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    Plan ahead- do something about ragdolls now

    yeah if a shot had hit his spine, he would go down like that, its natural for the body to correct itself, but if you lose sensations, you could end up like that. also soldiers train to hit the body midriff = spinal column. also the bullet physics, as in the body falls to the impact and lift = good as long as its done good, ie kinetik helpers which do not allow the body to defrom in a wierd way its all good so bring ragdoll to ArmA? it's about time imho
  2. jojimbo

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    congratz guys
  3. i do intend someday to restore the map to its original 10 x 10 km square. but as Andy says, there plenty of really good larger maps you can use.
  4. At first I was shocked to hear Libmod had gone commercial,I love the name Iron Front-dunno about the 1944 bit tho :) But as you take that journey from modding obscurity to the real world of cut-throat game design and publishing, lets hope these first few steps,will eventually lead to better and greater things, jobs, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Sometimes you cantake the moral high ground,but in this day and age, ekeing out a living making a ww2 game is every modders dream, and although in the past (both i44 and lib41-45) with 9 years modding alongside eachother we probably haven't seen eye to eye at times, I always have a deep respect for you,so I would like to say, good luck to all of you, the Iron Front team.
  5. loved watching those september 1939 video clips, brings it home that the Polish were also fighting the Russians at the same time, those cavalry are freaking awesome :) good luck with the mod Topas
  6. Thats why people are too overly concerned, BIS has a serious policy about intellectual rights I suggest you read it, seein' as you're meant to be a mod leader;) I would never plagarize anyone elses work or ever share the mentality you suggest, taking on board any addon as a dumping ground is not acceptable.
  7. Topas is bang on, thats definately Montoya's FH texture on that Cromwell, nice job guys
  8. yes , the only thing the us war dept made that was khaki was a shirt and a service uniform the m42 was infact olive drab no3, the m43 olive drab no7, not all m42's looked worn, or dare i say it "khaki-ish" and one of the suppliers of reenactors has a great website worth checking out,the guy is pretty funny, http://www.atthefront.com/us/uniforms/whatiskhaki.html lol check out the german helmet page :) http://www.atthefront.com/german/headgear/aboutgermanhelmets.html
  9. 101st AB - 502 PIR by YAC Yac has kindly donated his 101st 502 PIR as you can see I am working round the clock to get these little beauties ready, hoping to have his 327 GIR in as well. Big up for Yac, very happy these great units are going to see a release in their lifetime :) In-game Video here 101st AB - 502 PIR more piccies on our site here...
  10. sound like it installed a stand alone version of OA, dunno what to recomment tbh:(
  11. jojimbo

    ZGM Mapmaking Tutorial

    nice tut, but you should include the "need to own" global mapper spoiler because you need a license :( however nicely done and the dem data info a great resource
  12. i did the same as you broadsword, i already had arma2, but bought OA. when i installed OA it became CO (lol) so you dont have to install arma2 again unless the version of arma2 you have is not steam. i would recommend if you dont have arma2 in your steam games list and only OA, to go ahead and install the steam version, only so all the directories are in the same path
  13. i know of this annoying infraction, luckily i know this bloke from down the pub,so ill get it fixed up asap anyone got stuck in a shed yet:rolleyes:
  14. I'll send the boys round, have them pay a visit ;) i know this bug ill sort it
  15. lowering height of some fence parts was discussed fully and we are definately going to do somwthing aboout that. you will be able to move from house to house without going round :) the hedges now feature in the map properly so you can plan better tactics. map loading time is much better, and the weapons are being discussed too. unfortunately though, the waffes ss are done ready to go, but there are other units in the works already;)
  16. oh man, love the island, brings back some memories of just driving about in a skoda. wheres the checkpoint :P
  17. jojimbo

    97thRR D-Day [@I44]

    was a fantastic night Colonel, big up to the 97th.
  18. there is a serious problem and i am pulling my hair out with these goddam units:mad::confused::eek:
  19. Thanks prof , that is appreciated. hoping to get more realistic in future
  20. Something a bit different, couple of snaps of the new Panzer Mk4, straight from the Vex_Man Panzer factory, this little beauty will be getting roughted up a bit before being delivered to you guys asap. check out more pics at our forum here... http://ofp.gamepark.cz/invasion1944/public/index.php?topic=281.0
  21. Little bit of news... Map restored fully and a brand new hedgerow, so the shining hedges is now fixed, super load time, 4 seconds to load the map in the editor (was 1 minute+ ) clutter dispersed correctly, (you can lay prone in green grass and still see to shoot) new lighting on some addons, ie wheat, hopefully released soon. More pics over at our forum http://ofp.gamepark.cz/invasion1944/public/index.php?topic=274.0
  22. thats the new "shoot round corners" anim
  23. I isolated the bug that causes the omaha map to load slow, hope to have it sorted asap. always thought something was amiss, but i put it down to objects, but it didnt figure out right.finally nailed the little bugger. my new 10k restored omaha map loads in 4 seconds, gonna try and find an older version of the release 5k map, not had much luck tho :( but will be working on fixing it up along with the halloweeny glowing bushes ooooh scary stuff
  24. The map kinda went throiugh some permutaions, and that lovely grass mikebart made seems to have gone awol :( trouble is, if your playing MP grass is a pain in the ass, 1. you cant see f*** all if your prone, and in MP you need to be prone alot of the time, 2. alot of it adds to the desync and "lagggg" especially if Macolik want to put a cap in your ass :) However I do have some good news.. I shall put the nice tall yellow grass back as it is a "field" object and keep the short arma2 clutter also i might have nailed the reason why it takes so long to load, because it should be loading alot faster than chernarus imho. the only thing is...i can only find a clean 10k map so it would mean having to make a whole new load of omaha, namely Vierville, which i dont really want to do tbh we will see