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  1. kyosei

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    I know right. I've been twiddling my thumbs waiting for this bad baby to be released.
  2. kyosei

    WGL Mod 4.12 Update

    WGL5 beta has everything you need. I believe WGL5 turns off the radio chatter to make squad orders complete as fast as possible.
  3. Got the latest ECP and Locke's Anims, been trying to integrate Locke's config code into the ECP ccp but failing miserably. Anyone care to do the work or at least give a few tips to a hapless n00b/newb? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Never mind, got it done. Anyone who has a similar problem, PM me.
  4. kyosei

    DMA Army Pack: Now Improved!

    Sounds cool, looking for it now. How do I add them with DMA Army Pack? I tried de-pbo'ing the anim file and adding modded .rtms into it, but that freezes OFPR.
  5. kyosei

    DMA Army Pack: Now Improved!

    Anyone have an alternative host for akd's customised DMA Army Pack with support for the anims?
  6. kyosei

    DMA Release Day

    Hey, good work DMA crew. =) One point of criticism though - is the black ops' M4 SD' sights inaccurate (DMA Army Pack)? It seems the weapon isn't properly zeroed - I can only hit things with it using the optic sight.
  7. kyosei

    WGL Mod 4.12 Update

    Ahh, I didn't do the second step. Thanks.
  8. kyosei

    WGL Mod 4.12 Update

    Yeah, that's the page I read, and I followed the instructions (added the //'s for WGL and removed the //'s for DMA Army). I assumed that you have to add the DMA Army pbo's to the AddOn folder in Operation Flashpoint/@DMA, so I did that. But the only way the DMA models seem to work is by completely overwriting the config.ccp file - which sucks cause I'm addicted to the WGL mod. I've been trying to figure out a way to manually replace the relevant parts of the WGL config with the DMA Army mod's, but I've got no luck with that.:(
  9. kyosei

    WGL Mod 4.12 Update

    Does anyone know how to integrate DMA Army pack's models into WGL 5 beta without having to overwite WGL's custom settings? The .cpp files scare me. I took a look at the WGL wiki but the info there didn't detail anything. WGL modders, please write out noob-proof instructions there!
  10. Awesomeness. Good modding community here, very dedicated and 'core. =) @ about anims - Took a look through the WGL mod and realised that DMA anims were already thrown in with it. Hehe, I'm not too picky about the varying packs as long as that hideous left shoulder doesn't get in my way again and Armstrong doesn't load fresh mags into the air ... @ thunderbird - Looking forward to the latest release. Although it means I'll have to redownload 450+ MB again!
  11. thanks for the really quick reply. this mod looks perfect for my purposes! EDIT: Also, does anyone know what is the most comprehensive animation replacement pack?
  12. Hi people, Looking any addons/mods that improve OFP without too much of a performance hit. Anything like scripts or general aesthetics would be especially welcome. Running OFP: GOTY. I have 1.5ghz, GeForce 5200, 640MB SD. Nothing special, and it definitely showed when I tried to run FFUR Woodland 1985. Lagtastic! Thanks in advance.