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  1. I certainly look forward to that. :)
  2. inveigle

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    F5 ftw!
  3. I am receiving this error. "No game folder set or detected. Please correct registry or set the path manually in global options or your selected settings profile" I have the entire ARMA II collection installed through STEAM, I would rather not reinstall if at all possible as STEAM is a pain in the a** when it comes to ARMA. Please advise what I should do in order to get Six Updater working again.
  4. inveigle

    [SP] Flashpoint: Chernarus

    I really enjoy these missions, thank you so much.
  5. inveigle

    A2+OA+BAF No Sound.

    I am experiencing this as well, but it is sporadic. I use Steam. I'm sure a fix will come out soon.
  6. inveigle

    Ace Warfare

    THank you for picking this up Joehunk. I look forward to the release.
  7. Shoot, no AI? THat is unfortunate, this looks realy good but I mostly play SP.
  8. Thank you Sickboy, this worked like a charm, Win 7 x64 Cleaned out C:\users\username\appdata\local\VirtualStore
  9. I am getting "Include file x/cba/addons/main/script_eventhandlers.hpp not found" error. I have even manualy updated CBA to version CBA_v0-7-0 but still recieving same error. Any assistance would be greatlt appreciated.
  10. I just can not express how much I enjoy this mission. I guess the time played speaks to that. I look forward to all your future modifications to the ARMA experience. Be well.
  11. I agree it is frustrating, but I'm determined to get it.;) OK, I don't see a "combined ops" preset, I see "A2 OA - A.C.E.", is this what you mean? So if I wish to use ACE on OA & Arma2 (Combined Operations) then my Preset needs to be "A2 OA - A.C.E.", and under "Optional Preset Overrides" the "Setting" needs to be "A2 OA Any (autodetect)" Is this correct? Thank you for your time.
  12. :confused: I apologize for completly not getting this. If I have Both ARMA 2 & Operation Arrowhead installed together, what preset should I use? Here is what the GUI looks like now, what should I change?
  13. Is this map compatible with the Armory? If not could you add the compatibility in your next update? Thank you, it looks amazing.
  14. Being a person who enjoys the armory for testing purposes, I was wondering what released Islands were compatible with the armory and didn't spawn you into the water or a civilian?