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    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about selling my copy of VBS3 Personal Edition. Bohemia recently updated the PE customers to the current 3.7 version. As far as I know they don't sell the Personal Edition anymore. The original price back was EUR 350,00 (about 400 USD). Is there any interest for it? Content Version 3.7 VBS3 website Jens
  2. Hi, probably a stupid question. I'm trying to make my unit-equipment-setup-scripts a little more efficient. My script looks like this: unit1 call setupLeader; unit2 call setupRifleman; unit3 call setupMachingunner; exitWith{}; setupLeader = {//do all the setupcode for Leader}; setupRifleman = {//do all the setupcode for Rifleman}; setupMachingunner = {//do all the setupcode for MG}; What it does, is that unit1 ends up with the MG-equipment and unit2 and unit3 are untouched. What is my basic problem here? Jens
  3. NO!! I only used "exec" and not "execVM"!! That did the trick. Thanks mate. No it works as it is supposed to be. Jens
  4. Thanks for your input guys. I did a lot of reading on those functions that already come along with ArmA. Even as I can make my setup scripts much smarter with those functions, I'm still interested in solving my original problem. What I want to do, is to define a function in a script and use it in the same script. setupFT_Leader ={ [_this,"RH_m16a4",10] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon; [_this,"RH_m9",4] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon; }; setupFT_Grenadier ={ [_this,"RH_m16a4gl",10] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon; }; setupFT_Automatic_Rifleman ={ [_this,"LMG_mas_M249_F_a",10] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon; }; setupFT_Rifleman ={ [_this,"RH_m16a4",5] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon; }; FT1_1_Leader call setupFT_Leader; FT1_1_Grenadier call setupFT_Grenadier; FT1_1_Automatic_Rifleman call setupFT_Automatic_Rifleman; FT1_1_Rifleman call setupFT_Rifleman; Running this code, I get the following in the RPT file: 12:42:33 Error in expression <//FT1_1_Rifleman call setupFT_Rifleman;> 12:42:33 Error position: <//FT1_1_Rifleman call setupFT_Rifleman;> 12:42:33 Error Invalid number in expression 12:42:33 Error in expression <FT1_1_Leader call setupFT_Leader;> 12:42:33 Error position: <setupFT_Leader;> 12:42:33 Error Undefined variable in expression: setupft_leader 12:42:33 Error in expression <FT1_1_Grenadier call setupFT_Grenadier;> 12:42:33 Error position: <setupFT_Grenadier;> 12:42:33 Error Undefined variable in expression: setupft_grenadier 12:42:33 Error in expression <FT1_1_Automatic_Rifleman call setupFT_Automatic_Rifleman;> 12:42:33 Error position: <setupFT_Automatic_Rifleman;> 12:42:33 Error Undefined variable in expression: setupft_automatic_rifleman Jens
  5. I tried that, but goit the same result. Here's the actual code: //SETUP FUNCTIONS setupFT_Leader ={ removeAllWeapons _this; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addWeapon "RH_m16a4"; _this addMagazine "RH_15Rnd_9x19_M9"; _this addMagazine "RH_15Rnd_9x19_M9"; _this addMagazine "RH_15Rnd_9x19_M9"; _this addMagazine "RH_15Rnd_9x19_M9"; _this addWeapon "RH_m9"; }; setupFT_Rifleman ={ removeAllWeapons _this; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addWeapon "RH_m16a4"; }; setupFT_Grenadier ={ removeAllWeapons _this; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "30rnd_556x45_STANAG"; _this addMagazine "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell" _this addMagazine "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell" _this addMagazine "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell" _this addMagazine "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell" _this addWeapon "RH_m16a4gl"; }; setupFT_Automatic_Rifleman = { removeAllWeapons _this; _this addMagazine "200Rnd_mas_556x45_T_Stanag"; _this addMagazine "200Rnd_mas_556x45_T_Stanag"; _this addMagazine "200Rnd_mas_556x45_T_Stanag"; _this addMagazine "200Rnd_mas_556x45_T_Stanag"; _this addWeapon "LMG_mas_M249_F_a"; } FT1_1_Leader call setupFT_Leader; FT1_1_Rifleman call setupFT_Rifleman; FT1_1_Automatic_Rifleman call setupFT_Automatic_Rifleman; FT1_1_Grenadier call setupFT_Grenadier; exitWith{};
  6. jens198

