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  1. klavan

    Linux Port for BI Titles

    Uh well, if you're not a purist WINE can run it (and also the modding tools) quite good as far as I remember.
  2. klavan

    Linux Port for BI Titles

    This would be simply great! Let's hope... Thanks Milyardo for sharing this.
  3. klavan

    2008 Beijing Olympics

    @SHWiiNG I agree with you about the archery "issue". It looks more like modern sniping than ancient practice. I really appreciate more the medieval tournaments with simply wood longbows and arrows wich happens during the summer in my country.
  4. klavan

    Anyone Worried

    Black hole all the way. Far less agony, both for us and the planet. Anyway yes, the end is near IMHO, but asteroids or black holes aren't needed: human kind is more than enough for this task.
  5. klavan

    Armed Assault on Linux through Wine

    @arigram Are you talkin' to me? I'm not pessimistic and I don't give up with WINE: actually it's installed in my OS and I use it with regularity to play some games. But it's true that in many cases it takes a relatively great amount of time for some games to run fine with it (and I agree with you about the reasons). The point is that ArmA2 is going to be released within one year I guess, that's why I said that day might be too late for ArmA. Oh and btw, talking about gaming on GNU/Linux, I think it's worth to take a look at PlayOnLinux project. IMHO it's very promising.
  6. klavan

    Armed Assault on Linux through Wine

    Overall performance was very good as I wrote at the end of AppDB submission. It was impossible for me to compare performance in terms of FPS and so on between myowndistro+WINE and XP as the second were already removed from my PC at that time. It's a pity: I had tested all the modding tools (both for OFP and ArmA) at the same time and apparently they ran fine. Anyway I agree with Baddo: if ArmA it's going to run under WINE one day It will be too late I guess.
  7. klavan

    Armed Assault on Linux through Wine

    Good luck with this attempt, but personally I don't think a solution will pop-up anyway, at least in the near future. Oh, and about OpFlash running under WINE here's my experience: link.
  8. klavan

    UEFA Euro 2008

    Congrats to Spain: a well-deserved victory! The final result were the one I hoped for.
  9. klavan

    UEFA Euro 2008

    I wonder if Italy would have beated Spain our geman friends would have said the same kinda words...... Me feel sad for Turkey.
  10. klavan

    UEFA Euro 2008

    Spain played better and deserved to win. Stop. @AimPoint You know, maybe someones here feels like they're avenged now (link)
  11. klavan

    UEFA Euro 2008

    Portugal - 1st in its tournament = out Croatia - 1st in its tournament = out Holland - 1st in its tournament = out Spain - 1st in its tournament = Â
  12. klavan

    OFP alive?

    I successfully installed OFP GOTY yesterday under Ubuntu OS using WINE after more than a year of inactivity and I'm seriously thinking about riding the horse again. Mission making and few of modelling were my fields of action and althought I'm quite rusted I'm going to give it a new try while waiting for ArmA II. Klavan
  13. klavan

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    @Colossus Watch for the PSU: I had similar problems a while ago and they were due by a faulty component. Also you should watch for the RAM. Klavan
  14. klavan

    Destroy Big Brother

    I'm with you. Luckly here in Italy after 8 ( ! ) editions, the attention of the sheeps-people toward such formats seems faded a lot. Let's hope. Klavan