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    Bennys warfare

    It is not any of these things, as mod/mission authors (as far as I can tell) cannot own the copyright to their mod without the express permission of the copyright holder of the game which the mod/mission was made for. This is clearly not happening with BI, not even with total conversion mods. They want it all to remain free, and so does everyone else. Hosting someone else's mission when they don't want you to is RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL. As is claiming their mission is yours. This isn't the last time this issue will arise on Steam Workshop. There is no theft or piracy, however.
  2. javelin10

    Simple CTI Warfare

    Yup that fixed it. Updated classes for Ifrit and its playing fine. 'Rushing enemy base' problem was entirely due to respawn bug now fixed. Not problem with your mission I'm sure, but when you get troops in to crew enemy mortars they seem to leap into the air on firing. next shot goes into ground and mortar team die. Armaholic still listing old version, though?
  3. javelin10

    Simple CTI Warfare

    Played some more last night and noticed something odd. I headed up NW from blufor base and eventually captured airfield before being killed. Then I respawned....in enemy base. It was full of blue and red AI spawning in the same place so was quite chaotic and very low FPS on my machine. I suggest remove spawning in OPFOR base and allow spawning in any friendly held objective to cut down on running. Also: Units shouldn't rush for the enemy base...it's bad strategy. Objectives could spawn small number of defensive troops Prices and revenue seem ok at the moment...perhaps a little too generous until Enemy AI learn how to use their mortars! Persistent loadouts with backpacks when they become available. Mobile spawn point? This my favourite mission so far.
  4. javelin10

    Simple CTI Warfare

    Nice mission, c0da. Played a couple of hours in it today but not found Blufor AF point... Opfor AF doesn't let me buy choppers :( Doh: yep there it is. Just didn't scroll down that far :o
  5. Yeah I'd update your GamesList at least, otherwise TrackIR won't recognise Arma3. If that still doesn't work then use V5... I haven't experienced any problems with the latest version yet.... Yes I'd notice I'd lost my 'look-zoom' capability. This is just an alpha thing and not user incompetence right? I tried binding the 'zoom in/zoom out' controls to my trackIR but the results were less then impressive...
  6. javelin10

    Design flaws/problems

    I think the reason the AI has the problems described above is that AI routefinding routines are actually VERY HARD to program. Most games don't even attempt to use proper AI navigation; they just use scripted movement and AI waypoints hard-coded into the map. I think BIS are quite pioneering in the amount of true AI they use in their games and should be applauded for this ambition because it preserves the re-playability much longer then scripting. If we were all running the latest dual socket, 24-thread Xeon workstations then I'm sure BIS would throw a lot more processor cycles at the pathfinding, but players with dual core (or less :eek:) systems would probably not be happy with the results, so it's not just a matter of doing more work. I mostly find the AI to be useful and sometimes they need a helping hand. Perhaps, seeing as the islands are not going to be randomly generated, they could code invisible waypoints on to them that help the AI avoid choke points and other obstacles. Other then that I don't see the pathfinding advancing that much before release; I guess they borrow heavily from the Arma series and so have a lot of development behind them already.
  7. Ok Appogee, you made me go back and play with the carrier handling, and it's not entirely conclusive, but I don't think a rudder is being modelled here. Inconclusive because you can't make any kind of turn without having one of the engines at a different setting then the other - the controls don't allow it - but probably still negative because when examining what I thought might be a rudder indicator, the small horizontal scale above the engine throttle settings (which I sort of ignored up to now) I noticed that when making a forward right turn, i.e. ships heading increasing in value, the indicator is to the right, but when making a reverse 'right' turn (heading still increasing) the indicator is still to the right. This makes me conclude the horizontal scale is a turn indicator and not a rudder, and that there is no other suggestion of the existence of a rudder. In any case, rudder or no, I don't like the carrier controls ;) @Liquidpinky: Do you find the functions on the radial menu very useful in achieving your missions? It occurred to me when reading your post that I had never even tried them! Doesn't look like Harbinger had much use out of them, but I'd hate to miss out on a control feature due to over-reliance on my keyboard.
  8. Ah, but I'd have to disagree with you there, mate. The carrier accelerates more like a speedboat then a large vessel, and the control method only simulates two thrusters, not a rudder at all. If the thrusters aint thrusting, then the boat aint turning. Seriously, though; I'm not expecting realism - the devs have the right to make the game as abstract as they like, I would just like a more intuitive control method with a keyboard. BTW, Liquidpinky, do you find the radial menu very useful? I find they don't work well with a mouse, so I've completely ignored it so far...
  9. I find it very unintuitive and clunky. I can see where they are going with the port engine/starboard engine forward/reverse thrust propulsion idea, but the way the forward/back left/right keys map to it is really hard to use even when you are manoeuvring close to an island, let alone when engaging the enemy carrier. Try reversing, then introduce a little turn and see what I mean. One engine goes to stop, the other goes full forward :confused: And one keypress should definitely not take you up to full speed, requiring you to throttle back to find a slow setting. Also, I don't know if this is just my keyboard but if I try and hold down two keys at once (say, forward with a bit of right turn) the second keypress doesn't register. Just a simple two forward and two back buttons, one set for each engine, where you hold down the button to smoothly increase/decrease the throttle setting, would make a lot more sense to me. Anyone agree?
  10. javelin10


    Isn't there a heading indicator in degrees in the vehicle 'cockpit' view? Press 'c' to switch between them.
  11. Yeah I think Carrier vs Carrier battles are still a little 'alpha' at the moment :) If it doesn't just rock up to you and blow you away in 20 seconds then I just engage it from extreme range with the plasma cannon (kill the turrets first...) and leave it burning but not destroyed so I can get on with capturing islands which is a lot more fun. Usually you won't hear from the enemy again till you are ready to capture the last island! Tweaking and debugging the carrier battles looks like the biggest job for BIS with the beta so far. There's a save game crash as well but otherwise I'm having a lot of fun 'testing' this game. Can't wait for the next update!
  12. javelin10

    A 'How to' anywhere?

