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  1. Hi guys i have the same problem but i need my script to be time sensitive. (I need Projectile coordinates as soon as its shot out from the weapon, all other scripting catches the projectile way after its fired except call. Can a delay be done in a call function?
  2. Hi all, I'm currently trying to figure out the custom hand animations method for weapons using the handanim[]. I browsed through all the forums and found http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?127804-Weapon-hand-position&highlight=weapon+hand+position ... which branches off to other older posts that contain instructions but, all the sample files have gone MIA and I have also messaged the up-loaders of the files who unfortunately have lost the files over time or due to hardware failure loss. I am at the point now where I can do a custom hand animation, but I'm not sure im doing it the most correct or efficient way.? Right now i get the animation working to the right spot by using the biskeletion.p3d and dragging the hand parts all the way over to the weapon bone on the left and repeat the process over by going in game and back to get the position to where i exactly want it. This method seems to be crazy by detaching the hands and time taking at that, but in the end turns out ok... Any insight would be greatly appreciated. -icecoolwrx
  3. I redid my turrets configuration..... it seems fine now. Thanks for trying to help!
  4. Yeah i saw that... i did try it in the right spot with no results, Was able to test it a little bit more today. Instead of using my custom cfgweapons, cfgammo, and cfgmagazines. I used the D30 weapon and stuck in on my vehicle and the ai still shoots it slow compared to another ai d30 artillery. So now im thinking it has something maybe to do with my cfgvehicles or model even?
  5. I have tried those with no success. Maybe for shotshell simulation it has the delay hard coded in for the ai to wait to shoot again?
  6. Hi everyone, Been trying to see if this can be done... I need the ai to fire whenever it wants using the simulation=shotshell under the ammocfgs. Problem is it reacts just like normal artillery using "shotshell" and waits some time until it shoots again even though the weapon is capable of shooting constantly. I am unable to use "shotbullet" since i need a model for the ammo coming out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. Is it just me or does the rtm exporter for max make the animations move in opposite directions then you have set?
  8. icecoolwrx

    3DS MAX RTM Export Problem

    Hi everyone, I am currently using 3dsmax and the rtmexport plugin "rtmUtility095b" that has been around for awhile for animating. There is a problem that i have run into recently. When Exporting from 3dsmax to o2 the top views in 3dsmax and o2 are different (rotated 180, but the other views are the same (since both o2 and 3dsmax use different world coordinate systems. I have altered the rtmexport to compensate for the reverses. Now my problem when i export the 3dsmax animation to o2 its perfectly fine, but when it is in game the model that's being animated is 1/2 as small and the animations are way off. I have even tried saving the rtm again after importing it to o2 with o2 with the same results. I believe it is in the coding with the rtmexport but i have no idea how to fix that. Reason for that is that first world coordinate code i have to reverse has to be changed to a negative which makes the model go crazy and small in game. all the other coordinate changes dont create the chaos, so it must be the - in the first coordinate that makes the rtmexport code add something to the rtm file to make the rest of the animation smaller and throw it off? Thanks for any help in advance!
  9. Hi everyone!! Im trying to figure how or if possible to add objects with user actions to visitor maps and be able to use it in game. Exampe: Door of a building with useractions to open and close it. Thanks!
  10. icecoolwrx

    Map Icons for Custom Objects

    awesome! got it working. Thanks guys.
  11. I'm adding some custom objects to my map with visitor and was wondering how i can get them to show up on the map with their custom icons in game. (Example: how the bis water tower has the nice blue icon tower on the map.i looked at the config but dont see the icon defined there... somewhere else?) Thanks in advance!
  12. icecoolwrx

    What about the oil-pumps

    Still puzzled on how they defined the rtm file to the pump... looked at the configs and all and still have no idea. I know how to put rtm animations into configs for men but no idea on how to do it for objects. I want to transform like a house into something else and using the regular animation movements would be way tooo hard so i need a rtm.
  13. icecoolwrx

    What about the oil-pumps

    Anyone ever figure this out??? I Really want to add a rtm file to an object
  14. icecoolwrx

    Bull Dozer Converting Problem

    Did it the manual way with converting the png and rvmats and everything works that way.
  15. icecoolwrx

    Bull Dozer Converting Problem

    Theres no paa files at all when i start bulldozer or after. Yup, I imported the cfg,sat, and mask before starting bulldozer. Only thing that changed from my last know working map was the update to version 1.14 along with the tool set for it. And Gnat, i never tried it in 02 can you import png textures into it? if so how would i go about doing it ? I remember awhile back how you couldnt convert some texture files with out the dlls for 02, but not sure how you would go about that with visitor