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  1. jantenner

    Campaign "Range of Dead"

    are the tcp zombie animations included in the last release?
  2. jantenner

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    it seems arma is really good for fake military photos. maybe that should have been the main selling point marketing wise.
  3. jantenner

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    nice addon! but bad for bis, their reputation is again - falling
  4. jantenner

    Sahrani Life

    when i try to join a server online with this i get: mission cant be loaded because of content that has been deleted "cawheeled_ ...etc. what is this cawheeled addon and where do i get it?
  5. jantenner

    Sahrani Life

    sounds extremely cool
  6. jantenner

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    OFP is dead - ArmA is undead at best < this is true for about 99.999999999% of people the other 0.000000001% happyly play ofp or more probably arma! good arma players
  7. jantenner

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    now with a 1.08 "gold" version (which should have been the initial release), this halfbaked queens gambit "addon" sold (2 new islands? more like 1/10 new island) and already an announced arma 2 (wtf) BIS has lost most of its former reputation. armas main island, sahrani, sucks. its an irregular unreal place. armas main sp content sucked horribly. queens gambit should have been free for those who already bought the bugged alpha release aka 1.00. so far i have lost any interest in arma2 or any other bis product.
  8. jantenner

    Has Anyone Got Queens Gambit?

    is it right that the 2 new islands are one tinytiny and one sahrani with the removed border in that unreal weird city? that got to be a joke.
  9. jantenner

    1.09 question

    you must be a genius, knowing that patch numbers are up to bis!
  10. jantenner

    1.09 question

    after almost a year, arma should be at 1.50, not at 1.09
  11. jantenner

    1.09 question

    1.09 and then a "gold" edition? i would not call this gold edition, its rather a finished beta, or initial release.
  12. jantenner

    GeForce 7600

    got the forceware 91.74 and it runs arma good without crashes or gfx errors. runs good with other games too. no problems.
  13. jantenner

    ArmA Addon request thread

    when you fire a weapon the cam should shake, it should put out smoke where the bullet hits and particles should spray. it should have devastating effect in damage and sight when shot at by these weapons. just an idea because weapon effects in f.e.a.r. or camera effects in colinmcrae dirt have so much evolved. not that it has to be the same, but armas (and ofps) big weapons effects actually are still at year 2001 level graphics-wise.
  14. jantenner

    BOS project versions2 RELAISED

    nice mission template! nice bases! bugreport: the soldiers are friendly to everyone? when i spawn as opfor in blufor base, they do nothing.
  15. jantenner

    Vote for group respawn in crCTI

    veteran schmeteran, as an option group respawn would be turned ON by me.