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  1. Carrier Operation - Altis [Airbase strike]

    Location: Altis.
    Game version: ARMA3: Apex, Jets
    Game Mode: Singleplayer.
    DLC: Apex, Jets
    Version: v1.04




    Overview: USS Freedom is part of the Nato forces operating against President el-Assud and his tyranical regime. We will fly and co-ordinate many air strike missions and covert ground operations against his forces as we seek to protect the civilian population as they strive for a democratic country.
    To kickstart the NATO campaign against the el-Assud regime, our first task is to establish "Air Superiority" by taking out the enemy fighter jets stationed at the main CSAT airfield. Additional objectives may be allocated however as the situation on the ground and in the air changes.

    Primary Objective: Destroy the enemy fighter jets.

    Secondary Objective: Destroy the enemy airfield radar.


    * USS Freedom active flight deck \ scripted ambience. 
    * Helivac extraction possible if shot down [+ cat and mouse mini game].  
    * Multiple tasks
    * Only BIS expansions. [Jets].
    * Voiced

    Download Links:

    Steam Workshop:



    v1.00 | 08-May-17
    * Initial release.


    v1.02| 09-May-17

    * Bug fixes.


    v1.04 15-May-17

    * Better Laser designation by AI for static \ Empty objective targets.

    * Animation fixes for Carrier deck crew.

    * Fixed things blowing up randomly on Carrier deck due to simulation issues.

    * Improved enemy airfield defense.






    Required Addons 
    * Only ARMA3 expansion: Jets [Currently Dev branch or Beta]

    Work Remaining & Known Issues:
    *Please report bugs back here.


    Credits and Thanks:
    - Pixel Art Studio for the 'SATCOM' script.
    - Konsky for UPS script
    - Mikey, SHK and Galzohar for briefing help.
    - Jezzaroony and the GCAM script   
    - SHK for his searchlights FSM.
    - OFPEC for the radio static sound

    Thanks all,

    Rough Knight

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  2. HI all,


    Thanks for the effort and the screenshots look great.


    I can't find any MISSIONS yet, can someone point me in the right direction either SP\MP\COOP etc. Google yields nothing and until they can be posted in the workshop I am not sure how else to find them.


    Thanks in advance!



  3. Old MacDonalds Farm adventure: A farmers Parody

    Location: Tanoa.
    Game version: ARMA3: Apex
    Game Mode: Singleplayer.
    Addons: Apex
    Version: v1.00


    Old Macdonald has woken, and steps outside to a new day. Little does he know of the chaos that is about to expound. Lucky Old Mac's sidekick 'Zeke Jimbob' is always hanging around looking for a new adventure and a bit of fun! Explore his farm, meet his friends and embark on a few adventures. Interact with the animals as you try to sort out the disruptions and work the day has brought. 

    This mission is a parody of the nursery rhyme 'Old Macdonald had a farm and has a lighthearted and comical feel to it.

    SavedByGrace has kindly donated his time and voice to help me try achieve a deeper connection with the characters. He has done a great job with the voices and the mission wouldn't be the same without them.

    * Fully voiced courtesy of SavedByGrace.

    * Many custom Dialogues.

    * Unique timed tasks.
    * Many other farm and life related tasks to complete.

    ​* Ability to catch animals.

    * Nitro for vehicles.
    * Farm Racing.
    * Beat the farm jump record.
    * Solving riddles.

    ​* Exterminate vermin.
    * Loads of songs.
    * Use radio [0,0,7] to playback hints of your active tasks [most of them].

    Download Links:

    Native Mirror:
    Old Macdonalds farm A3 v1.00


    Steam Workshop:


    v1.00 | 05-Oct-16

    * Initial release.


    Required Addons
    * Apex

    Work Remaining & Known Issues:
    *Please report bugs back here.


    * Animal behaviour is not longer easily controlled be standard AI commands. Hopefully BIS can resolve this regression shortly.

    ​* 'Say' command when used with .lip files results in warped and chipmonk speech. Therefore some dialogue has no lip sync, others use directSay which has limitations.

    Credits and Thanks:
    SavedByGrace for his voice acting.
    Hoz for his DoFollowUnit script.
    Konsky for UPS script.
    Jinef & mikey for briefing template.
    kill_bis_fnc_dirIndicator script by F2k Sel.
    Skeet Machine script by Joris-Jan van 't Land, Pepa Zemánek and NeZz_DK.
    Anyone I forgot, I apologise in advance.

