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  1. Download Basing on RTE V3, inspired by Low Flys 3D-Editor. ew7u0bxQvzY Sample images using RTE: New features in RTEV: gSCRhSOK3-0 Videos about the RTE: Tutorial: Behaviour Used scripts: UNN_WideScreenDetect KRON_Strings SPON_LOS Set pitch / bank functions by General Barron Manual: (for revision 4.3) http://rte.jonasscholz.de/manual Download Required addons: Extended Eventhandler >= 1.9 Optional addons: ArmALib Thanks to: All creators of RTE V3, FABfm, HulkingUnicorn, kju, loki, Matt Rochelle, Old Bear, savedbygrace, Sickboy, Spooner, trooper_ryan, wipman Changelog: Version 5: Added synchronisation of waypoints and trigger Added 3D objects for waypoints, trigger and marker Used keys can get modified within the RTE* Project administration to save current projects* Added Bank & Pitch-Dialog Added gear dialogue to edit cargo of objects and gear of units * requires ArmALib or RTE Capture Revision 3: Added map Added trigger Added waypoints Added marker Added ability to merge exported objects with mission.sqm Added first person camera Revision 2: Readded ability to place units. Added ability to place groups Objects can get selected by single click Reworked GUI Reworked export Added debug console Revision 1: Added ability to rotate objects Added ability to change height of objects It's possibly to export and save objects Removed ability to place units because of incompatibility in export Download
  2. I finally managed to port the RTE to ArmA II: What's the RTE? The RTE is 'another' 3D editor. You can: Build missions and save them 3d editor to place objects in easily in the world Multiplayer editor: allows multiple people at the same time work on a mission Game master mode: one or more guys have the ability to modify a running mission the fly depending how the rest of them plays the mission ;) ew7u0bxQvzY Example images from ArmA II: Videos about the RTE for Armed Assaut: Tutorial: Behaviour What's new in this version? This version supports ArmA II. E.G. the new factions are now supported. And selfmade mission can get exported/saved. Download? Download (Setup.1.5.exe) The setup will install RTE Capture which installs RTE for Armed Assault and ArmA II. A note for mirrors: Don't mirror this file. The link on my page will contain the latest installer and may change from time to time. If you're interested to mirror some parts of the RTE, please write me a PM. RTE Capture? It's a helper which is required for the features of the RTE. A manual can be found here: RTE Capture Manual Manual? Also for the RTE? RTE v4.3 Manual It's not up to date, but should contain everything important. Why an alpha? This version doesn't support all features of ArmA II, e.g. 'object composition' is not supported yet. In short: There will be features added => Alpha. Also this version has some small issues but those affect the usibilty only a little. And those have priority on my bug list and should be fixed soon. There is another advantage of this status: It's WiP, therefore feedback and whishes are welcomed and should be placed in my bug tracker: http://rte.jonasscholz.de/bugs/ Still more text? *ehm*, sure: Used scripts: KRON_Strings SPON_LOS Set pitch / bank functions by General Barron Requires CBA Download! :p already wrote about this. Download (Setup.1.5.exe) The setup will install RTE Capture which installs RTE for Armed Assault and ArmA II.
  3. 1. timeout "0,15,30" 2. timeout "0,20,40" 1. will go off between 0 and 30 seconds with average of 15, 2. will go off between 0 and 40 seconds with average of 20. So there is a chance that 2. will go off before 1.
  4. Try it again with RTE Capture 1.60. It fixes the bug you encountered. About "inactive": Use JayArmA2Lib and check if the status changed when RTE is open. If it doesn't change then probably JayArmA2Lib is not installed correctly.
  5. @metalcraze: Please send me: %APPDATA%\RTE Capture\Options.ini %APPDATA%\RTE Capture\Profile.xml Just pushed revision 559, a jump of 30 commits. And only one line in the change log about the major change... New background for pause dialogue Drawing on 2D map now uses the new draw commands instead of local marker. Creating trigger works again. Waypoints stays connected after rewinding. Anyone uses the *gasp* 2D map? I guess no one, but I'm finally using the new commands to draw on the map and don't need to use local marker any more. I can drop more and more workarounds and it still works :)
  6. Any progress on the duplicate code detection? And is it possible to add a warning if a switch doesn't have a default state? Just in case if an unexpected value passes true.
