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  1. We got zombies, and flaghunts and all really the usual stuff that these shooters have...however the ONE thing that makes ARMA stands out and would be awesome...WARFARE mode..is not here. Instead I'm lumbering around with my gun in FPS mode making this just another shooter imho. Please, introduce warfare mode and domination aswell imho
  2. janster01

    Best Arma 2 server hosting?

    Does 64 player warfare servers work, or are they just too laggy?
  3. Getting rid of the ludicrous amount of snipers would be a good thing too. They are rare and expensive to boot(training + weapons) I'm going to have to aim for something simple at first, a modification of Benny's mod would be the best bet, cause anything more ambitious and it will require massive recoding. Certainly combined arms is what we aim for, trucks and mobile units are cheap and plentiful, and should be represented, but M1 tanks and chopper are not. The price diffidence is truly staggering to be honest, and should be reflected. It also depends on the intensity of the conflict you want to picture, there is a great deal of difference between the war in Afghanistan and Chechnya .
  4. Well then. Been giving it some thought. So here is my idea, which is open for suggestions! Warfare Commander. You are the squadleader, your aim is to lead more than it is to be a particular class. (Tempted to make you a medic tho cause of the pain it is to use this class) Thus I in the first version I'd like to toss anything sniperish on the garbage pile, expect for moderate optics that can be fitted to assault weapons. You can have snipers as part of your squad tho.(But I'd like to see this implemented without squadleader shooting them for the weapons) The focus is on infantry, but not just limited to this, I belive mobile inf, in vehicles and apc's fit nicely on the battlefield, and if you do well, you can maybe hire a tank or plane, but these are to be expensive addons. In return, advanced missile weapons are expensive aswell, and an M1 on the field will be far more a threat than today. Now, the key here is intensity, we want more troops in the field, and viscious firefights, so we aim at the 300 meter mark for tactical engagements. In addition to this, we want no more AI in towns, except perhaps a small squad to stop ninja takeovers, but even that is the responsibility of the players to attack and defend properly. Secondly, we need a better way to get infantry to the front, and here is where I wonder if its possible to buy a vehicle that comes with a platoon, just like a tank comes with crew. Being able to buy a ready to go platoon + vehicle(truck/humwee/etc) would make it far more simpler to request reinforcements to the frontlines. Either this or a possible ability to recruit your troops from certain APC/trucks, making them spawnpoints. Now pricing, this is a difficult point, but in general basic inf + rpg should be available quick and cheap, tanks and advanced infantry/helos etc is not. This means than we can also base some more teamwork around giving money to key people. Lastly, the money, I prefere if the 'ticks' would be reduced massivly, and that money is almost solely gained from actions in the field, this would reduce afk'ers and make people have to work to get the goods. A secondary problem is lethality on the battlefield, the AI squads are way to effective, but I don't know enough about modding to know what to do here. I know that terrain is still very flat in Arma, leaving squads very open even in dense woods unlike the real thing, so there is those concerns too. Last words, if we could pull something like this off, I belive what we want is the illusion of war, the more dirty close up version of the current hi-tech mess we got now, with far more troops in the field, instead of 1 guy and his jet playing whack-a-mole with the rest of us. I really hope this can be done, as the current form of Warfare is in my eyes, and others I've spoken to a direct disgrace to Arma 2. Our top online activity is such a gamey gamey thing, and a beyond visual range feast, its hardly any fun for anyone expect a fair few. Thank you Janster
  5. If there was less M1's and apaches and t-90's on the field, and more infantery, cheap vehicles and stuff, the I think we'd be closer to 'war' than we are now. If I can get my hands on a mod that does this, I will host it too.
  6. Its a start.. Just played another round of M1 tanks and planes...saw maybe 3 inf total.
  7. No shit, I have a post about this exact thing myself. Its ruining warfare by having hardware being so bloody cheap, people are tossing M1's planes and choppers about like its poptarts. I have asked Benny to look into it, as he has the most prolifient warfare mod atm, and he said he'd think about it atleast :) Btw, in ACE 2 you can't run around with these weapons, you will pass out from exhaustion..so thats atleast something. I dream of a warfare where money is made ONLY from kills/captures, basic infantry is dirt cheap (ak + rpg ) and if you wanna play with the good stuff, you gotta pay. I think this will make it a far more intense and rewarding experience. At the moment its a disgrace that Arma 2, THE most realistic FPS out there, has a game mode that is so gamey it hurts. BIS should maybe help out here too imho.
  8. janster01