    Texture problem

    Ok, I can confirm, that in my case the paa-texture files them self were the source of the problem. I changed my custom made texture into texture from Altis/Stratis and the shadow was gone. Jens
  7. jens198

    Texture problem

    Where was something similar some time ago. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173753-Problem-with-texture Funny thing is, that I have the some problem as well for some days. Couldn't figure out what to do. So if you find a solution, I'm more than interested ... Jens ---------- Post added at 12:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:02 PM ---------- Ok, I got rid of the shadow problem. Problem was my sat_mask. It is a very high resolution file (10240x10240). I downsized the file to 1024 x 1024 and resized it to 10240 x 10240. Before the resizing it was very fine grained and that was probably the problem. Ok, problem still exists. Jens
  8. Ok, I checked and rechecked the rvmats. They were ok. But as the problem still existed, I rewrote the rvmats from scratch. And guess what? Everythings fine. *sigh* Jens
  9. Hi, some strange things happened to my textures and I can't explain it. Since a view days all my textures (ingame and bulldozer) are in a terrible (mars-like) reddish tone. I'm not aware I changed something into that direction (but who knows what I'm doing). Any ideas what could've caused that? Normally the textures are more white/yellow/sand like. The reddish tone is when you zoom close to the ground (j198_ntc_dirt00_co.paa) and when you zoom very far out (the sat-texture?). Jens
  10. Where can I check settings for lighting? Config.cpp? BTW: Has anyone some more infos on everything around all the settings in the rvmat-files and the texture-files (*mcs, *nopx, *ca etc.)? Jens
  11. Hi, back in ArmA2 days I made some fences with the WorldTools application. In addition I remember that there was some kind of script or function in V3 itself, that let you make e.g. 50 x fence_piece_1 in a row. What are the best ways to make proper fences in ArmA3? Any experiences? Jens
  12. Hi, I'd like to make a desert surface for some parts of my map. Therefore I'd like to produce the vehicles driving over it a lot of dust. Has anyone experience with the "dust" value in the config? The "rough" attribute seems to work pretty fine. Set it to 1.0 and things get bumpy. Sadly I see no effects when I raise the dust parameter. Jens class j198_ntc_desert_Surface : Default { files = "j198_ntc_desert_*"; rough = 0.3; dust = 1.0; soundEnviron = "sand"; character = "j198_ntc_desert_Character"; soundHit = "hard_ground"; };
  13. Hi folks, another problem I can't find a solution for. The road to success is really hard when you work with TB & friends. - 51200 x 51200 m terrain - sat and mask come from 4096x4096 jpg images - everything seems to be setup as it should be When I start bulldozer for the first time, I don't get the usual DOS window where U can see all the new layer files that are produced. Instead I can only see this: After a few seconds the DOS window disappears and bulldozer shows an untextured terrain. WHat's strange is, that when I do the same with another terrain, I get the same error. And for this terrain it worked just fine in the past. I'm clueless. Any ideas? Jens
  14. OK, I finally got everything working again. As Bushlurker already suggested, the texConvert.cfg was missing/not correctly registered. I tried some copying and manual tinkering around. What actually worked, was to remove/uninstall everything by hand, reinstall the tools and running ArmA3p again. Anyway, I'm back in business.... Jens
  15. Ok, I reinstalled the tools completely, did not run Mikero's ArmA3p, loaded one of the sample maps and still get these strange results as seen in the screenshot above??? Nobody seen this before? Jens
  16. jens198

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Had similar problems. What did help me, was to remove the tools via steam completly, remove leftovers by hand, reinstall tools via steam and then run Mikeros tool as admin (!) again. Jens
  17. Hi, I have a old pbo from one of my Arma2 maps which contains several objects and some buildings. The pbo has some p3d files and a separate data directory (with all the textures, rvmats etc. in it). There are no dependencies to ArmA2 itself. No matte what I try, I can't get these objects in game to Arma3. They show up in visitor (not textures). Any ideas? Jens
  18. Well, what can I say? :) Honestly, I checked it 50x but didn't see it ... Jens
  19. jens198

    Need help with Sat map visual glitch

    I had this before and use the rule "the nearest value possible to 40.00 but not 40.00 exactly". If you're desperate you might give it a try. Jens
  20. jens198

