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  1. i've updated my previous post with a link to the textures source files
  2. i first decided to post some pictures of my work on this model, but i think i'll release it as it is, because i have bigger work to do for other mods. i modified a bit the model, replaced the tracks, antennas with stuff from BIS vehicles, and added a few things too (back door, bars on the side, etc...). i managed to have a single texture file (beside dependencies on BIS vehicles)+normals+specular now the bugs : - tracks do not animate (i copy paste them from m1a1 this morning) - i messed on the config file, so the turrets make funny things (i think it is related to animation's rotation X or Y) - textures not applied correctly next to gunner's turret - others i don't remember - i didn't modify the inside - no shadows i made three versions : - woodland camo without EAAK - woodland camo with EAAK - desert camo with EAAK that should be optimised using hiddenselection, but i didn't have the time to check how it is done in arma DOWNLOAD IT update : here are the .psd DOWNLOAD THEM edit : ingame screenshot
  3. kikill

    F35 Lightning II - JSF

    hey, good news ! can't wait to try it asap
  4. it seems like the radar animation in the cockpit, rotates backward when in gunner seat
  5. very good work, i wish i had your talent
  6. looks nice ! i guess you can even save some faces by using normals instead of modeling every rivets on ERA bricks
  7. feels like good old ofp time good luck working on this, i hope we'll soon have an aces like weapon system
  8. kikill

    ADF mod needs help

  9. kikill

    How to make an addon

    Thank D@nte to have show me this link months ago
  10. kikill

    How to make an addon

    @ferreirajl : Check the post of Romolus in this thread, he explains the use of Paatool
  11. kikill

    Kendo's Dynamic CWC

    this sounds very interesting, do you have any update ? thx
  12. kikill

    Latest screenshots available

    i think so. look at the wheels on the tracks, they are more oval than round
  13. kikill

    We need more planes?

    i guess you talk about the G8-Mod, here is their dowload page with the E-2 or E-3 something... http://ofp.info/G8/ edit: here is the corrected download link http://ofp.gamepark.cz/G8/Files/air/ITA_AWC_R_V1.zip
  14. kikill

    Smileys Environments "Afghanistan,Kabul"

    @TDogg: here is the correct link from OFP.Info, i just tested it and it works click-click