    The closest I got to playing CC before Friday was seeing it on a mate's Atari ST back in 1990... So when I started playing (and after reading the beta manual) I got absolutely nowhere for a few hours. So here's my best advice (so far) how to get up and running, so you can get on with sending in your crash reports, bugs and other feedback: When the game starts, go straight to the unoccupied island and get your production queue sorted while you're in Time Warp. I equip my Manta's with Rockets as first, as the lasers most of them have are ok but not much use against buildings, and then upgrade lasers to gatlings a bit later. This is a good enough load out for the whole beta game - you can only play with missiles and bombs at the end, or if you want one maxed-out Manta to play with in first person. When you arrive at the island, send a couple of mantas (one each half of the island) to look for the destroyed Command Post using waypoints (click destination, hold down SHIFT then click next destination etc) and then if they don't find it immediately - you are looking for a 'down' arrow, NOT a triangle - move the carrier to the other side of the island to give the walruses a shorter distance to cover once you find the right spot. You need a walrus loaded with a Resource, Production or Defence module to acquire the island for your network. I find Resource (mining) islands are required exclusively; just one production island will do for the beta. Once you've captured the island, recover your walrus and set sail for the first enemy island and go back to your production queue. Capturing a defended island takes quite a while. Use the map screen zoomed in to coordinate attacks - I only attack first person if the defences are super-hard. Scout the area first , either in person or using a couple of waypoints but don't let the manta's hang around anywhere. Attack selected targets using all your manta's at once. As before, dont hang around the target area or you'll get shot down. If one unit starts taking a lot of damage, select it quickly and press 'G' to send it home. If it's not retreating fast enough then RMB to take control of it and turbo out of there. You are looking for scrambler buildings, shield boosters or firewalls. Destroy them then move on to the next one - only attack defences if your mantas are taking a pounding before getting close to the main target. When I am ready for the command centre, I bring out my walruses to help take out gun emplacements, which they are quite good at using their own AI until the enemy starts lobbing shells at you. I usually then equip one Walrus with Armour II and go manual, using cover and keeping the other walruses nearby ready to repair or support. I keep a varied loadout for the Walruses; one with a shell or heat and armour II to do the damage, one with flak to deal with enemy Manta's, one with the repair gun and one with a laser and hacking pod (note - laser is the only armament you can have if you are carrying a pod, it seems). I keep the Mantas hovering offshore waiting to provide support if needed. If you have some hardcore Manta's you hardly need the Walruses at all, but I like using them and rarely just air drop them - carrying a Walrus makes the Manta so slow you might as well just drive, unless it's a long way round a mountain range. Keep your excursions short and you should minimise losses. Keep your units grouped together so you can just draw a box round them to issue new orders, and don't spend a long time on manual control if your other units are in danger. If you go back to AI control, you may find you need to hit the 'G' key before your units accept new instructions. Carrier defense and Carrier VS Carrier. Defending vs enemy manta's is easy - if your auto defences aren't firing, just switch to an 'internal' view (keys 2 to 8) and let them get on with it. The enemy carrier is more of a nuisance then anything else - I just want to beat it up a bit so I can ignore it carry on with capturing the islands. On the small beta map you will encounter it a lot but if you approach it slowly and stop is soon as it pops out of the 'mist' that permanently shrouds the game world then you can start targeting it's turrets. Approach slowly from it's side or rear, if possible, firing your plasma gun as you go. At first you will see hits but no damage (???) but there is a very narrow margin where you will destroy the turrets before they can wipe out your plasma gun. If the carrier starts firing at you in earnest or launches its vehicles things will be over for you very quickly. Once his turrets are gone stay at long range and let your auto defences take care of him for a minute or so then leave him in flames and carry on exploring the game. Good luck, and have fun.
  13. Congratulations to the ACE development team! I've been playing the beta versions since xmas now and been impressed with how stable and conflict-free it is with the various mods I've added. Frankly I forgot there was a version 1.0 due out! The updater is also an impressive achievement once you get your head round the idea. The whole ACE2 project has really given the game a lot of legs as far as I'm concerned. Keep up the good work!
  14. javelin10


    Thanks, Vengeance, I'll try searching the ACE thread again. Keep up the good work, Guba.
  15. javelin10


    Hi Guba. I'm playing around with the ACE version on non-dedi server (just me on server) and can't seem to capture bases or towns. Sometimes capture bar appears and doesn't move, sometimes doesn't appear at all. I've checked for enemy in vicinity. Note Im relying on ACE's XEH as it seems to be up to date (1.08)...