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    what about ofp ? it also says it's out in june so not months i prefer weeks
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    hi all found your link through an ols clan i used to play ofp and was amazed to see people still playing,my question is i am looking for a clan to play ARMA.am a good player have mature attitude,10 meg connection,lovely rig and plenty of time so if there is a clan out there thats going to be playing this game msn me at james.keegan@ntlworld.com i am uk based like thats not obvious so time zones are imortant cheers....
  3. jkeegs1963

    old skool player coming back

    hi all is operation blah blah still been played??coop or against foe??have played this game in the past for about 2 yrs and well ok must be 6 yrs now, but with ofp2 and armed assault coming up i want to get back into it(thats is there is anything to get into)i am a mature player loads of experience in online fps.uk based 10 meg conn great rig...so all is needed is for someone to get in touch...lmao i just re bought it for 7.99 goty edition bargin lol my msn is james.keegan@ntlworld.com uk based or near as dam to my time zone lol