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  1. karantan

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Absolutely no need to pick on me Major Fubar, as I said already, I was not the one who's promised that the 'both sides' will be treated equally, and that all further 'fanboy' and 'whiner' flamings will be punished. The fact is that the 'whiners' flaming was done, it was reported to the mods, and the offender was just warned thru the PM, so he later changed the 'incriminated' word. And as I said, if there would be an oposite case (a 'fanboy' flaming), there would be no friendly PM warning or whatever, but a +1WL in a blink of an eye and some more (PR). You've somewhere just paraphrased Placebo; "these forums are not a democracy", and I totally agree. But, who makes them such? You know, from a high horse is a wide view ... A typical mod's hiding paravan used again ,,, why you just don't quit the sherade and tell me (with a new box or something) to STFU.
  2. karantan

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    People stop whining about the whiners and say something about how Arma is ,,, ekhm, awesome.
  3. karantan

    Separate editing forums - was it a good idea?

    From a custumer's e.g. market rule standpoint is logical that with such approach you're soon out of business. @ofpforum - it would me more logical and above all polite if you would use 'complained' instead of 'whined' word, but ,,, suit yourself. And, I think it's good that the editing forums are 'on their own', far away from all this 'general' BS discussions.
  4. karantan

    Brought the game again

    Just browse ADDONS & MODS: DISCUSSION section, there's many such treads which would help you. For starters go here: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/download/index3.html and patch your game to v1.96 so you can later use all the other goodies (mods, addons ...). If you need more detail help about the mods, addons and stuff, you can PM me and I'll help you if I can.
  5. karantan

    Automatic Fire problems...

    You meant you want them to fire in bursts, yes? Unfortunately this is a 'malfunction' inside JAM3, that the AI don't/can't fire in bursts, only a player can, but this is really not a big deal, and I think there's no way to control/change this, only and maybe if you mess with config or something, which is way out of my territory
  6. karantan

    OFP - Birthday - 6 Years

    It's (becamed) a classic and it will be always a place in my heart for it, and I became sick(boy) when I even here in this topic read about this darn ArmA!
  7. karantan

    back to OFP!

    Check this: http://andrew.nf/OFP/BedtimeReading/modfolders.htm and for those who wants to pimp up the OFP there's quite a few similar threads here, just browse a bit and you'll find them. Personally I recommend ECP backed with some visual and playgame enhancements (dxdll, modul sky, nature pack, some of the Sanctuary's anims pack ... )
  8. karantan

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Thanks for the link sickboy, I usualy don't follow these threads, have not need/reason to.
  9. karantan

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    seba!!!   Easy my friend, if you'll go on with such kind of broad elaboration of ArmA flaws, even if only with a game design related ones, you'll end up writing a book   *and you'll earn a title of an uber whiner from the subjects like that one above* I bow to your willingness and readyness to make such broad explanations. Dead on mate, and I'm looking forward to it. @Vilas - Question: do you have the same problems also with the other games on that screwed-up-not-correctly-assembled-overheated-not-enough-powerful-whatnot system of yours? (don't need to answer (to me) because I think I know the answer, but you could enlighten with the answer those others which are contantly persuading you that it's your PC (to blame), not a game) EDIT: as I see 4 IN 1 has changed his 'whiners' word into a 'guys' word. Obviously he's been warned or something (but not punished) by the mods about it. So much about the Major Fubar's words in this topic a few pages behind that "I will treat any calling someone a whiner exactly the same as calling someone a fanboy: flaming", I'm not naive anymore; this will NEVER happen here.
  10. karantan

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Totally understand you 456820 (and Average Joe); after a god knows how many years (six or seven I think) I've played Deux Ex again and now I'm playing Black & White, and I have exsactly the same feelings as quoted above. One good thing from this ArmA ordeal for me(us) after all; I've begun to play the good ol' bugless (<- the key ?? ) quality games and I have a same blast with them as then if not even more, and I have so many great games in stock to re-play that I don't think I'll miss ArmA that soon.
  11. karantan

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    And what about that "whiners" BS mate? Will those which will call the others a whiner for saying they don't like the game be punished aswell? If you check this thread I'm sure you'll find that 'whiner' word earlier and more often than a 'fanboy' word (in fact this word was a reacton/defence on that 'whiners' calling/flaming). And ekhm, to stay on-topic; can't complaint (anymore) cuz I did the only wise thing momentarily and in such case I think; I put the game on ice till the 'ultimate' patch, and it's sad that a (certain) game players/buyers most to do this not to completely loose their nerves on the game. And I just can't imagine a disappointment with the game of the players/buyers which are not a members/part of this community (they don't know - don't wait patiently on all these mighty patches). Ah yes, one more thing (and not a complaint really); it always maked me laughing when I saw the destroyed tanks burning like a piles of old dry wooden pallets.
  12. karantan

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    @Vilas - I really do understand your pain, but I think you should take this problem of yours into Troubleshooting section, I think there your problem have more chances to receive some helpful answers than here. No you were not contradicted to yourself. You've just tried to explain some valid things to some one(s), and to make a valid point (but this, alas, is mission impossible, they don't read (or don't understand) what's written as the response to them), and you are 100% right about the disproportion in the 'equal thretman' of those related topics. If there would be none of those which have nothing to do here in this thread except to provoke the 'whiners', then this thread would have 15 instead of 30 pages.
  13. karantan

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Where's your moderator's avatar gone dude?
  14. karantan

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Like others give a shit about your shit (spamming). So here' we are, two shit spammers.