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  1. kenjara

    PMC Purple shaders

    Just a quick update, it seems this only effects the first mission. I am on mission 3 or 4 now and have not seen it again. The only problem I have now is the cut scenes grinding my game to a halt for some reason.
  2. kenjara

    PMC Purple shaders

    10.11 (latest)
  3. Hey I just got the new DLC and am getting purple shades in places or what I guess usually is the lighting shader on my character and anything nearby. If I look straight up it goes normal, but look anywhere else and theres purple tints. I tried loading a BAF mission and that still looked fine. I have am ATI 5870 1GB I tried to take a screenshot but it just print screens my desktop instead.
  4. Will the units actually have English accents? It would be so much better if they do.
  5. Wow I cant wait for this. This news has made my day. Its just a shame that we had the usual Americans in the main game instead of the British forces.
  6. kenjara

    FV432 British APC

    Great addon, the 432 is the only tracked vehicle I have driven so it has a special place in my heart. :) It would be great if you could release a desert skin model with the air conditioning unit on the back for operation arrowhead. :cool:
  7. kenjara

    ARMA 2: Merchandise. For Sale?

    Lets leave the paying for patchs to xbox players thank you very much. ;)
  8. kenjara

    Non-blinding sun mod

    Great mod! Makes the lighting so much better. No more nuclear explosions in the sky.
  9. kenjara

    Non-blinding sun mod

    you can make things a bit better by turning down the gamma, but of course areas become too dark then. They need a HDR option because as it is now is terrible. Your screen can completely change colour just by moving you mouse a few pixels in a direction. Obviously this never happens in real life. People defending the default lighting because this is a "realistic" game need to go and take a look outside lol. Hopefully this mod will stop me having to mess with my gamma and brightness.
  10. kenjara

    Non-blinding sun mod

    Lol the lighting in arma is not realistic. It suffers from the typical over use of HDR type effects resulting in unrealistic lighting. I will be trying this mod when I get home.
  11. kenjara

    Coop Zombie Mod

    Cant the people who made the zombie coop mods from arma just bring them over to arma 2? Those had coop missions and stuff.
  12. I get some black lines with my 4870 1GB. Had similar problems with my 2900XT on arma 1 before it was patched. Im on vista 64bit ultimate btw.
  13. Hi I had some stuttering on my pc regardless of settings. I then replaced my core 2 duo 6600 with an e8400 and can run on very high everything now. my specs are. core 2 duo e8400 4 Gig of DDR2 800Mhz Dominator RAM Ati 4870 1GB 3x sata hard drives no raid (arma is on a 250GB sata 2 drive might move it to my new samsung f1 though) creative xfi gamer.
  14. kenjara

    Helicopter addict in trouble :(

    I use a 360 controller for flying helicopters. Works great with tiggers as accend descend and sticks to fly. Main thing i recommend for new pilots is slowing down before trying to use the rudders. Rudders do not work at speed.
  15. kenjara

    A cdkey-only online purchase

    I think companies should sell cd keys on there own. Me and my friends have always thought it would be better if we could buy one disc, then additional keys from the developer.