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  1. Zargabad Snatch v1.00 This is a straightforward arrest and extract mission. Intended for coop play 3-12 players. You play as US Delta and you have to snatch a Takistani warlord located in Zargabad. Most of the forces are randomly generated, so there is some replayability. Needed addons: CBA http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6231 Have fun and please report bugs and suggestions. Download: http://www.filedropper.com/co12zargabadsnatch Armaholic mirror: - Zargabad Snatch Co-03-12 (@)
  2. Bojovat is a highly replayable rescue sandbox mission. Intended for coop play 3-14 players. You play as resistance (FIA) and you have to rescue your leader from a US dominated area in Everon. Simple objectives, but many tough decisions. We tested this mission a lot and hopefully it's mostly error free. Needed addons: CWR2 http://cwr2.arma2.fr/?page_id=11 There are 2 variations included: - heavy, if all users have at least mid-range PCs (i3 or stronger) - lite, if weaker PCs take part too The only difference, that the heavy version takes place on a larger area so it's more random and it's probably longer to finish. Have fun and please report bugs and suggestions. Download: http://www.filedropper.com/co14bojovat Armaholic mirror: - Bojovat Co-03-14 (@)
  3. Hi guys, It's been a long time since I made missions, so this is a rehearsal. Bilbado Raid is a straightforward mainly infantry mission. The only needed addon is Lingor 1.4. You can play it either SP or MP (coop 2-53), but the large player count is just because most of the Blufor soldiers are made playable. I have put in some details and the mission should be relatively polished, regardless that this is the first release. The only issue is that the helicopters tend to crash occasionally. So if the mission gets interest, I may add some 3rd party insertion script. http://www.filedropper.com/showdownload.php/bilbadoraid Armaholic mirror: - Bilbado Raid Co-53 (@)
  4. Nice work guys! I'm having some difficulties in the "No Turning Back" mission in the Resistance campaign. BTW I'm using ASR_AI, but I think it doesn't make a change. When find the base, and fight off the soviet infantry, the mid-mission cutstcene starts, and while it ends, the tanks already arrive, and my team gets massacred before I get to give them any commands and Troska can't pick up AT guns, so I can't destroy the armored vehicles. I suspect that the tanks are nearing the base from the start of the mission and not when the mid-mission cutscene ends. So if it took me a while to kill the first wave (infantry), I don't have time to prepare for the armor attack. ASR_AI makes it a bit hard to kill enemies quickly, because they're more careful.
  5. A bit offtopic, but Savage, where do you host the Unsung community? It's been a while since I was playing and Armanam is off. I can't find any Unsung MP related forum with WarriorX, CSJ, yourself etc.
  6. I'm just guessing, but I think if you just host the map, then the same app issues and receives the commands. On a dedicated server, the server issues the commands and the clients should receive tasks and comms, so I think there is a difference. But I ain't no expert on this. EDIT: BTW I never used a dedicated server before either, but it isn't a big deal if you use this tool: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11655 I managed to make it running in less than an hour. It works on the same copy as your original Arma2 install.
  7. Here is the mission: http://www.filedropper.com/bigbosschernarus You'll see nearby units moving after a while. Btw since you're already using CBA, I think there are some specific utility functions for communications. At least, some people mentioned them over at OFPEC. Oh, you need to export this mission to MP missions and then run it via dedi server, otherwise it will run just fine probably, but with all the load on 2 cpu's.
  8. Markers are working. BB itself is working too (I see friendly units moving in a simple HAC mission) but no communication with the player. You don't get a task, none of the globalchat/hint messages appear and no tasks are set to the player(s). I can send you the example MP mission. Should work the same using a non-dedi setup too. Actually, the player probably gets a task, just he isn't informed of it. Because it seems all other units behave regularly. EDIT: now that I re-read your post, BB itself is working, but no BB-player or HQ-player comms are working. It seems all is working, except giving any info to the plater(s).
  9. If you don't want the player be part of BB (you don't want to get tasks from BigBoss), just the 2 sides fighting each other (without you getting any info on the battle except map debug markers), then yes, it works.
  10. I've just tried what you suggested, and yeah, it works :) Units get orders and get moving. With much greater framerate if you have quad cpu. But there is always a but. It seems that all the debug and the communication needs to be reworked, because I don't get a single message, nothing. I don't know anything about MP scripting, but I think the player(s) is treated differently in MP and SP. I suppose this isn't a big deal to fix for people who know MP scripting. In short, if you use RydBB_MC for manually defining the battlefield area, HAC will work in dedicated MP, but the communication and debug messages need rework. BTW I didn't even get a task.
  11. Thanks Ryd, I'll try this during the holidays.
  12. @jiltedjock I've sent you a PM to send me a working MP version with BB about 2 weeks ago. I still can't make it work.
  13. yeah, but it doesn't work with the latest version
  14. It works if you simply export is as a MP mission, but all scripts run on all machines. I ain't no MP expert either, but most of this stuff should run only on the server.
  15. Can someone please help me setting up this as a multiplayer mission? Like jiltedjock suggested, I've put: if(!isServer) exitWith{}; in RYDHQInit.sqf and the mission starts, some markers are generated, but BB doesn't awake and nobody gets a mission. BTW I've set up the dedicated server using TA2DST v1.4 using default options. I know HAC isn't for MP use, I just want to use 4 cores for performance, as someone mentioned a couple pages back.