  7. About the waypoint error: I fixed it in my last revision and the waypoints are saved correctly. It's only a failure when rebuilding the waypoints. The 'my document' folder may be the documents folder. It contains the ArmA 2 and ArmA 2 Other Profiles folder. @Jessie Yao: The installer makes the error or which program is creating the error. How to use the RTE for Dummies: @Duggedank: This would require a redesign of the dialogue which requires a lot more time then I can spend on it. Oh, and which team? It's currently a one men project. So if someone is interested to join, feel free to ask. Only a little script knowledge and/or knowledge about dialogue design is required. The RTE itself is complex, but the parts are simple and easily to understand.
  8. @victim913: I'll take a closer look to the waypoints. @built4speed: Obvious a null pointer. The question is when did it happen and what did you do. And is it reproducable. Otherwise I can't tell you nothing. About issues with exporting: As Patriot 911 stated: It's mostly due to an incorrect installation of JayArmA2Lib. Please request in its thread that it adds a sign to the A2 version number if installed and active so that people can easily check if it is working. But please continue using JayArmA2Lib. The way with "Use RTE Capture DLL" works too, but JayArmA2Lib is better. One general note: Once JayArmA2Lib is working correctly, RTE will take a little longer to open and will connect to RTE Capture directly. So you just need to launch RTE Capture, ignore it and keep it in the background, start A2 your favorite way, open the RTE, and it should work fine. @CannonousCrash: Can you check the data saved in RTE Capture if the objects are there once. It may be that you exported it multiple times. RTE Capture doesn't check for duplicated objects, so when you export the same unit twice, it will save both units.
  9. CO or OA works, but some features of OA aren't supported. The waypoint issue is new to me. I've created a bug tracker entry about it: http://rte.jonasscholz.de/bugs/view.php?id=279
  10. Have you run RTE Capture after the installation? If not, please do it. A wizard will install and create the @RTE folder. And it's not the folder where editor made missions go since this is placed in "ArmA 2 Other Profiles", but it is the "ArmA 2" folder beneath.
  11. Released RTE Capture 1.59: Updater for ION_RTE.pbo and ION_RTE_Dta.pbo works again. When merging into SQM, only one setPos will get added to the units init line. Added support for my documents\ArmA 2 as mod folder. Please use it as new default folder for the @RTE folder to prevent problems with UAC. Please read this blog entry and follow the change! Please note that the auto updater will update RTE Capture, it only failed to update ION_RTE.pbo and ION_RTE_Dta.pbo. Oh, and be aware of bugs! Existing 2d mission can be added into RTE, but only units and vehicles, no buildings. To save work within the RTE, use the "project administration". Export as template works for me. Does it also warns when opening the RTE?