    Well its official. HOLD is dead

    Warfare seems to be the most popular mod, sadly they have populated it with tons of useless AI when it really should be player vs player with their squads.
  9. janster01

    AA is way too overpowered

    Does the term glass cannon mean anything to you? Note how tank where used in Yugoslavia, mostly as mobile artillery.
  10. I think the current economy system works ok, but I belive the 'trickle' needs to go, replaced by money/points/whatever scored for actual objectives done. Also the spawn in the city honestly needs to go, they are just bothersome and we have spawn from vehicles, people can use them. So for me these easy fixes..if someone could implement them 1) Pricing, gear and hardware, in return cheap troops, to the point of free basic infantry. 2) Income, more mission based, less trickle, this would also stop afk'ers. 3)No spawn in cities, only spawn on certain vehicles and on your bases, this will increase their importance. 4)Loss of gear on dying. I would LOVE to see this done.
  11. You can always have a carrot, but uhm should not the people who like gamey stuff be elsewhere? Simply put, do well and save your coins and maybe have the entire team scrounge up for a M1. I know I rarely use em and happily will give away money for some M1 support while my troops advance. Heck, I would even lend a few guys to protect his tank while he advances. I always play infantry tho, I'm always there with my squads, watching the terrain in my binos, setting up fire zones and deploying guys. Given, its not easy, the AI and the UI is a real pain to get to know, but once you know these things your fine. a) set danger whenever you even smell danger b) set the squad to advance while you point your nose in the direction you want em. c) follow AFTER them, so that you aren't the first one dead ;) Ohwell, but again this thread, is a plea for some mod maker or something to take a look at how to fix this, and I -think- it can be done with some easy adjustments without having to rewrite the entire mod. It would REALLY help warfare imho.
  12. Well I guess, but seriously, this is a hardcore military sim, why can't arma warfare reflect some of that. If you want a realistic encounter, then we GOTTA remove all the hardware, sure, they can exist on the battlefield, but seriously, the footsoldier should be the most numerous asset, not M1 battle tanks. I don't see increased build times really doing anything there imho, but maybe.
  13. Well I do get it, but its got nothing to do with realism, what you would have to do is to fight your way in to town with your squad of whatever men you can recruit, if the average soldier is very cheap, you'd always have plentiful of them. Also I do believe with such a system , perhaps the AI soldiers should be removed totally from the battlefield, they are simply put a distraction imho, except the bots to replace actual players. In real life there is no way a humwee with 4 guys would EVER take on a town by themselves, and look at the army, do you see every soldier carrying hi-optics weapons around?
  14. Tbh, simple solution that could be implemented would be a seriously increased pricetag on heavy weapons/scopes/tanks/planes. Seriously, this is hardcore sim, why on earth is this warfare just not following the example.
  15. After playing Warfare a -lot- I've found it to be a great concept, flawed badly by its current form. Basically, it could have been 'war' but it is now a gamey concept that is undeserving of Arma 2 and more in the lands of battlefield 2. Heck, even battlefield 2 seems to favor infantry combat today, while Arma warfare for some reason caters to the guys who likes to drive hardware around. Here is what I hope someone would make. Adjust prices, infantry should be cheap and plentiful in its basic form, tanks should not. Remove 'ticks', base score on achievements, again, as infantry , particularly basic types (gun + maybe rpg 7) should be free/cost little, you will still be able to fight. I know people wanna ride tanks and fly planes, but at the scale of war there just isn't airsupport or MRLS available for every single squad, so maybe the ENTIRE side can save for a single air fighter, but at least it would be WORTH it then. Trucks, and simple movers should also be cheap(compare prices to tanks if you want) Lastly weapons for infantry and your own upgrades should be limited aswell, so no heavy optics/sniper loadouts unless you got serious money to equip it, preferably it would be lost on death too.(price could be seen as including training + gear which can be very costly) I hope someone would do this, I think many more would play if they actually got stuck in a war and not in someones version of bumper tanks. In advance, thank you :) Janster