    Need help with Sat map visual glitch

    What is your value for the Texture Layer (size in m)? You can see that in the properties of your main mapframe under "Samplers". Jens
  21. OK, I reworked my map and have now everything set to 200000e and 0N. Made my roads layer, did a polyline road and set the database entries as desired. The current result is, that I can see the shape of the road on the ingame map, but I get an error on loading the map, that "a3\roads_f\roads_ae\data\surf_roadtarmac_main_roa d_end_ca.paa" is missing. Once the map is loaded, I can see the road ingame, but of course the texture is missing. Any ideas? Jens
  22. jens198

    Preview roads (shapes) in Buldozer

    Hi, could you resolve this issue? I have the exact same problem as you. Bulldozer crashed when I enable the editor.sqs in the p:\scripts directory. Jens
  23. Not sure if I get you right, but I had to create the "roads.shp" file by hand first (in the data/roads directory). Then I could export the road shapes from TB into that file. Jens ---------- Post added at 10:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:41 PM ---------- But I got a problem by my own as well: Basically this tutorial works for me without any problems. But only with the abc_sample map, which is set to Zone: 31 East: 200000.000 North: 0. My own map is in another Zone and has different values for easting/northing, and I can't change these values as soon as they are set in the mapframe. So any chance I can get the roads to work with my different coordinates? Jens
  24. jens198

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    added requiredAddons to the config --> works! THANKS!
  25. jens198

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Here comes the config.cpp #define _ARMA_ //Class config.bin{ class CfgPatches { class abc_sample { units[] = {"abc_sample"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.0; version = "30/07/2011"; fileName = "abc_sample.pbo"; author = "Jakerod"; }; }; class CfgWorlds { class CAWorld; class Stratis: CAWorld { class Grid; class DefaultClutter; }; class abc_sample: Stratis { cutscenes[] = {}; description = "Your Sample Map"; worldName = "abc\abc_sample\abc_sample.wrp"; startTime = "11:00"; startDate = "05/03/2001"; startWeather = 0.2; startFog = 0.0; forecastWeather = 0.6; forecastFog = 0.0; centerPosition[] = {2560,2560,500}; seagullPos[] = {2560,2560,500}; longitude = 65; latitude = -34; elevationOffset = 2000; envTexture = "A3\Data_f\env_land_ca.tga"; minTreesInForestSquare = 2; minRocksInRockSquare = 2; newRoadsShape = ""; ilsPosition[] = {1024,1024}; ilsDirection[] = {0.5075,0.08,-0.8616}; ilsTaxiIn[] = {}; ilsTaxiOff[] = {}; drawTaxiway = 0; class SecondaryAirports {}; class Sea { seaTexture = "a3\data_f\seatexture_co.paa"; seaMaterial = "#water"; shoreMaterial = "#shore"; shoreFoamMaterial = "#shorefoam"; shoreWetMaterial = "#shorewet"; WaterMapScale = 20; WaterGrid = 50; MaxTide = 0; MaxWave = 0; SeaWaveXScale = "2.0/50"; SeaWaveZScale = "1.0/50"; SeaWaveHScale = 2.0; SeaWaveXDuration = 5000; SeaWaveZDuration = 10000; }; /* class OutsideTerrain { satellite = "jsp\abc_sample\Data\s_satout_co.paa"; enableTerrainSynth = 1; class Layers { class Layer0 { nopx = "jsp\abc_sample\data\abc_sample_grass_green_nopx.paa"; texture = "jsp\abc_sample\data\abc_sample_grass_green_co.paa"; }; }; }; */ class Grid: Grid { offsetX = 0; offsetY = 5120; class Zoom1 { zoomMax = 0.15; format = "XY"; formatX = "000"; formatY = "000"; stepX = 100; stepY = -100; }; class Zoom2 { zoomMax = 0.85; format = "XY"; formatX = "00"; formatY = "00"; stepX = 1000; stepY = -1000; }; class Zoom3 { zoomMax = 1e+030.0; format = "XY"; formatX = "0"; formatY = "0"; stepX = 10000; stepY = -10000; }; }; #include "cfgClutter.hpp" class Names { #include "abc_sample.hpp" }; }; }; class CfgWorldList { class abc_sample{}; }; class CfgMissions { class Cutscenes { }; }; //SURFACES #include "cfgSurfaces.hpp"