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  1. joltan

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    The Dive: Used: just the good ol' OFP engine... and a tank shell! ;)
  2. joltan

    Ask a mod

    Hey, that's good news! I didn't know the 'renaming' was possible in this forum at all. I joined quite a while before I got actively involved in the community - and so I used my usual forums name instead of the name I use now everywhere else throughout the OFP community. I have now created an account called 'Daddl' instead (updated the email too). If one of the mods could just transfer my posts and post restrict this old account that would be great!
  3. joltan

    Server Error

    Sounds like a bugged addon - just remove the addon from the map & the server.
  4. joltan

    ingame browser protocoll

    Well, actually I already can get the same information as OFP Launcher & OFP Watch. You see, there's an easy (and well documented) way of getting information on a server's status, and then there's another way - harder and not documented at all. The easy way simply uses standard Gamespy queries, and that's what OFP Launcher and OFP Watch use. While I have already implemented this method it neither works for non-dedicated servers nor VBS1 servers. The internal game browser that comes with Resistance & VBS1 on the other hand uses the other, 'hard' way of querying. It's a binary format as described in my first post - and there's no documentation available on the subject. Neither did forum searches nor inquiries at BIS or BIA yield any results. Why am I asking this? I'm currently working on a tool similar to OFP Launcher which supports both, OFP AND VBS servers.
  5. joltan

    ingame browser protocoll

    ASE just uses the Gamespy style calls to query OFP servers (I've got that working fine already), not the ingame browser protocol (needed for non-dedicated OFP servers and VBS machines). I was hoping someone in the OFP community had already tried to work on this before.
  6. joltan

    How about a forum night?

    Argh, I wish I could play - but I fear I won't be able to join you guys anytime soon (moving house, etc.).
  7. joltan


    I've got a pair of Meindel heavy leather trecking boots, which have served me well in rough terrain from Mexican tropical forests to the Alps for about ten years with only minor repairs. But whatever brand you choose: wear them some days before you decide wether to buy them. Good shops should allow you to take them home with you and to wear them inside your house. That way you can easily find out wether they're really comfortable (THE major factor if you're trying to do big tours in them). A good pair can easily cost 200 Euros and more, so it's better to try a lot of pairs before deciding on which to shell out all that cash (and if you get the right pair it's an investment well worth the money!). So while you should look for a brand that's known for its quality and a model that suits the task you should always put comfort over looks and names. After all it's your feet that have to walk in them!
  8. joltan

    ingame browser protocoll

    I'm working on a combined OFP/VBS server query tool (a bit like the OFP Launcher) and while I have the standard Gamespy-style query for OFP dedicated servers already implemented I'm stuck with the VBS query. After some research I found that the query used is identical to the one used by the OFP ingame browser for LAN queries. Now the question is wether anyone in the OFP community ever tried to implement a query based on this instead of the (much easier) Gamespy-style queries? Any help (also some official comments from BIS) would be very much appreciated! What I know so far: <ul> [*]The query packages used have 74 bytes with 32 byte of data [*]They are send (and answered) on the main gameport, not gameport+1 like the queries for dedicated servers [*]The first 4 Bytes are always '20 00 81 08' [*]the package ends always on '00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AE 91 E1 EE 00 00 00 00' [*]the 6 bytes left inbetween consist of 5 bytes that change with every package and a sixth which seems to be an increment that is increased every 1-3 packages (this might depend on the connection delay to the server) Simply resending a previously logged package doesn't seem to work (but then a good part of the problem might also sit infront of the screen as I'm no experienced programmer/network specialist - it's all learning by doing), so I'm assuming the five bytes that change with every package contain some kind of timestamp/verification that the server checks before deciding wether to answer. Any ideas how to create a working query package based on this? The problem seems to be with those 5 bytes... Edit: typos
  9. joltan


    Mhhh... could you please move my pin to Halle/Saale? Thanks!
  10. joltan

    .REC to MP3/WAV?

    Having an iRiver (iHP) myself I'd try it first by simply renaming the file to .wav. Not sure what model you were using, but they normally record to either mp3 or to wav.
  11. joltan

    War against terror

    Yeah, Bals, good to hear you're fine. Hals- & Beinbruch - and come back in one piece!
  12. joltan

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    That's what you get when you quote stuff you don't have the background knowledge to understand! First: Clearcuts are about the worst way of managing your forests and are not practised anywhere where it's not just big logging companies flattening everything for big profits. Also you may note that the text mentiones that this problem only exists for the first years (and what it doesn't mention: also depends on tree species used and the soil) - after that the process turns around. Considering the time needed until a tree is harvested or dies of natural causes this is irrelevant. The same applies to planting new woods on sites where they don't belong (=peats) - of course there's places that aren't suitable for aforrestation, but quoting these human-made mistakes as an argument for forests as a polluting source is plain stupid. If anything it just proves that nothing is simple enough to fit in one phrase. For your information: I'm a graduated forester and have been working for several years at the university as a researcher.
  13. joltan

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    This is bullshit. By growing C is bound and only released again once the matter is burned or decomposes. Also, because of the short timescales involved (at max a few hundred years) burning wood (as long as it doesn't result in a permanent reduction of the sum and quality of the available wooded area) has nothing but a local and temporal impact on the CO cycle. There is the 'breathing' that also releases some CO2, but that CO2 was also absorbed from the atmosphere before, so no 'polluting there' - just a bit less absorbtion. As for forests being permanent sinks - that is also wrong: only when they get fossilized (sp?) and thus are removed permanently from the equation (until another generation of dumbass people starts burning the resulting coal/oil for convenience again). That is not the case usually so if you add up the absorbtion and release of C over their lifetime cycle trees are basically neutral (= neither sink nor source). I.e.: they act as a short time buffer, nothing more. The CO2 problem arises only from fossil fuels as these add ADDITIONAL C to the cycle, thus increasing the total ammount of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  14. joltan

    Guess the name of the game

    That's Frontier: Elite 2 - I might even have the old 3.5" disk (singular, that's right!) still lying around somewhere. Edit:That's what you get when you don't scroll down before answering... A moderator faster than me bragging about his old age!
  15. joltan

    New US Army Heat-Ray in Iraq

    Hell yes. Think about the potential these weapons have as siege weapons. Against civilians. Compared to bullets!?! Bullets kill. Being moderately burned on 1/64th of your body doesn't. If that's your eyes you're blinded for ever... hardly a weapon that 'doesn't harm innocent civilians' - at least you've got to aim a bullet while that thing is inteded for 'crowd control'.