    Thanks all,

    Rough Knight

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  4. Thanks for the reply Samy.

    I had previously tried that still does not work. Running from the ARMA3 executable directly results in the following error.

    arma3.exe - Application Error

    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.

    I have updated the first post with some other potential fixes I have tried.



  5. Hi,


    UPDATE on Fix for future reference:

    This issue ended up being a dsound.dll in the arma3 directory over-riding the one in system32 folder. I stumbled on it by running 'eventvwr.msc' which highlighted an issue in my windows event logs\applications pointing to 'Creative Labs Sc' faulting. The next error was the ARMA3.exe error which detailed Dsound.dll as the issue. I believe this may have been created from my creative soundblaster\Alchemy software on my old machine. I guess this is a danger when copying your steamapps folder to another machine, it will pull across remanent files that may not be required. When I uninstalled ARMA3 it probably left these files, so hence they still existed when I re-downloaded the entire game. I may have been ok if I went into steamapps and deleted what was left of the ARMA3 installation..ie the ARMA3 folder, therefore you can't assume the uninstall ARMA3 function deletes the entire installation...only the core game files.


    I have bought a new PC [see specs below] and I can't get ARMA3 to launch. Originally I copied my old steamapps folder to my new machine, all my other games worked except ARMA3.

    • Attempting to launch from steam direct -> Nothing happens at all [tries to launch but can't?]
    • Attempting to launch from launcher -> Launcher opens but selecting "Play" results in same as above.
    • Attempting to launch from arma3.exe directly -> results in the following error dialogue.
      arma3.exe - Application Error
      The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.

    I have also tried the following as per threads on this and other forums:

    • Updating DirectX -> DxDiag does not report any problems.
    • run SFC /scannow with no errors found.
    • Uninstalling and re-installing ARMA3 [fresh installation].
    • Making an ARMA3 steam backup on a working installation [my old one] and then restoring from that backup on my new PC.
    • Deleting PhysX3_x86.dll and re-verifiing cache\local files.
    • Running ARMA3.exe as administrator.
    • Tried disabling windows firewall and windows defender [my only security software on PC]
    • Running in windowed mode with -nobenchmark launch parameter

    Please find attached my specs:

    Intel® Core i7-4790 CPU

    Gigabyte Z97-HD3 motherboard

    GeForce GTX 770

    16G Ram

    Windows 8.1 Pro X64

    Note: I can not inspect the ARMA3 log file because the %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Arma 3 path does not exist, only the ARMA3 Launcher\logs directory. Perhaps the game is exiting before usual log file is created?

    I hope someone can help as I am at a bit of a loss.



  6. I play the mission with the hope my AI teammates will actually obey my orders.

    In one of the "Adapt" missions I have 4 squad members when we get attacked by the enemy. I can't for the life of me make them disengage and run with me in a retreating fashion to re-organise a counter attack. They just prefer to stay and die like facing armour without any AT weapons. I have tried changing their "Behaviour" to aware or safe, make them stand up rather than cower and hide, ordered them to "Disengage", ordered them to "Fall back" and even tried making them move to a random location 500 meters away all to no avail.

    This stuff makes the game a little frustrating, you either have to stay on top of the enemy AI or struggle along with the clunky understanding of the AI. You almost need access to all the scripting commands to be able to disableAI "FSM" etc or Dev's could somehow make a "Retreat" command similar to the "Advance" command where they just drop what they are doing and run like the wind.

    I also end up playing most missions in a lone wolf style also after moments of frustration with ordering AI around. Another way around it is just to play multiplayer : P

    Nice job with the missions as a general rule though.

  7. This game would be great as direct control similar to 'Faces of War' or 'Soldiers: Heroes of WW2'. The foundation is there to do it, I hope BIS consider making a 3rd person direct control game I would be the first to buy it.

    Out of interest, are there enough buyers out there to make a profit developing a game like this? I bought the game, I asume the free version have adds BIS can make royalties out of. I hope so, because if we support the products hopefully new and similar titles will be developed.

  8. You can turn off automatic updates in Steam under "Updates" if you do not trust or wish to download large updates without knowing what is in the patch.

    This would be recommended anyway if you have limited bandwidth and worry about the size of a patch or two.