  12. *censored* :mad: I remember a bug I fixed... This bug caused the updater to not recognise if a new version is out. Thought that it won't be a problem since the next version of RTE will come with a new version of RTE Capture with fix. But when installing, the installation of RTE is an update too... I'll push the RTE Capture update as soon as possible. When installing RTE the first time, please use the offline installer or the 7zip archive until a newer version as 1.55 is released! http://rte.jonasscholz.de/blog/2009/06/19/download
  13. Run RTE Capture again, this time as admin (to bypass UAC). Run an update. Now the @RTEditor folder will exists and it should work as planed. Or try the offline installer or the 7z archive: http://rte.jonasscholz.de/blog/2009/06/19/download
  14. @victim913: Tried to export when using ACE, used an infantry with added ACE medical stuff. Copied him, then exported them all and it worked. So I can't reproduce it :(
  15. Ok, what I'm currently doing: The next version of RTE Capture will support to have the modfolder in my documents\ArmA 2\@RTEditor. This will have a main advantage: You can simple update within RTE Capture again and don't need it to run as admin. The problem is caused by UAC, and moving the addon folder will bypass it. @CannonousCrash: You need to adjust the ingame gui size in the A2 options. @Zalsak: There is a bug in the current RTE Capture DLL or better within the RTE. In my current _debug_configuration_ it will work again. But better switch over to JayArmA2Lib. @ray243: This is a steam bug: It doesn't allow that much parameter if I remember correctly. Try it again with less mods. Try the minimal setup: @CBA, @JayArmA2Lib, @RTE. And one thing: You only need to load CBA one time, it seems to be loading twice. And another: Within settings: The ArmA II installation folder seems to be wrong. It should be: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\ And you will need to run RTE Capture as administrator once to download RTE due to UAC. Will be fixed with next update of RTE Capture. @victim913: The menu is due a bug within A2 which is present since 1.0. When having a large dialogue some commands will disappear. So the commands for moving the menu to the right place are gone. This happens randomly. A work around was not to use uiNamespace, but with the last patchs this is gone too... About the backpacks: The new backpacks with OA aren't supported yet. They are something I won't to support. About ACE backpacks: There is an implementation for the old ArmA ACE and those backpacks. So I don't know if it will work with ACE 2. But ACE has a low priority for me. About the saved loadouts: They go into the databank like the saves within RTE. About your export problem: I need to look at it. Haven't exported for a while. Have you tried to reopen RTE Capture and the RTE and export again? And if I read correctly: It's an ACE problem? So it only occurs with ACE units? I'll take a look. And it is propably a RTE issue instead of a JayArmA2Lib issue.
  16. They should be equivalent in speed, at least if implemented correctly ...
  17. Proper way... http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/and Both ways work and you need to decide for yourself which way do you like.
  18. You don't use JayArmA2Lib. Myself switched over to JayArmA2Lib, so it may be that the other way is broken. I need to check that for myself.
  19. Can you make a screen shot?
  20. JayArmA2Lib is made by Jaynus and brings ArmAlib to ArmA 2. It's a dll which allows to communicate within ArmA 2 to an external application. This is required when storing things over missions and exporting objects. RTE Capture itself has something similar included, but it's primitive and JayArmA2Lib works better. On how to install read this: And beg Jaynus in his thread that he should install a visible hint if JayArmA2Lib is installed. And one thing: You still need RTE Capture to run along. JayArmA2Lib allows communication, but there is still something needed which uses the data. This is RTE Capture. "Instead" means that you shouldn't use the "inject dll" feature of RTE Capture and use JayArmA2Lib instead.
  21. @victim913: If you provide your version I may provide the files. But why don't you use JayArmA2Lib and the new version? @ray243: The link _is_working_.
  22. @Breeze: I don't understand question 1). Where does not the default islands appear? To 2): Use the project manager on the top right to save. There you can reload previous saved stuff. Be aware that it will only show the stuff build on that island. To 3): It's always better to work on some areas as sole projects and use a merge. The easiest reason is performance while working on it ;) @Arska134: As Breeze said, and take a look at the my second sentence in the above post.
  23. http://rte.jonasscholz.de/blog/2009/09/06/rte-multiplayer-usage But use [] spawn ION_RTE_pStartRTE to open the RTE.
  24. I've tried this: marker1_data = ["Jaynus Killed in Combat","Death","Location","26 1254 Oct 7th","Squad/Unit","Jaynus was shot in the head by a large caliber round which tore his face off","Nou"]; markerArrayDB = ["Marker1","Marker2"]; roFact_MarkerCall = { private["_roPassMVAR","_roMarkerData"]; _roPassMVAR = _this select 0; _roMarkerDATA = call compile format["%1_data",_roPassMVAR]; Player sideChat str _roPassMVAR; Player groupChat str _roMarkerDATA; line1 = _roMarkerData select 1; Player sideChat format["Line one is %1", line1]; marker1_data1 = marker1_data select 0; }; { _roSelectedMarker = format["%1",_x]; [_roSelectedMarker] call roFact_MarkerCall; } forEach markerArrayDB;