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  1. You can look at one the missions in the campaign, if I remember the first one had something that you could work off of.
  2. EDIT: Oops, too many Firefox tabs... Admin can delete this post.
  3. Yea I just marked it as pseudocode so he could get the concept. I'm doing VBscript right now at work so I don't need two equal signs!
  4. You could declare a variable after your artillery fires. Something like Pseudo: artyFired = 1; In your condition you can just make a loop asking for that waits until artyFired = 1 and when that condition is met, you'll have your hint.
  5. Put the briefing in a script file and save it. Create an init.sqf and call on that script file to run. Please note that the briefing will not show up automatically if you Preview it straight out of the Editor. Therefore, you'll have to export your mission to either your Singleplayer or Multiplayer missions to get it to work as you intend.
  6. Hmmm I'll look into those, thanks.
  7. Hello, I've hit a small issue. Long story short, the U.S. and Russia are working cooperatively in this mission against Insurgents. I can get them to work together as allies fine, my problem is because Insurgents are classified as "East" along with Russia, they too are friendly with the US and Russia groups. I have to use the Insurgent models to remain consistent with my other missions, so substituting them for Independent forces would not work well. Any ideas?
  8. If forceSpeed does not work try the setVelocity command. vehicle setVelocity [x, z, y]
  9. imustkill

    CAMPAIGN: Operation Svetovid

    I thought I would give a brief update. As a busy period of time in real life is winding down, I'm going to be dedicating a bit more time to getting this project done. As it stands now, the first mission is finished and I am aiming to have the second mission finished later today or tomorrow.
  10. Set AI behavior to careless. this setBehaviour "CARELESS";
  11. Yea F2k is on the right track. I think it would be significantly easier to just disable the AI and then re-enable them whenever you want them to do stuff as opposed to spawning them when you want them. That is what I do for the missions that I make. As for enabling the AI after disabling them. Use the "enableAI" command. It works in the exact same way as the "disableAI" command works.
  12. I would suggest trying to use the DisableAI command. That should keep them from engaging or even spotting each other until you enable it. soldierOne disableAI "TARGET" If that does not work, try disabling AI autotarget as well. soldierOne disableAI "AUTOTARGET" Good luck!
  13. I am using disableAI on a Humvee, an insurgent pickup, and a civilian car and it works fine. I know it does not work for aircraft, though.
  14. True, but if he wanted the lights of something to be on chances are the situation he needs it for is really safe anyways.