  9. Far out. What kind of this is the kind of response from ARMA fans. If you guys aren't happy, perhaps BIS have raised the bar of expectation too high in the past.

    Personally I am relatively happy with what we have. As mentioned loads of other places, the improvements like MP playability, huge land areas, PhysX etc etc.

    I hope to see some more optimisations for performance in the future, my rig is a little sluggish on Altis.

    Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk 4

  10. Hi SaOk,

    First up, thanks for the mission. I have not finished it yet because I keep jumping from Alpha to Beta to Dev builds as well as always grabbing the latest versions. I have a few queries.

    1). Some boxes seem to be unable to be opened? ie the paradrop of weapons and one or two of the ammo crates at the captured camp.

    2). When you call an ammo drop, the wind sometimes makes them land in the ocean or away from where you requested them. Would it be difficult to base the drop position on a calculation of windspeed and direction to make the drop point more accurate?

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thanks again

    Rough Knight

  11. I can't get Morickys method to set a units vehicleVarName.

    Also I should no better than to query Kylania...but isnt the code supposed to be as follows:

    Call compile format ["%1 = _spawnUnit; publicVariable '%1';", _unitname];
    rather than
    Call compile format ['
                               %1 = _spawnUnit;
                               publicVariable "%1";', _unitname];

    I am trying to spawn a dog and I used to have this code:

    _bitzer = _group createUnit ["Pastor", _cs1, [], 0, "FORM"]; 
    _bitzer setVehicleInit "bitzer = this; this allowDamage false;";
    sleep 0.1;

    If anyone could shed some light on how I can set the dogs vehicleVarName to "Bitzer" I would be very appreciative?

    Thanks heaps

    Rough Knight

  12. To the FaceTrackNoIR devs,

    Thanks heaps for your hard work. After the 1.7 update and hotfix, the product is by far the best it has ever been. I have found the response to be very smooth with little hit on CPU performance. I don't understand the inner workings of what you have done, but it seems the new filter, latest FaceAPI \ code tweaking has done wonders.

    Thanks again for your work.


    Rough Knight.

  13. I think if there were prizes for most innovative mod this would have to be a contender.

    Very clever.

    Gday mate, thanks for the compliment. As with most missions here, many hours went into this and once ARMA3 comes out, I definitely plan to port it over.

    Although probably not as popular, I had more fun making this than any other mission I have made as it involved trying to think outside of the square to create tasks inline with the theme of the mission. Many of the problems I encountered scripting may be now resolved due for one to the addition of physics in ARMA3 so I definitely look forward to migrating this over to one of the new islands when it and all the other editor items arrive.

    Thanks again

    Rough Knight

  14. HI YakBait,

    I agree with Kommiekat, this mission would be better with some more polish. Add a task, some civilians, maybe a few enemy patrols. Add some WEST side life in the base at your starting point so the player believes he has been given a mission and randomly starts in the middle of no-where.

    Thanks for the mission though...after about half an hour of not finding the sniper, I just kind of got bored and changed mission. Please give us some distraction or reason to be stealthy. : P

  15. Kommiekat, Yes, this mission can be played in SP. You can recruit your squad in HQ.

    Thanks for the mission DAP, I really appreciate your great work.

    All of the equipment\recruiting\vehicles etc worked just perfectly.

    My only problem so far was in playing in SP mode with the latest dev beta [&& mission in "Missions" folder rather than "MPMissions"] when I wound the field commander I have no option to interegate him. If I decide to heal him, he goes all rambo and starts trying to blow my recruited squad away. Is there the possibility of a bug, or do you think I am doing something wrong?

    Cheers mate,


  16. Hi Lightninguk,

    First off, thanks for the mission. I hope you don't mind some feedback.

    * I just started off in the forrest and had no idea I had crashed in a chopper [well actually I did because I read this post : P]. Maybe spawn players closer to the chopper wreck?

    * I didn't get any tasks\notes as I replayed in different player slots [Only in slot one?]

    * Typo in task1: "Find a way of the island" should read "Find a way off the island".

    * Didn't encounter any enemies on the way to or even at the "Sector Base". It didn't seem to make sense taking the time to go there. Maybe a little reward for players making the effort to go there?

    I will leave some more suggestions\feedback as I continue through it.

    Other than that, a good basis to the mission and I am having fun exploring on the way to the boats.

    Cheers mate.