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  1. jackass888

    Impossible to aim

    thanks for the reply! hadnt found that out bymyself
  2. jackass888

    Impossible to aim

    Hei I find it impossible to aim with the mouse. The mouse moves with UNLIMITED speed in the aiming dead zone and then stops to a crawl when it leaves the aiming deadzone. I just shot 2 mags on an AI who was ~3m away from me. Also in distance sniping the aim seems to get stuck and then sporadically jumps distances... especially when holding breath. I think I have tried all mouse settings... Aiming deadzone size, mouse acceleration off, smoothing off, sensitivity and the gpumaxframesahead settings. Turning completly off Aiming deadzone size helps, but I like that feature. Arma2 mouseaim works perfectly. Am i the only one and is there any solution?
  3. actually I have the same problem from the beginning. No servers are found in multiplayer screen. Address is internet and no filters. Also I get a ~1minute lagspike when i access multiplayer. Windows firewall disabled, comodo disabled, nod32 disabled...
  4. jackass888

    trigger conditions

    Thanks. But it is still not working. Btw im running latest OA beta... maybe something has changed. Ill add a mission file and the triggers from the mission file. In this example trigger3 is not activated. And also foreach isnt working either. Mission: http://www.mediafire.com/?aopvpzrvkvyiudc Mission triggers: trigger1 interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; expCond="true"; expActiv="execute1=false;{_x setCaptive true; removeAllWeapons _x; doStop _x;} forEach units group capt"; trigger2 a=5; b=5; timeoutMin=5; timeoutMid=5; timeoutMax=5; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; text="exe"; name="execute1"; expCond="true"; expActiv="execute1=true;hintc ""execute1 should be true"""; trigger3 a=5; b=5; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; expCond="!IsNil ""execute1"" || execute1"; expActiv="{_x setCaptive false; removeAllWeapons _x; doStop _x;} forEach units group capt;capt setcaptive false;hintc ""Execute1 executed"""; class Effects
  5. Hi I cannot get trigger conditions to work, no matter how I try. trigger1 condition: true activation: execute1 = true trigger2 condition: execute1 or execute1 == "true" activation: dosomething... Not working... What am I doing wrong?
  6. Enjoying it! Noticed that the m3 37mm AT gun is making the view shake, like a close driving tank.
  7. jackass888

    ASR AI Skills

    The AI is much better. Thank you! One thing i'm missing is that AI-s could garrison/search buildings.
  8. jackass888

    New Action Menu

    my coins for a scroll menu with submenus... if done rightly it will work. eg in plane: instruments->electronic jammer. the submenu opening on the right and the main moving to the left. scrolling out(up/down) of the submenu closes it.
  9. jackass888

    Add something like UPSMON by default

    Yes please! The mission just have to be adapted to a more realistic AI, so that it doesn't become too difficult...
  10. jackass888

    AI going to be player centric?

    bump... just because this is the only AI thread i can find :( Hard to believe that this aspect of the game is completly forgotten. It doesnt matter how accurate and pretty looking my npcs are... if i can not rely on them or just mow them down by the dozens, what is currently the case. Hope that the AI is still in the making, so the devs will present it later. But a partially player centric AI would be acceptable if it has better survivability as a result. Hope the AI will use buildings(interiors) this time without mods, maybe use vehicles for cover and that they are better at using the environment cover... especially in determining direction.
  11. jackass888

    Limit map size

    Nothing should be limited!!! The only limit is the modders mind. Just include some smaller islands with the vanilla game, that have better performance.
  12. jackass888

    Defence towers V1.0

    Nice little addon to speed up missionmaking. Thank you Opfor would also be welcome!
  13. Hei Where is SNKMAN? Seems like his last time online was ~2 months ago. Hope everything is allright!
  14. jackass888

    How can he walk after that?

    Arma 2 1.0-> current OA. Seen once that a enemy survived a 9mm to the head. Several occasions where enemy survived a 7.62. Never surived a 12.7! Its pretty good the way it is.
  15. jackass888

    Phalanx and Ak-630 CIWS

    No, you cant control them. They are automated defence systems. And a patrial yes, they stop rockets... but the missiles have to be certain MMA generated missiles that are generated as targetable. The default smallscale MMA missiles are not set targetable. Ill try and make a missile interception demo mission.