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  1. icecold2510

    Shawk al Tarif - V0.99 Beta

    I see nothing either on it. I just see plain flat desert and a rock. EDIT:I saw one village. Â It's not plotted on the map. Are you going to plot it on the map for future versions?
  2. icecold2510

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Please, everything been coming with mods...Would be nice to have a stand-alone.
  3. icecold2510


    Is there a way I can get QG separately because I have the US ArmA: Combat Operations. I do not have the Gold edition... and I haven't seen QG separate anywheres.
  4. icecold2510

    Desert Bradley

    A2's are upgraded M2's. They have slightly different armor as well.
  5. icecold2510

    Any AAV7's?

    And an UH-1N...and an UH-1Y...and an MV-22...and a LAV-25...and an LCAC...and a Wasp class LHD or/and Tarawa class LHA...and a HIMARS...and an M777...and an S-MAW...and an F-35B...and a Marine F/A-18C/D... Oh it's still 7 months until christmas??? maybe if I send the letter to Santa now he will be ready with them by December...if the deers help him out a bit Anyways Tack-up currently working on an USMC CH-46, but it's been a while since I've heard anything about it...and there's an IDF CH-53 already released. Off: By the way what backround setting would your campaign take? Yea, I saw that someone was working on the CH-46 but I haven't seen anything on it in a while. I've also seen the IDF CH-53, but I do not know how to get an USMC texture on it. Sahrani is occupied by the Russians...I think you can figure the rest out. Still debating though if I want this..
  6. icecold2510

    Any AAV7's?

    Awesome model. I've been waiting for this to make a USMC campaign. I just need a CH-46 and Ch-53
  7. icecold2510


    Cmon Feel The Noise - Quiet Riot Can't wait for this mod to be released Waiting patiently....
  8. icecold2510

    Russian Federation Units V.2.00

    It looks like they are trying to go for a somewhat American look....... Goggles and the big helmet lol Why don't us Americans have military parades? Anyone know?
  9. icecold2510

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    It'd be nice if there would be a standalone. I don't want to use the mod everytime to just use the Bradley. Unless I'm misunderstanding that I can still use it in regular ArmA...
  10. icecold2510

    Spanish army mod pack 2

    Fixed4U I would love to have a standalone AAV...
  11. icecold2510

    Stryker Overhaul

    It'd be nice if they were standalone and not with mods.... Plus, nice work with the Strykers! Can't wait for them to be released
  12. icecold2510

    Stryker Overhaul

    What about a modern Bradley (M2a3)? This man has it spot on, I would love to see a Bradley or an AAV for Marines...
  13. icecold2510

    Addons Question

    I did what Sparks said and lo and behold, all my add ons work now. Thanks for the help!
  14. icecold2510

    Addons Question

    I did what Sparks said and lo and behold, all my add ons work now. Thanks for the help!
  15. icecold2510

    Addons Question

    I've d/led a few add ons that do not show up in game. McNools Desert Vehicles; RHS T-64; RHS Mi-24 Hind; and some woodland soldiers; and Footmunch's F-16 None of these show up in the game. They are not even listed in the editor. Have I d/led too many add ons? I have plenty of other add ons that work flawlessly. They are in a mod folder with the shortcut modified.