleted somewhat but there at the end. The main antagonists on either side of the swing doors literally threw themselves over the billiard table, attempting to form a wedge for others to follow. But each side was far to canny to let this happen, although a few did make minor inroads into the opposing side, but nothing permanent was ever achieved. Then the unthinkable happened, some outsiders tried to interfere. The Military Police arrived in force, pouring down from the hospital area in a mass charge, obviously with the intention of taking no prisoners. This despicable confrontational act designed to stop the participation of Marine and Airborne in a show of regimental pride galvanised each unit. The MP's had deliberately let the 'boys' do a fair bit of their (MP's) job as by the time they charged there were many walking wounded and anaesthetised on both sides. If there is one thing that Airborne and Marines hate it MP's. This was a natural sorting out process for domination of the race of people known by the Latin name of 'GRUNTASOREUSSTUPIDIDIOTUM' and it hadn't been resolved. Now someone uninvited had joined it There was only one thing to do and that was to join forces against the common enemy of all soldiers, also known by the Latin name of MILITARUSPOLICEPIGOTHAWRUSARSEWIPIDORUM.' And for the next twenty minutes or so another version of the red-cap got attacked from all sides, by the dwindling numbers of Marines and Paras. It was still flaring from small 'hot spots' when the hierarchy arrived and finally put an end to it all. In the end the bill for damages was astronomical, paid for by both sides, and if the number of days member's of both the Paras and Marines spent in jail were added together, the new millennium could probably been brought forward by at least 5 years.
  6. loopy

    Anzac day

    To all Australians and kiwis old and new let us remember. If you are in any parades (as I am X british serviceman) have a good day and a game or two of 2 up.
  7. loopy

    Military Humor

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Assault (CAN) @ Dec. 24 2002,03:11)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">From member 'Reaper' on the Canadian Gun Nutz forum: </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"> Ok here is a relativley mild shack story: In 1987 when posted to Kapyong Barracks in Winnipeg, one of the guys in my Company was about to get married. When we came to drag him out the night before for some celebratory brews we found that he had locked himself in his room to avoid what he knew was coming. Not ones to let a minor thing like a door get in our way, we battered out the large vent in the bottom of the door and launched an assault on him, his defense with a broomstick was very aggressive so we beat a hasty retreat. The obvious solution was to light a bundle of old newspapers on fire and throw them into the hole in the door and smoke him out: No dice he was not coming out. Next phase of the operation was to grab a hold of the much abused pop machine on the floor, with 4 guys pushing it we smashed in the door and somehow the pop machine ended up out the 3rd floor window. Undaunted, we managed to get some handcuffs on the individual and drag him down stairs and out of the building. By this time a crew of guys were busy putting out the fire that had started in the room. We dragged the victim outside and chained him to a lightstand in the parking lot where he was doused with water and shot with paintballs throughout the night as a penalty for his insolence. Come morning when all were hungover we were awoken by the Duty NCO who needless to say had some choice words for us and demanded that we released our prisoner, whom quite frankly in the booze fest of the night had been forgotten about, and there was a crowd of very pissed off family members at the main gate wondering where the Groom was, as it was an hour past when the wedding was supposed to start. In the end he did get married and we wound up having to pay some $600.00 in barrack damages....Ah the good old days.. <span id='postcolor'> LOL Tyler<span id='postcolor'> Well on this subject of peoples stag nights when we were stationed in Aldershot went on the town got absulutly blind drunk we ended up tying our subject to the regimental flag pole on the drill square the next day the s..t hit the fan as a bunch of new recruits were being introduced to the drill square with the usual "good morning corner" this sergant still tied to the pole.oooops Another story I am not sure how true this one is as I heard it from someone else poor bloke gets married goes back to his new army home to find some comidian has bricked up his front door some wedding night for him!!!!!!
  8. loopy

    What contry are you from?

    ooo not this one again!!! But for the record North Queensland Australia
  9. loopy

    What's your favourite war novel?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (placebo @ Dec. 08 2002,22:15)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Anything by Sven Hassel.<span id='postcolor'> Now there brings back a few memories placebo
  10. loopy

    Favorite military mottos

    Para reg motto:ready for anything Para reg battle cry 'Whoa Mohammed' The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy and drive him before you.  to see his cities reduced to ashes. To see those who he love him shrouded in tears and to gather to your bosom his wives and daughters.(gengis khan) We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go  Always a little further; it may be Beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow Across that angry or that glimmering sea, Subscibed on the clock at Hereford (sas hq)
  11. loopy

    Military Humor

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Frisbee @ Nov. 11 2002,11:34)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">The guy said 'What the hell,this is a hill,not even a mountain,what do you do when you encounter this in the field?' Americans motioned like they'd make a call 'We call base to have us flown up there'<span id='postcolor'> I Heard of something similier when one of the american airbourne units came to do the infamous "P Company in aldershot about 10 yers ago there upper body strength was amazing put but 150 pound pack on there back and tell them to "tab" ten miles forget it 2 miles down the road I`d never heard so much winging we get choppered here and there we don`t run "hello what happens when your choppers get taken out
  12. loopy

    Lest we forget...

    I will be having a minutes silence at 11.00 11/11
  13. loopy

    The real bravo two zero

    I did a thread on this about 4 months ago I know Asher from when he served in the Paras I would trust his word. But there has been heaps of B.S going around about bravo 2.0 You can`t take away what "Ryan did but I am afraid my respect went when in his version he started bagging dead people.
  14. loopy

    Firemen strike

    Melbourne firefighters set to strike Getting back to the original topic of this thread
  15. loopy

    Firemen strike

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Papageorge @ Oct. 27 2002,10:26)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">But seriously... if someone is stupid enough to have a fire and let it get out of control... I think they deserve to lose all their stuff. After all Fire is Mother Natures way of killing off the stupid.<span id='postcolor'> I am sure you would`nt say that if you house went up in flames due to accident or arson or some prat putting a firework through your letter box and it does happen