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  1. kris018

    co30 Domination! One Team

    did i miss something, cant seem to lift my mhq anymore ?
  2. kris018

    Session lost

    thx for suggestion Still no go, i think its gameservers.net patching that is messed up, looking on the servers addon folder if way different from mine, no warefare, no usmc, and a few others, tried to manually add them but still session lost.
  3. kris018

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    sorry for posting this in yet another place but i realy cant figure this out. main tread Ill be happy to give out all passes ect so you can have a look inside the server, it must be something inside there im missing, maybe gameserver messed up the patch or something? Some missions do work, but no evo or domination map i tried seems to work for some wierd reason.
  4. kris018

    Session lost

    hmm, seems if i remove the Domination maps all is good. But that all i wanna play, anyone have a clue about this on? edit: ok this is realy wierd. i can play some usermade maps, but uploading any evo or domination maps make me get session lost, even before i get into the server. Log just tell me "kris connected" nothing more. Going to bed now so i will upload a domination 3.14, could someone pls try jumping on the server again then. pass : pax Im realy puzzeled about this one...
  5. kris018

    Session lost

    hope you mean 6 slot so must be my end then, i even made a clean install of the game, still get session lost...
  6. kris018

    Session lost

    Got my server updated to 1.14 finaly but now i have other problems. Could i ask someone to try and join on : I can join other servers but my own always gives me session lost. Its running 100% default so shouldent be a mod problem either. Any sugestions would be great thx inadvance
  7. kris018

    co30 Domination! One Team

    Dumb queston coming up:) To make ACE version into a West AI, would i just open the mission and make playables into not playable?
  8. Just to learn all the basics before arma2 i got a 6 slot server at gameservers.net, but as my rl just got real busy i just dont have time to keep an eye on it All i ask is that im made room for if/when i got time to play. And a right to totaly bomb you with n00b question
  9. kris018

    thank you thank you thank you

    4 gigs never worked for me before 1.12, no game should be needing to disable mem just to play, so i dident
  10. kris018

    thank you thank you thank you

    thx for reply all, and for sticky's, there is 1 and thats to mutch hazzle to go trough all that stuff in that tread, just want to play again
  11. finaly i can play on my 4 gig system, woohoo. Now to some questions since i havent played arma or ofp in years now. Is there a "best mods" tread for arma as we had in the ofp forum? If not could someone recommend some "must have" mods for sp/coop missions? Thx in advance
  12. yes i did, this is wierd, work for all other mods i have in
  13. eh, how can i make the patrol pack work in FFUR? i replace the Anim.pbo in the dta folder....but it still uses the FFUR one
  14. kris018

    Swedish Forces Pack 4 Released!

    Getting a Cannot open object haus\laavu01.p3d when i try to play on the Skjćrgĺrden map. any ideas? Downloaded the full pack btw. thx in advance