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  1. jammydodger

    AAZ NEWS! on saturdays

    Excellent job for your 1st news report guys
  2. jammydodger

    FFAMM v1.3

    Thanks for sorting out the youtube deadeye
  3. jammydodger

    Anyone working on Iraqi Insurgents??

    Hi guys, whats happened to djfrogstar? all his Iraq models and reskins posts have been closed and his account. anyone know why this is?
  4. jammydodger

    Russian Federation Units V.2.00

    Good job again guys
  5. jammydodger


    Here's a mirror from Armed Assault Zone Nice work guys
  6. jammydodger

    Welcome Back Placebo!

    Welcome back Paul, how you enjoying out in Singapore?
  7. jammydodger

    DMSmokeEffects Beta 4

    Great work again, any idea when the youtube video will be out DMarkwick?
  8. jammydodger


    Great work as usual here guys
  9. jammydodger

    minor hot fix for 1.08

    New mirror over @ Armed Assault Zone
  10. jammydodger

    German NH90 Tactical Transport Heli

    NoRailgunner bigmike did give AfrographX credit in the post and he didnt say he created it himself so stop trying to make him look bad, he knows he messed up and has apologized for it, he's talked with AfrographX now and everything is cool so can we leave it at that please.
  11. jammydodger

    German NH90 Tactical Transport Heli

    Ok guys, bigmike has been intouch with AfrographX and he has given him the nod to release the addon. so the download is back up with the readme giving credit to AfrographX for the original work. Bigmike apologizes and says it wont happen again.
  12. jammydodger

    German NH90 Tactical Transport Heli

    hmmm, im very sorry about this AfrographX, I have removed the download link and am going to see what bigmike has to say about this now.
  13. jammydodger

    German NH90 Tactical Transport Heli

    Hi Foxhound, yeah bigmike has told me that he contacts all authors before he release the work, I do agree that he should have included a readme tho to give credit, I shall contact him now and see if we can amend the file to include 1. Cheers
  14. Bigmike from our forums has been in touch with us (Armed Assault Zone) to let us know about his new German NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter converted from Operation Flashpoint made by AfrographX. download HERE from Armed Assault Zone (AfrographX has now given permission for bigmike to release the addon)
  15. jammydodger

    Mopar Madness!

    These do indeed look great, cant wait for the release